Elenya_Lives – Inside Morgoth’s Fortress

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The Pegasus flipped its mane and neighed spreading its wings. Fletcher noted a tear trickle down Elizabeth’s cheek as the Pegasus disappeared into the air a simple white streak against the black sky.

“Do not fear, Elizabeth. She will return,” assured Fletcher.

“Aye, I know. Let us go.”
Gondolin went first. It was simple for he was invisible. He said he would return shortly with a report, and he kept his word. Gondolin had not been gone an hour when Legolas felt his feet lifted from the ground, and he landed on his back.

“I request you be visible when you are near us, Gondolin,” Legolas frowned brushing the dirt from his clothes.

Gondolin laughed as he showed himself. He turned to Fletcher. “Uruks guard every inch inside. There is only one way to the tower, and the Nazgul are there.”

“I shall deal with them,” Elizabeth answered.

“I do not wish you to be injured again,” said Fletcher taking her hand.

“It is sealed tighter than a crab,” said Gondolin. “Legolas, how far are you willing to go to win her back?”

Legolas declared, “I would die for her.”
Fletcher spoke. “Well, if the others are willing to die as well, then we have no problems. The Valar and elves will be here swiftly. They may provide some sort of diversion.”

“You may be right,” noted Gondolin.
“Let us go.”

“We are not alone in this dark place,” Fletcher said softly as they walked through the darkness.
They had tied a rope to each other’s wrists to ensure they would not be separated by the confusing blackness of Angband. Fletcher bore a torch but it did not help much considering one flicker of light was not enough to destroy the overwhelming darkness. For Legolas, it seemed a taste of hell since he had never been in darkness away from the stars this long at least none that he could remember. Legolas wondered if the dark lords knew of their presence. His mind did not have long to think for no sooner had Fletcher spoken, but the company heard a soft movement above their heads.
Legolas’s question was now answered. Fear was struck into their hearts at the thought of this new devilry. Fletcher remembered the scourge she had brought upon the world. He knew how large and terrifying the vapors were issuing from her body and the odors she reeked in the world. He knew how large and horrifying she was compared to Shelob. He knew of the legends of her destroying the two trees of light and not being satisfied with even the world to snake her lust. But this was not she thankfully. He had heard the legend that Ungoliant was destroyed. She had bred dark and foul things within the deep places of the world. This must be one of her children.
Fletcher instantly raised his fiery sword Ringil and blocked the sticky oncoming web they never could have escaped from. Legolas fired n arrow into the beast, and she barely flinched but jumped easily from the ceiling and faced the company eyes red and glaring. Legolas knew she was enormous though darkness hid parts of her. Long had she lain asleep in the depths of the earth ever hungering ever lusting for flesh to feast upon. And elves were a welcome treat for her fangs to dig into.
She attacked just as Fletcher suspected lunging right toward Elizabeth. Fletcher plunged his fire sword into her abdomen, but it did little to hinder the spider, yet it gave Elizabeth a chance to escape. Ungoliant turned and a poisonous vapor issued from her black mouth. Fletcher leapt back and wrapped a cloth quickly around his mouth and nose. The spider lunged for him but thanks to his quick reflexes, he ducked out of the way and sliced a fragment of her eight legs off. A terrible screech was heard, and saliva dripped from her fangs.
Then a new danger!
Due to his speed and agility, Legolas avoided the creature’s move though he could have been easily crushed. It was another spider not as gigantic as the one Fletcher was dealing with but still massive enough to kill a person easily. These creatures knew how to move stealthily, and Legolas assumed Morgoth had bred them for his use against any enemies moving into Angband. Legolas saw his brother faced with a spider as well, but Gondolin had one advantage none of the company had, and that was invisibility. Gondolin disappeared and this gave the creature enough shock for Gondolin to attack. But the creatures were too massive to be killed with simply one sword cut.
Legolas focused on the spider before him and saw its mandibles snapping at him eager to feast upon his warm blood. Legolas jumped out of the way as the spider lunged. It was larger than him, so the faster it fell. The spider was furious at not catching its prey, and it came at Legolas again except with more terrifying speed. Legolas dislodged two arrows into the creature’s head and one landed in its eye. Black blood splattered against his clothes. Legolas gripped his twin long knives and as the spider was distracted with the arrow in its black eye, the elf plunged the knives into the spider’s abdomen. The creature fell to the ground utterly defeated in agony. Legolas plunged his sword into the spider’s face ending its screeches and writhers.
Gondolin had not done so bad either as Legolas noticed the spider now lay upon its back. A sword appeared in front of the creature and sliced through its head. Gondolin reappeared and made his way to his brother. He touched Legolas’s shoulder.

