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They had walked clean into a trap.

“They are here,” Emilie whispered clutching his hand tighter.

She saw five of the black figures walking up the aisle. She then noticed they had guns within their hands. Emilie shrank lower as the other people raised their hands. The Nazgul paid them no mind but relished their fear and drank it in like oxygen. These people had not seen much of war, and loved their comfortable little worlds of prosperity and peace. They would be simple to break then when the time came. The wraiths did not stop once they passed Emilie, but continued on into the control room hissing at the attendants and stewards to move out of the way. A large number of them had already been taken care of. She saw three of the wraiths disappear into the control room, and Emilie shrieked hearing bullets from the silencers. Emilie grabbed Leo’s hand and unbuckled her seatbelt. She would not be taken so easily without a fight. Emilie pulled Leo to the back of the plane as she saw the wraiths coming out of the control room though they had left one to deal with the plane. Emilie made her way to the cargo hold but suddenly stopped when she saw the three dark figures guarding it. They were trapped. The Nine were all here. Emilie turned seeing the others making their way up the aisle. She gave them a look, which could melt steal at twenty paces. Leo stood in front of her, but received a horrid jam from the gun hilt into his ribs. Leo fell to his knees gripping them in pain. Emilie glared at the leader who hissed into her face his gleaming red eyes showing clear through his white mask.

“Elvessss,” he said harshly.

Suddenly, Emilie felt a cold sense of fear strike her. It seemed familiar yet not so familiar. Then she heard the voice and felt the presence behind her.

“That will do Mordral.”

Emilie turned and met eyes with a tall man who seemed to be in his thirties with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was dressed in a fine suit with a well-tailored jacket and carried a pistol at his side. He circled Emilie at first saying nothing, and then turned to Leo.

“How pathetic that the Prince Greenleaf of Mirkwood Forest son of Thranduil the haughtiest, proudest elf should lower himself,” the man grinned.

Emilie interfered. “He is not that any more! He is changed!”

“Of course,” the man turned to her. “Yet you are not changed. You know who I am, and you know yourself do you not?”

Emilie swallowed and nodded. The man lifted her chin up.

“Do not fear, Elenya of America. You shall come to know me better soon as well as Leo. Or should I say Legolas Greenleaf?”

“I do not care what you call me or Leo, or should I call you Melkor Morgoth?” asked Emilie.

The man grinned uncontrollably relishing this moment of victory. “Morgoth shall be the name I will take on soon with your aid.”

“I will never help you,” Emilie said with loathing and disgust dripping from her mouth.

“You will have no choice.”

Emilie felt strong hands or were they hands? Grip her from behind as the Nazgul pressed the cold metal of a gun against her neck. She then realized it was not a bullet gun as she felt the pain contact with her neck. She cursed feeling dazed once again as the tranquilizer worked its success.


Elenya stirred from her troubling nightmares and found warm sheets covering her. She instantly sat up discovering she was in a dark room dimly lit by candles, which created eerie glows and shadows upon the walls. It seemed like any other room though it had no windows. The décor seemed exactly like a reborn dark lord would prefer. Dark tapestries, leather furniture, and black marble floors. Everything was dark and black, and Emilie realized her clothes as well. Her other clothes had been removed she saw which brought the color slightly to her cheeks when realizing someone would need to undress her to do so. She now wore a dark spaghetti strapped nightgown, which fell to her knees. Emilie felt cold and shivered suddenly realizing she was not alone. The voice that spoke now was dark and intimidated her even more than the voice that she met on the plane.

“How was your rest?” the deep voice coming from the corner of the room questioned.

“Not well,” she answered trying to appear casual and unaffected.

“Full of troubling nightmares no doubt. How marvelous.”

She saw the dark figure stand up. He was dressed as finely and exquisitely in dark well tailored clothing as Morgan was, but his hair was salt and pepper colored, and his eyes were brown not hazel. His hands were folded behind his back and he lowered himself to the bed.

“Let me guess, Morgoth’s sidekick Sauron.”

“You are clever,” he smiled faintly.

“Ahh well, let me guess. You need an elf to work the magic of the Silmaril, and you’re going to have Leo do it and help him regain his memory and poison his mind and attempt to make him forget me. Then you are going to use me for your own purposes which probably will involve my body or else you would have easily killed me on the plane had I not been a female.”

Sauron suddenly laughed throwing his head back. “You are too funny! It so happens that you were entirely incorrect.”

“Then why am I here?” she inquired.

“You are here to start an entire race, so you were correct in one thing. I suppose there is one good thing about females. They can tolerate the pains of labor, and they are the only ones who can do it.”

Emilie widened her eyes in sheer prospect of what he was about to say. “Yes, you are to bring forth a new race. But that shall all be explained later,” he answered.

