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Elenya walked in the darkness, but now not alone. She heard his voice, she saw his face. She saw the image of herself standing over him with a sword. But she could see. A beacon of light passed into the darkness surrounding her enveloping her. The wall was crashed down.

Elenya slowly dropped the sword, and words from her mouth began to form. And these words were ones he had prayed so long to hear. Words of music.

“Like the sound of silence calling, I heard your voice and suddenly I’m falling…lost in a dream. Like the echoes of our souls are meeting, you say those words my heart stops beating. I wonder what it means. What could it be that comes over me? At times I can’t move. At times I can hardly speak……” Elenya dropped the sword. “When you say you love me, the world goes still so still inside, and when you say you love me, for a moment, there’s no one else alive…” Sauron and Morgoth looked at each other in shock as she took Legolas’s hands raising him up. “And when you’re with me if I close my eyes, there are times I swear I feel like I can fly. For a moment in time, somewhere between the Heavens and Earth. And frozen in time, Oh when you say those words…..” Legolas framed her face seeing the ocean in her eyes appearing from the fire. “When you say you love me, the world goes still, so still inside and, when you say you love me, for a moment there’s no one else alive….When you say you love me, do you know how I love you….”
Elenya ended. “Oh Legolas! Take it! Take it from me! Do not let it take me again!” she begged tears streaming down her cheeks.

Legolas knew of what she spoke, and he instantly removed the golden crown from her head and ripped off the black mantle Morgoth had covered her with. Underneath, she simply wore a sheer white undergarment, and Legolas covered her in his cloak. The Silmaril lay upon the floor still within the golden crown. Legolas took it in his hands taking care not to touch the jewel lest he be overcome with it. Morgoth was about to strike Legolas in order to retrieve his prize, but before he was able, Fletcher intervened.

“Morgoth and Sauron! Your end has come!” Fletcher cried. “Outside awaits the army of the Valar. You now wonder where your spirits have flown that came to attack us.”

Fletcher spoke rightly and true. The cold drakes, demons, and dragons were gone. Morgoth stood as did Sauron.

“Your prize has been delivered to the Valar. You are now under their judgment.”

“We shall never be sent back to the Void!” answered Morgoth proudly. “The Valar simply chose to rule from their little island Valinor. That is where they still remain. What is the point of leaving the Timeless Halls when they isolate themselves? The Ainur songs are stale. I gave the world darkness substance, and it will not soon forget me! I formed the world! The second dark age is upon you. Now darkness shall return to the world.”

“Your sorcery is gone, and the Silmaril no longer holds power for you. Your mind is still encaged in flesh and bone. You have no more power,” answered Fletcher. “You are not even worth killing.”

Morgoth threw aside his cloak and charged at Fletcher. He was ready however, and took out Ringil blocking Morgoth’s sword. Just as he had done so many years before, Fletcher battled Morgoth hand-to-hand combat. The battle could not even begin to be described. Both men were full of fire and rage fighting for one cause. Fletcher however was once elven form, and his agility and endurance were great. Seven times, he wounded Morgoth again. Many times, Morgoth came at him, but it could easily be seen that the dark lord was faltering. Fletcher drove him to his knees and pointed the sword at his neck.

“You are not worth me killing,” Fletcher replied. “I need not take my vengeance for the harm you have done me. I shall leave and allow you to be under the Valar’s judgment and not my own.”

Fletcher turned his back, and as he did so, the Great Hall doors swung open, and a beautiful being ushered into the room. Elenya and Legolas knew who it was full well. Her dark silver hair twinkled with the light of the stars, her clothes shined like silver, her face was a pale star, and her eyes were of silver light. Varda held a crystal globe in her hand and approached Morgoth. Manwe the great lord stood beside her. Morgoth nearly quaked at her appearance.

Manwe spoke. “You have sealed your doom. You shall not harm another soul.”

Morgoth glared. “You can not defeat me yet!”
Melkor and Manwe’s eyes met dark against light. Varda stood near proud as she watched her husband defy Morgoth outright. They bore no weapons, but inside their power was the only weapons they needed. Manwe would crush him to death if he did not surrender. And yet could Manwe truly defeat him? He stood before another Valar one very mighty who had unleashed darkness upon the world who taught the Necromancer everything who could call balrogs with a single thought.

Suddenly, Morgoth released his power. Manwe lunged quickly, and they clashed together and red lightning against blue lightning smashed together swirling into powers as the dark lords came together. The earth shook beneath Elenya, and she held onto Legolas tightly.

“You need to get me out of here!” she cried. “Away from Angband! Please! He keeps calling me! In my thoughts, Legolas please!” she begged again, and he took her in his arms and began leading her down the stairs.
Before they reached the second step, Varda turned from her husband and handed them a small phial. “If danger comes, I cannot protect you for my first duty is to my husband.”

“Thank you,” answered Legolas and continued.
The power surged out towards each other again, and they collected their strength. Manwe knew Morgoth was strong in power still, but he had the protection and summons of Eru. Manwe raised his hands to the sky causing the dome of the tower to crack. Small pieces fell to the floor but much of it fled to the sea by Manwe’s power.

“Of course, you call your pet eagles to come and deal with me,” Morgoth said icily.

“Do you see me fleeing? Do you see eagles flying? Perhaps your perception is so dulled that you cannot even tell that I do not move,” Manwe replied.