“You are hurt,” he noticed a small cut upon Legolas’s shoulder.

“Tis a small scratch.”

“But there may be poison inside.”

“I am fine. Let us help Fletcher.”
“I hardly think he needs it.”

The spider Fletcher was battling already began to weaken under the oppression of Fletcher’s sword Ringil. The sword had been reforged, and it had the ability to spring fire into a foe. The spider let out a screech of agony as Ringil was plunged into its thick hide. Fletcher rolled under the monster and plunged a dagger into its chest then quickly rolled out of the way. The spider was already done for. Flames leaped within his body, and he quickly died of the burning from the inside. Fletcher sheathed his sword and faced the others.

“There may be more. We must be on our guard. But where is Elizabeth?” he asked and looked around.

Legolas looked at the rope upon his wrist for Elizabeth was tied to him. It had been cut.

“She is gone,” he answered.

“No, she can’t be! We must find her at once!” Fletcher said in a rage.
“This rope cut was not the spiders doing,” Legolas answered. “She cut it herself. It seems she wishes to search for the Witch King.”

“She is not strong enough to defeat all nine of the wraiths!” answered Fletcher.
“I hardly think that is so,” replied Legolas. “I saw her at the fields of Pelennor her golden hair spread out like flame as she took the sword and plunged it into his face. He instantly withered becoming simply dust. Elizabeth is wise and clever. She will not allow herself to be wounded. And her presence with the Nazgul may provide enough of a distraction to allow us to find Elenya.”

Fletcher sighed. “If she allows herself to get hurt, she will have to answer to my rage!”
Elizabeth walked alone in the vast endless darkness. Perhaps she had been wrong nay foolish to set out by herself to seek the Witch King. But she knew she had to. He was inside her soul troubling it always. He would not rest until she was dead, and the feeling was mutual. Could she really succeed in killing one of them here in this place in this realm?
Elizabeth was not an elf, but her senses told her something was near; something evil. She quickly turned and met a pair of scarlet red eyes. She raised her sword and met the Nazgul’s though she could barely see in the blinding darkness. She knew he carried his black iron, spiked mace as well. Elizabeth heard a low hiss.
“You come to challenge me. You will fail shieldmaiden.”

“You talk to much,” she snarled and slashed at the Nazgul but met its sword every time. “You use the darkness as your ally. Without it, I could cut you to pieces.”

“Without darkness, I could easily defeat you,” he hissed again. “I could easily call the others as well.”

“Oh yes, hide behind your black sheep while you are safely from my sword.”

The wraith hissed again, and a little light flooded the dark room. Then Elizabeth noticed it was not a room at all. It seemed much like the great hall of Moria but for the fact that she stood feet away from tumbling off a great precipice of blackness. Before her stood a massive wraith robed in black holding a dark sword.

“I shall send you over that cliff and crush your bones. No one can defeat me.”

“You need to get out more,” she replied and lunged for the wraith.

Strength was his ally. Her small body and quickness would be her ally. If she could endure this, she could endure anything.

