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The Pegasus lifted up her head her sapphire eyes shining through the darkness. She flicked her mane, and he could nearly hear her precious voice speaking `yes’. Legolas stroked the beauty’s head. He soon drifted off to slumber land knowing the beauty would protect him until morning.


“They are coming,” Sauron glared at his master. “They fixed the ship. You failed.”

Morgoth hissed and grasped his apprentice and sunk his deep claws into his throat spilling black blood.

“I do not fail,” he said harshly. “And you will not either. Witness a demonstration of Elenya’s power.”

“You do not actually believe she has come to you? She could be acting.”

“Look at her eyes, necromancer. She has come.”

Morgoth motioned to the girl sitting upon the couch her eyes a flaming red staring blankly into nothing. Morgoth took her arm and she turned her eyes to him.

“Good. Come.”

Elenya stood by herself and followed him as he led her up the stone stairs to the tower once again. Sauron followed behind them and observed as she went to the window and grasped the burning jewel in her hands.

Morgoth spoke. “Rise from the thunders of the ancient Sea. Ascend from beneath the black deep. Wake from your dreamless sleep. There you have slept out of sight, slept away from the sickly light. As myth you are in tales. Now rise from the depths and do not fail. Sink your jaws into the intruders. Send them to drown in nightmares forever.”

Elenya held up the jewel to the sky and the clouds began to form shifting between colors of red, green, and blue. Lightning filled the sky, and crashes of thunder were heard. A crack of lightning leapt from the sky and landed in the depths of the Sea.

Morgoth turned to Sauron. “The Kraken has been awakened.”

Legolas awoke to the golden rays pouring upon his face. The Pegasus stood upon the cliff and turned her head as his eyes fluttered open. She pawed at the ground as if to say `tis time to leave’. Legolas was nearly disappointed to leave this beautiful place, but hopeful as well.

He climbed onto the Pegasus back and allowed her to fly him onto the beach below. Fletcher, Gondolin, and Elizabeth looked up at the beauty as she swept down amazed to see Legolas upon her back. Gondolin and Fletcher instantly gripped his shoulders, but Elizaabeth focused her attention on the Pegasus. Even in her former life, she had a love of horses being the niece of Theoden ruler of the Rohirrim the horse lords. She was accustomed to such creatures, and they trusted her completely.

“Where is Kali?” Gondolin asked his brother.

“There is much to say of her. I know not where the true Kali is. The Kali accompanying us was a skin changer.”

“Impossible!” Gondolin exclaimed. “Their race is supposed to be disintegrated.”

“Few have remained. Kali may still be alive. Yet we must leave immediately. The skin changer has made me realize that Sauron and Melkor are breeding an army in Angband. It will destroy the world. I am sure of it, and the Valar will be powerless to stop it. Balrogs, drakes, dragons, skin changers…they may possibly be able to bring the evil ones from Mandos Halls. Our old foes could return to haunt us.”

“You are right, Legolas,” Fletcher agreed. “Come. Elizabeth.”

The men’s eyes turned to the reborn Eowyn. Elizabeth rested her head upon the Pegasus, and the creature nudged her in return as if they had known each other all their lives. Elizabeth stroked the mare’s soft silver mane, and Fletcher took her arm gently.

“We must leave, Elizabeth. She will guard us safely. Do not fear for her.”

Elizaabeth broke away from the mythical creature and returned with the others onto the ship. The Pegasus nearly seemed as though she would not follow. As the boat floated onto the water, Elizabeth realized how fast the Pegasus was. The creature flew directly into the sky and hovered over the ship. When she grew tired of flying, she often alighted on the topmast and rested. Sometimes the creature flew so high into the clouds, they thought she would not return. Yet they were always proved wrong.

Night arrived quickly. Dismal clouds had settled over the ship, and it appeared that a storm was approaching. Legolas and Gondolin remained below trying unsuccessfully to beat each other in a game of chess, which Legolas had brought with him. Elizabeth remained at the helm and continued to watch the Pegasus fly above them. A beacon of beautiful light shining in the darkness.