They lurched at each other again power coming together attempting to break through attempting to harm each other. The powers bounced off and crashed into the walls tearing them down. The tower began to fall apart.

Sauron stood in shock of everything, but then he felt a voice come into his head.

Will you merely stand there and allow them to take Angband? Or do you not have the courage to battle?
Sauron glared at his master. Morgoth did not turn, but he felt the glare. Sauron was angry, and he knew it. As Morgoth began to attack Manwe, a surge of power gutted him in the back violently, and he dropped to the floor not because the power was greater but because it was a surprise. Morgoth turned and met the angry face of his apprentice.

“Too long you have ordered me around as if I were a mere dog!” Sauron said approaching his words dripping like venom. “Too long you have taunted me, and I have born it. It was all your doing that this happened! I could have saved us both!”

Morgoth hissed. “Join with me, and we will defeat the Valar.”

“No,” Sauron glared. “You have caused our downfall. It is complete and ended. Because of you, we return to Mandos.”

Manwe spoke. “And you shall never escape again either.”

“Your end has come, and now I send both of you to the halls of Mandos where he shall release you to the Void for the damage you have inflicted,” she said, and Morgoth cowered before her.

The lord of the Dead appeared, and Morgoth trembled at the sight of Mandos and closed his eyes. His end had come.

The Valar dealt with the demons of Angband easily enough. Varda took Manwe’s hand, and they retreated from the darkness of Angband and into the night. But Varda created a host of heavenly stars to shine over them giving Elenya hope who still bore the pain and distant memories which now seemed as a nightmare. Elenya trembled before Mandos, but he smiled at her as did Varda. They were ever more the pleased with Legolas, and they talked of this coming out of Angband.

“You succeeded in using your love, Legolas. Galadriel I believe forewarned you of this,” the Elentari said to him.

“Aye, she did,” Legolas wrapped a protective arm around Elenya’s waist which only bore the sheer black rags of Morgoth.

Varda smiled and she raised her hand to the air. A silver gown appeared before her hand, and she held it before Elenya.

“Take the dress as a gift. You have proven your great love. And now I require something of you.”

Legolas knew well of what she was talking about. He handed her the golden crown along with the Silmaril embedded inside. She held it in her hands and smiled her face nearly shining with a silver light as she held the precious jewel.

Varda spoke, “The Silmarils were wrought by Feanor. They are not evil jewels, but they were overtaken by those who are evil. You were deceived, Elenya, and under torture you succumbed to the evil power. But now the last Silmaril shall return to the sky.”

And it was so. The Queen of the Stars was delighted to have the Silmaril returned to her, and she set it in the sky for the dawn. The Morning Star it would be called. The dawn would come, and golden morning light would fill the sky, but the star’s glow would still be visible within the clear morning break before the coming of a new day. Elenya and Legolas would see that new day as would Gondolin, Fletcher and Elizabeth. And Fletcher and Elizabeth would see the dawn of a new age and a new life. For they had chosen to marry. They were both like and unlike. But they loved each other as did Elenya and Legolas. They attended the wedding, which was held in Minas Tirith, Fletcher’s birthplace as Faramir. It would not be long before they parted however. The Valar awarded them a special honor, a place upon a white ship sailing for Valinor, and they had accepted. It would not be the end, however. They still had time.


Legolas kept his promise to the Pegasus and returned with Elenya to the peak where Istel had taken him. Just as he had predicted, Elenya fell in love with the spot, and they sat together upon the precipice overlooking the Sea as the stars shone their twinkling nights above them in the royal blue sky. Elenya wore her silver gown, and she appeared to Legolas a stunning star who he had finally reached.

“Oh Legolas! Thank you for coming for me. And thank you for bringing me here,” she gazed at the pale moon’s reflection upon the ocean waves.

“I love you,” he snaked an arm around her waist.

“I do too,” she likewise did the same.

Elenya’s eyes looked at the sky, and a streak of light pierced the night.

“That is what you are,” Legolas grinned. “A shooting untouchable star.”

“Well, I don’t think completely untouchable,” she laughed, but her laugh softened into a smile as Legolas neared her lips.

The couple shared a kiss, but Legolas was not finished.

“You need to make up for lost time,” he grinned.

Without waiting for her to speak, he deeply invaded her mouth nearly driving the air from her lungs. He still surprised her sweetly at times. Elenya lifted a hand to his soft golden hair as he kissed her. He finally stopped and looked at her. Legolas studied her face and touched it with his fingertips causing shivers upon her skin.

“So what shall happen to us? Shall we return to America?” she asked.

He replied, “That does not matter as long as we are together.”

I hope you all have enjoyed this story. But now has come the time to vote for a new one. So here are the choices…

True Love: A story of how Legolas is this time abducted by a half mad sorceress and how Elenya must travel the world in order to save him, but when she meets up with Legolas she discovers her true love is very different than he was before.

Daughter of Haldir: A sequel of Kate and Haldir though you do not need to read that story to understand this. Constance journeys to Valinor with her father, but she runs away to Middle Earth longing to see the lands. She meets a Princess and they discover an ancient evil. In order to battle it, they must unite together in friendship and possibly fall in love with two men along the way.

It Does not Fade: A story about two girls from Middle Earth who were seperated at birth but they both have very special powers of telepathy and telekinesis. In the shadows awaits a dark sorceror who has discovered a time gate to pass into the World Beyond. He abducts their mother in order to receive their powers so he may form his dark plans.

So vote away all I could write all day for a thousand years!


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