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“Yet perhaps you must search for a new life in a new world.”

“This is not my world. And it is not hers either. Goodnight, lady.”


Legolas was awakened in the middle of the night by Fletcher. He tossed the covers aside hurriedly when feeling the motion of the ship.

“Hurry! The ship could fall!”

When Legolas came to the top, sheets of pouring rain had already covered the deck in inches of water. The dark black clouds floated above them as lightning split the sky, thunder shook the earth. The waves were constantly growing higher and flooding the small ship. Legolas instantly began tightening the ropes as the rain instantly sank into his clothes soaking his hair. The storm was violent, and Legolas was certain they would drown. With every new wave, he grew more convinced of it. The wind was violent, and the sails shook the wooden masts nearly cracking with every encounter.

“I can’t turn the wheel, Fletcher!” Elizabeth nearly screamed gripping the helm with all her might.

Fletcher took the helm, and tried to move it, but the wind was far too strong. He yelled as they both tried. Fletcher cursed.

“Let the wind take her!” he said suddenly letting go of the helm. “Lighten the ship! Throw out the cargo. And then the tackle. It’s useless now. It will only slow us down. Hurry!”

They fought the storm as best they could, throwing box after box into the icy raging sea. When neither sun nor stars appeared, Fletcher gave up hope of ever being saved. They all gathered below deck to await their doomed fates. Every encounter with the wind, they nearly screamed out from the motion. Kali stayed close to Legolas during the time. She seemed like a frightened mouse yet whenever Legolas looked into her eyes, he could nearly see the fire within them. Yet then, Legolas remembered something Elenya had spoken of.

“Do not worry my friends. I remember what Elenya said. She was always the optimist. She always thought the best in every situation. I remember one night when war was drawing near, we were all saddened for Gandalf had gone taking the halfling with him. She sang to us a beautiful song. Her voice was like an angel.” Legolas continued beginning to sing. “I pray you’ll be our eyes and watch us where we go, and help us to be wise in times when we don’t know. Let this be our prayer as we go our way. Lead us to a place. Guide us with your grace. Give us faith so we’ll be safe.”

He ended there, and Elizabeth turned to him. “Legolas, do you believe there is hope?”

“Yes, Galadriel said this was a test. I believe we shall come out of this storm alive.”

No sooner than Legolas’s words slipped off his tongue, a rippling crack thundered through their ears terrifying them. Fletcher instantly stood up seeing the water leak into the hold.

“Get above!”

The four reached the top, and Fletcher cried out.

“We’ve struck a sandbar!”

They looked at the oncoming island before them. None of them recognized it. Yet that was not their problem.

“We’ve run aground!” continued Fletcher. “The stern is breaking to pieces. She will not hold! Abandon ship!”

“Here!” Legolas threw Elizabeth and Kali life jackets then one to Fletcher. “If you lose it, grab onto planks or boards from the ships.

“Legolas, what is happening?” Kali asked clinging to him.

“Put your life vest on,” he already helped her to fasten it. “The ship is being destroyed. We must abandon it or we will die. As soon as you get in the water, this thing will help you float. Then you can make your way to the island.”

“Don’t leave me.”

“I’ll be close by. Hurry!”

“Legolas, my Prince awake!”

Legolas’s eyes flapped open and he stared into Kali’s face. She was dressed in a white shift stained from the previous storm. She held a large red fruit to his face.

“Here, you have been sleeping long enough. Eat.”

“Thank you,” he sat up and ate the delectable fruit. “Where are the others?” he asked.

“Fletcher went to gather wood, and Elizabeth is searching the beach for leftover provisions. You were very brave during the storm. It is a miracle that you were saved.”

“The storm was not meant to kill us at least I do not believe so. Merely meant to dissuade us from our course.”

“We are in Himling a small island north of Lindon.”

“Can they repair the ship?”

“I know not. You must ask Fletcher.”

Legolas sighed. “Maedhros once dwelled here. He was the doomed elf who threw himself into the fiery chasm with one of the Silmarils.”

“I remember the story. Tis depressing. As you said, we need optimism.”

“Aye, yes. Well I was correct. We are alive. We made it here.”

“Yes, but we may not be able to go back. What will you then do?”

“I will swim to Beleriand.”

“Do not be ridiculous.”

“I will,” he said more firmly. “I will do anything for Elenya. I would die for her.”

“Are you certain of that? What if you were faced with that situation?”

“I would gladly lay down my life. I already did. And then I was reborn by the grace of the Valar.”

Kali changed the subject. “Oh Legolas!”


“Your arm!”

He looked at it seeing a deep gash.

“Most likely from one of the planks. It’s ok.”

“No it is not. Let me see it,” she took his arm without his consent.

Kali touched the wound, and he flinched slightly. She turned around and grabbed a small sack containing a cloth and a bottle filled with a liquid. Kali took the bottle and poured a few drops onto the wound. She then took the cloth and wrapped it tightly around his arm. Kali did not stop but ran her soft fingernails down to his hand. He looked at her questioningly.

“Do you miss her?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“Would you ever consider taking another?”

“No. I thought of it before I met her, but once I met her, everything changed. I sealed my heart into hers.”

“But if you met another?”

“No Kali. I will never betray my love or trust to Elenya. And I will never choose another.”

Legolas stood up angrily and walked away leaving her sitting on the beach. She grinned seductively looking after him.

“You are wrong, my dear Prince.”


“They are upon the island, Elenya. They cannot escape now. Soon the time shall come. We are nearly ready,” Morgoth said to the girl lying asleep upon his couch.

The dark lords had changed much during the journey to Middle Earth. They had grown darker more evil and were now bent upon their purpose of destroying the world. Angband was little changed. It seemed impossible to rise it up from the watery depths again, but now with the Silmaril, they could do anything. The reborn dark lords had furnished the place up with modern items and conveniences. Yet still within the utter reigning darkness lurked something dangerous wishing to be released from its sleep to feed upon prey. Soon Sauron knew he would release the demon. Morgoth had done nothing since arriving but merely stayed at the girl’s side constantly. The apprentice was not certain if he was fixed upon the jewel or by the girl but guessed both. The necromancer walked into Morgoth’s chamber where the dark lord was sitting upon his bed watching the girl or rather the jewel intently. Sauron folded his arms.

“That is all you ever look at. You fix your gaze upon that like a fool.”

Sauron felt his neck constrict, but quickly blocked the blow with one of his own sending Morgoth lying against the window.

“Do not test me, apprentice!” Morgoth said venomously. “Why did you come to me?”

“I have waited long enough. I wish for revenge. Above all on that halfling. It is time we show the Valar our power,” urged Sauron.

“Contain your anger. We shall have need of it soon. We must first destroy her lover when he arrives. Or we shall wait until he forsakes her or dies upon his own. The woman is with him and she will destroy your useless Nazgul if she arrives. And I shall never allow that man to come near me again. Though he is reborn, he has remembered all that he was in his former life.”

“He can do us no harm.”

“You are the foolish one to think that. We shall wait. My patience is not finite, and I hope yours is not too.”


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