They had gone the wrong way. Now the only stairs they had passed upon led down. He knew Elenya was inside the tower. They simply needed to know how to find the passageway into it. Now they were moving toward the dungeons. But Fletcher did not wish to return the way they had come. Legolas knew Uruks guarded the dungeons where poor helpless souls mourned from the unbelievable cruelties dealt to them. If they could even capture one Uruk without causing a riot, he could tell them the way to the tower. The stairs ended, and the three men pushed themselves against the wall as three Uruks walked slowly passed them and ascended the stairs. If senses were awarded to Uruks instead of elves, the men would have been captured. Fletcher rounded the corner and pulled the other two men into a small narrow space where they could speak out of earshot.

“We are going after those three,” he said to them.

“It will not be difficult to kill them,” answered Gondolin.

“We do not wish to kill them however,” Legolas replied. “We need information on how to get to the tower.”

“Legolas, I shall deal with the largest. We shall need your arrows though for swords can kill them. Aim for the shoulders and the legs. Ensure that they do not escape and warn the dark lords of our coming.”

“I believe they already know of our coming. Why else would they have sent the Kraken?” asked Legolas.

“Come, before the Uruks get too far!”
The three men ascended the stairs quietly their footsteps hardly making a sound. Because of their elven agility, they easily caught up with the Uruks and Legolas fired two arrows into the middle Uruk’s legs. Gondolin did the same with the last, and Fletcher slit the third at the knees. The Uruks all fell on top of each other at the shock of the sudden attack. Legolas put two arrows into his bow again and pointed them at the Uruks as Gondolin and Fletcher gathered their weapons.

“Tell us how to get to the tower, now, and we will ease your pain!” ordered Fletcher.

The first one said, “Morgoth dwells in the tower and no person can kill him. You will be destroyed by his magic arts long before you arrive little elf.”

“That does not matter,” answered Legolas. “If you do not tell us, we shall make your torture so painful, you will wish you had been born a rat, though rats do not smell as bad. Now tell us!”


The mace came down, but because of Elizabeth’s quickness, she easily ducked out of the way and plunged her dagger into the Nazgul’s knee. A terrible screech echoed from the wraith, and she dropped the sword covering her ears from the noise. The Nazgul ceased the screeching and took her neck within his hand beginning to squeeze. Eowyn gripped her neck with one hand.
“You fool!” he hissed. “All this time, you have hunted me down only to fail here.”

“Not….this….time!” she uttered, and fisted a rock into the wraith’s face.

The shock allowed her enough time to retrieve her sword. The Nazgul’s crashed down upon hers nearly shattering her sword. Yet, the firmness of the Rohirrim sword held up, and Eowyn plunged her dagger yet again into the Nazgul’s stomach this time. She thought she had met nothing but its heavy robe, but from the wraith’s scream she knew she had succeeded. He was weakening, and it would not be long now.


Gondolin learned that Uruks can be most helpful at times. They were shown an even quicker passageway leading to the tower, and now the three men were on their way to Sauron and Morgoth’s private chambers. Legolas ensured his arrows were many, his sword keen, and his twin knives readily in place. He checked to make sure he still had the flint.

“Morgoth is strong,” Fletcher said. “I do not believe we can defeat him.”

“We only need time, time enough to destroy the Silmaril,” answered Legolas. “and to retrieve Elenya,” he added. “But something terrible has happened to her. I cannot feel her presence, Fletcher. Yet I can, but her presence is different.”

“Our questions will be answered soon,” Fletcher said.

Legolas pushed open the great black door to the chamber, and the three men beheld two dark figures one who was sitting upon a dark throne. The chamber was a hall with doors on each side leading to different places. Great pillars crafted from marble stood in the hall. Legolas was growing very tired of the color of black, but he did not think about it then. For upon the thrones left, stood Sauron lord of Baradur the Necromancer of Dol Guldur. And upon the right of the throne stood a girl he recognized all too well but a girl he no longer knew. Had he come all this way for nothing but to merely die? The image of Elenya stood before him, and yet it was not her. A golden crown with a shining Silmaril was fixed upon her head, and her eyes had changed from a deep sea blue to a piercing crimson red. Was she truly beyond all hope or could he still save her? Whatever the case, he would still try. Legolas fixed an arrow in his bow.

“Release the star!” he cried.


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