“Her name should be Istel,” Elizabeth murmured softly.

“What was that?”

“Oh Fletcher,” Elizabeth turned seeing a smile upon the handsome man’s face. “I was just talking to myself.”

“Elizabeth, you should sleep. You have been at the helm all day.”

“I am not tired,” she turned back to her shaking hands.

“You will be no use to us in Angband if you fall from exhaustion,” he took the helm from her.

“Fletcher,” she objected.

“The wind is calm. I will tie a rope to it and keep it straight,” he said. “Come with me.”

Fletcher took her hand and led her to the side of the ship so she could look out at the sea. Elizabeth’s golden hair flew behind her, and Fletcher studied her features long and hard. He did not realize how beautiful she was until now. Her eyes were a deep royal blue, and her hair was soft and shiny. Elizabeth was not ordinary. She was unnaturally quiet and reserved, but when she held a sword, she became a different person. Fletcher touched her hand softly.

“I am sorry for the lack of stars,” he apologized.

“You cannot control them,” she replied gently. “Fletcher, what will happen when we arrive in Angband?”

“I don’t know,” he answered.

“The Nazgul seem indestructible. They are not. I killed that Witch King once. I shall do it again.”

“Do not seek for revenge as Legolas says. And,” he whispered in her ear causing tingles through her body, “do not get hurt.”

She smiled and turned to him. “And if I do?”

“Then I’ll never feed you again,” he chuckled.

“Like you are the one doing the cooking,” she rolled her eyes.

“You think your stew is better? Even Elessar wished to pour it out and burned himself instead!”

“Oh you’re impossible,” she turned.

Fletcher grasped her hand tightly and drew Elizabeth to himself. Before she could object, he captured her mouth in a soft kiss leaving her with an inexpressible feeling. Elzabeth stepped back when he parted his lips.

“Scare you?” he brushed a hand across her cheek.

She smiled. “No.”

“There you are!”

Elizabeth and Fletcher turned quickly stepping away from each other guiltily. Legolas grabbed Fletcher by the arm.

“My friend, you have to tell Gondolin that when pawns reach the other side of the chessboard, they can become anything they want to be.”

“I don’t know a thing about chess, Legolas,” Fletcher answered.

“I knew I should have brought the book!” the elf rolled his eyes.

“Fletcher,” Elizabeth grabbed onto his sleeve and pointed out to the Sea. “What is that?”

The two men turned their eyes to Elizabeth as she motioned out to what looked like an unfamiliar long stretch of land. The others heard Gondolin emerging from below wanting to know where everyone was, and then he saw what they were looking at.

“Land?” he asked.

“That is no land,” Fletcher said suddenly making his way to the helm.

The others turned to him, and Elizabeth gripped her sword readying it for what was to come. Legolas turned his eyes back to the Sea, but widened his eyes.

“Tis gone! It disappeared!” he yelled to the others.

“I feared this,” Fletcher continued to steer.

Fear was struck into each person’s heart when they felt something sneak under the craft. Gondolin had heard of these monsters of the Sea and feared them even more than the Water in the Water guarding the Walls of Moria. The Kraken was burned into Legolas’s memory as well as Fletcher’s. Krakens were massive stretching miles long, which is why many crafts believed it was an island only to realize when they landed what a terrible mistake they made. Fletcher readied his sword though he knew weapons were of no more use. The water calmed, but Legolas knew the creature had not dived

Suddenly, it appeared! It was massive and great with red gleaming eyes like the Silmarils and a huge parrot like beak. The monster had eight arms and long slipper tentacles protruding from its mouth. The tentacles and arms were covered with thousands of serrated suckers, which could grasp and pull at anything they touch. This was the monster, which haunted sailors’ dreams. If they had landed, the creature would have brought them down to the depths of the sea.

