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She spoke with sincerity. “You are tested Legolas. She is tested. This is your last quest, and you must fulfill it. If you succeed, you will never again be tested. Beware of the girl you see in the mirror. Namarie. May a star light your path.”


“Must we really get back on it?” Leo asked.

“What brother?” You have lost your passion for sailing?” asked Gondolin.

“I think it happened when my feet left land. Besides that, it looks rough out there,” Legolas noted the windy waves upon the ocean.

“Our ship can handle it,” replied Fletcher. “Elizabeth is good with the helm.”

“Thank you,” she smiled.

“If you say so,” Leo shrugged.

“All aboard then.”

It was agreed that Gondolin would join them. Leo at first protested, but Fletcher said they could use a good fighter. Gondolin had been trained many years with the sword and the bow. It was Gondolin who also taught Legolas to use it. His mind was made up, and he would not leave his younger brother to slip away from him as he did before. Gondolin said farewell to his elven wife upon Tol Eressia yet he did not know nor did anyone else that they would be embarking upon the most dangerous mission ever.


Morgoth took Elenya by the waist and pushed her gently to the tower’s window. They had come to Angband, and she was not yet tired. She had rested upon the plane, but her endurance had grown. They had ensured the jewel always remained in her possession. She had proved most helpful in their journey to the old world. Not even the Valar could stop them from re-entering Middle Earth now that they had the Silmaril. The storm blocking the entrance was easily hindered by the jewel. And now came Elenya’s true test.

“Now it’s time for your test,” he whispered poison in her ear. “They are coming for you. Destroy them first. Bring the winds down.”

Elenya took the jewel in her hand and raised it to the sky. The clouds circled forming above the tower. A crack of lightning split the sky, and a ripple of thunder sounded. Like Saruman, Elenya controlled the lightning storm and sent it miles away to move south where it would finally come upon the ship and kill the unsuspecting crew beginning first with sheets of driving rain and howling wind. Morgan took a strand of Elenya’s hair when she lowered the jewel infixed in the crown.

“Well done indeed.”


Legolas’s dreams were filled with haunting memories and nightmares all with Elenya’s presence. He screamed in his sleep and forced himself to awake. Leo clutched the knife and felt perspiration running down the side of his head to his chest. The elf stood up and poured himself a glass of water. As he sipped, he suddenly heard an odd noise. Then he knew he was not alone in the room. Leo neared the closet, and the sound grew louder. He gripped his knife and slowly turned the knob. He widened his eyes seeing the girl from the mirror tumble out. Leo pressed the blade against her throat.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” he asked in elvish.

“Please do not hurt me,” she spoke in the common tongue fluently. “I was merely looking around, and the door closed on me when the ship set sail.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Kali.”

“You’re not supposed to be here. I’ll take you to Fletcher. Wait a minute.”

Leo slipped a shirt on and turned around to inspect the girl. She was not as young as she seemed. Her hair was long and copper brought up in a loose bun. Her eyes sparkled an emerald green, and she wore a very low cut red gown that fell below her shoulders. Leo rolled his eyes knowing if it were any lower, it would fall off. He walked past her ordering her to come along.

“Wait,” she grabbed his arm. “Please do not take me to him. I know Fletcher and he would turn the ship around. Please take me with you. You must! I must get away from Tol Eressia.”

“It is absolutely out of the question. We are not just departing for Middle Earth. We are going to Angband.”

“Merely take me with you to the shore, and then I shall go from there by myself.”

“Where would you go then, lady?”

“To Rivendell or Mirkwood. Wherever elves still dwell.”

“How do I know you can be trusted?”

“I am a simple girl, sir longing for adventure.”

Leo knew he had every reason not to trust her, but he shrugged and surrendered to her becoming smile. “Very well. I admit it but I must still talk with Fletcher.”

“But you will persuade him to let me stay?”

“If I can,” he answered.

“Thank you. Then I bear you wear this for your kindness,” she held up a ring of gold with a ruby fixed in the middle. The ruby filled his eyes with a bright light, and he turned away an eerie feeling coming upon him.

“I appreciate the gift, but I cannot wear it. I already wear the ring of one, and I shall not let my hand wear another’s. Forgive me if I have offended.”

“No certainly not. Perhaps one day you shall wear it for me.”

“I am sorry lady, but I doubt I shall. Come.”

It was difficult for Kali to explain to Fletcher her presence upon the ship. She seemed so innocent and good-natured, and she was young and terrifyingly beautiful. Fletcher was about to insist on turning the ship around, but then Legolas persuaded him to let her accompany them to Middle Earth. Fletcher, after some time agreed since they had no time to turn around for Valinor. Time was precious in this case, and they needed to reach Angband as quickly as possible. Legolas escorted Kali to her new room.

“Please no longer hide in the closets. You will terrify me,” Legolas said with a slight grin.

“I will not, Prince. What am I to do upon the ship?”

“What do you mean?”

“Will there be anything you need me to do?”

“Possibly. You can ask Fletcher tomorrow.”

“I prefer to ask you.”

“I am not the captain.”

“You should be,” she smiled.

Legolas sighed. “Fletcher is a good man, and Elizabeth a good woman. She can handle the helm.”

“Is she your love?”

“No!” Legolas said quickly. “We are retrieving my love. She was stolen from me.”

“Are you positive?”

“Of course!” he said angrily. “I apologize. My feelings and emotions have been damaged, and I have been angry.”

“You should search for hope. It still exists. Perhaps you must move on.”

“Not when it comes to Elenya. She is my life.”

“Yet perhaps you must search for a new life in a new world.”

“This is not my world. And it is not hers either. Goodnight, lady.”


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