“What about Leo?”

“All in good time. Upon you, we have set the highest honor of all. You shall be our instrument in bringing darkness not only upon this world but all of Middle Earth and all the other worlds. You shall bring us to Middle Earth where our revenge shall take place. United, Morgoth and Sauron can never be defeated. We shall bring forth a new race. The hounds will appear again, the balrogs, the vampires, spiders, dragons, drakes. Imagine every foul being upon the face of Middle Earth roaming every single land and world. And darkness sweet fragrant darkness shall fall with no stars and never a moon nor sunlight. That is our plan for the world, for the universe.”

“To bad it won’t happen. You know good always wins in the end,” Emilie said trying to sound optimistic.

“Ahh my dear,” he rustled her hair. “You are young and naïve. You know nothing of the world. Why do you think we so easily picked you? You shall be so simple to break.”

Emilie chuckled. “The Prince and Agroth thought that too.”

“Ahh yes, Agroth. You were very fortunate in bringing him to his end. But Agroth was a lusty fool.”

“Oh and Morgoth wasn’t? That’s how he lost one of the Silmarils to Earendil.”

“Morgoth was enchanted. Luthien was very powerful.”

“I seem to remember you were defeated by a small hobbit.”

“Who also came into possession of a powerful Ring that did not belong to him. That is why he was able to go to Mount Doom. The Ring was treacherous and it led him there. That halfling’s spirit will no longer rest in Mandos Halls when I am through with him.”

Emilie changed the subject to Luthien.

“And you know what? I am possibly one of the greatest friends of Arwen Undomiel ancestress to Luthien. Do you not fear me then?”

He grinned. “You reek of fear, Elenya. You shall learn fear. Fear is what this place is called, and you will learn it.”

Suddenly, Emilie looked into his eyes seeing them turn crimson. Smith opened his mouth, and Emilie shrieked jumping as she saw two shiny fangs. If there was one thing in the world Emilie feared, it was vampires. She had always been disgusted by the stories of blood-suckers and bat wings. She knew they were not all evil but Sauron was and this she feared. She did not fear darkness or death, but this was something Emilie feared greatly. She tried to take a chance and ran for the door. Smith grinned and raised his hand. Emilie fell to the floor as a great force propelled into her body sending her crashing against the wall and holding her there. Emilie groaned in pain as Smith approached his face inching toward her neck. Emilie screamed out, but she felt his breath linger upon her neck as the two shiny fangs touched her neck poised upon her skin. Smith released quickly grinning. Emilie’s relief was instant.

“Yes, you shall learn fear easily.”


Leo awoke on a stone cold floor and he instantly wrinkled his nose smelling something disgusting. He looked up to see himself in a dark cold cell and heard a low growl. Leo looked before him seeing a creature that was so repulsive and foul yet it seemed so familiar. The Uruk towered over him. The orc was all naked but for a small loincloth. The Uruk suddenly took the reborn elf’s chin harshly and opened his mouth plunging a hot black liquid down his throat. Leo chocked spilling some of its contents on the floor. The Uruk took his face in his hands.

“I will seriously enjoy making you bleed, elf!” the Uruk hissed and took out a knife.

“Touch him not,” Leo heard a firm dark voice utter and the cell door opening.

The Uruk recoiled and bowed low before the dark figure. Instantly, the man took out a knife stabbing the creature’s chest. He landed upon the cell floor black blood spilling into the cracks. The figure turned to Leo and circled him.

“So this is Thranduil’s brat. Not much of a Prince I daresay.”

“Morgoth I assume,” Leo said standing.

“No,” the figure unveiled himself. “Those were lords we were before. We are in man form now though our powers have not diminished fully. When you help us return to Middle Earth, we shall be invincible. And I am thoroughly enjoying drilling the word `fear’ into your girlfriends heart.”

“You leave Elenya alone!” Leo suddenly shouted but then placed a hand across his mouth quickly. “I cannot believe I just said her elvish name.”

“It means Day of the Stars. She loves the stars. She shall see them melt before her very eyes.”

“What shall you do with her?”

“She shall be of use. She shall bring forth a new race, and she shall come to know us as our lords and masters. Elenya shall live forever become a goddess. She shall reek of evil, her name within the history books in Middle Earth as more wicked than Eol or Carcaroth. And long after you are dead, she shall continue to serve us and provide us with heirs.”

“If you touch one hair on her head, I will hunt you down and kill you,” Leo’s eyes flamed in rage.

“I cannot be killed weak elf.”

Suddenly, Legolas fell to the ground rolling onto his back as a coursing pain spread throughout his body. He shrieked as Smith lowered his hand over the reborn elf’s body sending him into spasms. After a few moments, Smith finally stopped.

“I have powers you cannot even begin to imagine.”


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