“By Elbereth!” Gondolin exclaimed fixing an arrow in his bow.

Clouds had begun to form, and soon the company could feel raindrops prickling upon their skin. Soon the drops turned to sheets of rain, and waves began to form from the Kraken’s movement. The elves fired a hail of deadly arrows at the creature each one landing with accuracy. It did not hinder the monster as its tentacles stretched out to the masts of the ship. Fletcher knew he needed to act in order to save the shi or it would be withdrawn into the sea like a toothpick from the creature’s suckers. Fletcher unsheathed his sword, and Elizabeth did the same. As the Kraken’s tentacles reached for the ship, Fletcher plunged his sword into it spilling black blood. Elizabeth slashed at one of the arms and cut it off so its bleeding carcass lay upon the ship. It was quickly washed away by the massive waves the Kraken was creating, however. The rain slashed wickedly against her hair and caused a needle like sensation as it poured into her clothes.

The creature retaliated and sprayed a blanket of lethal black ink toward the ship. Legolas grabbed his brother and rolled across the ship to the other side so it would not touch them. When the spraying ceased, the elf stood up searching for Fletcher and Elizabeth. He caught sight of them climbing a rope ladder so they could fire arrows into the Kraken’s head. Legolas grabbed his brother’s arm and gave him a few more arrows and instantly shot them from his bow. Legolas’s aim was true, and the two arrows found their mark in the Kraken’s left eye.

Fletcher heard a low noise issue from the beast and saw the black blood pouring through its eye. The Kraken’s long arms clawed at the deck of the ship and at the bottom. Legolas could already see water flooding the ship and no wonder. Elizabeth and Fletcher were atop the Kraken, and they were dislodging its tentacles with their swords. More noises issued from the creature as it continued to witness defeat.

“They are mad!” exclaimed Gondolin.

“Then we are too. Come,” Legolas called.

The elf went to the helm and lowered the anchor to Gondolin’s amazement. The craft veered sharply to the right crashing into the Kraken. The monster began its descent.

“Jump Elizabeth!” Fletcher ordered.

They both did, and Fletcher landed upon a rope ladder, and clung tightly to it. Elizabeth, however, met a hard landing as her body crushed into the side of the ship. Her mind clouded with darkness.

A pool of black ink concealed the Kraken’s burial ground, and all was beginning to ease. The water calmed, and the sun peeked through the clouds again. Silver streaked the sky as the Pegasus again appeared to give hope to the weary travelers.

Fletcher approached Elizabeth and turned the young woman onto her back. A soft moan escaped her mouth, and Fletcher placed his hand on her stomach.

“Her left rib is broken,” he explained to the observing elves.

“Will she heal?” Legolas asked.

“I think she will be alright. Elizabeth is strong, but I must get her below and perform a difficult procedure.”

Fletcher picked up Elizabeth delicately and carried her below. He promptly laid her upon her own bed and opened a first aid kit taking out a needle filled with a yellow liquid.

“Really Fletcher, is this necessary?” she asked him her blue eyes fluttering open.

He smiled, “Finally discovered what the fearless shield-maiden fears,” he took her shirt in his hand. “With your permission, lady.”

She nodded, and Fletcher lifted the fabric on her stomach and stuck the needle into her left side. Elizabeth flinched, but Fletcher held her hand squeezing it gently. Elizabeth slowly drifted off to sleep, as the needles contents emptied into her system. Fletcher kneeled beside her and kissed her lips softly.

“Elizabeth,” he whispered in her ear. “You know not who I am. I am the man in love with you. I always have even in my former life. I am reborn now as Fletcher her in Middle Earth as Fingolfin. Yet I was also Faramir, and I hope someday you will remember and return my love.”

Fletcher rustled her golden hair for a few moments longer and kissed her brow. He did not realize as he departed, but there were tears in Elizabeth’s eyes.


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