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“Don’t get sarcastic. We need optimism.”

“Shhh,” Leo pressed a hand against her lips. “I hear someone coming.”

He wrapped his arms around Emilie’s waist tightly as if he were afraid to lose her. Emilie saw two dark figures walking silently toward the cell the Uruk following behind them. She was not surprised. They stopped at the cell door, and Emilie saw one of them taking out a knife. He muttered something inaudible and plunged the blade into the Uruk’s chest. Emilie was revisited by the same fear she experienced with Agroth. She clung to Leo as the dark lords entered the cell.

“Elenya,” Morgan removed his hood grinning at her. “You could have simply asked.”

“I should not need to,” Emilie retorted glaring.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain within herself as Smith raised his hand pulling her further from Leo. The reborn elf gripped her hand strongly yet he unexpectedly found cold steel pressing against his wrists. Leo tried to hold onto Emilie with all he had, but failed and surrendered to the force ripping them apart. Leo crashed into the stonewall, and Smith pressed a knife against his throat. Emilie felt cold hands grip her neck and heard a sharp intake of breath. Morgan pressed his face against her hair.

“We have no need of this whelp,” Smith interrupted nearly drawing blood. “Allow me to kill him. Too long I sat silent chained to my dungeon within the shadows because of that halfling. This elf aided him in the Fellowship, and I long for revenge.”

“Contain yourself, Smith. You shall have your revenge and upon all of Middle Earth. We may have need of him,” he changed the subject. “She resembles her does she not, Smith?” Morgan stroked Elenya’s hair affectionately.

Smith replied, “Yes she does. But it is a mere image. She is not Luthien however. And because of her, that jewel now rests upon Earendil’s brow.”

“Patience,” Morgan said. “That shall not last long.”

Leo finally yelled out as Morgan touched Emilie’s cheek. “Get your filthy hands off of her!”

Morgan’s eyes flared and he raised a hand to silence Leo. As he did, a bullet ripped through the air and hit Morgan’s hand with accuracy. The room erupted into chaos as hard metal things rolled across the floor into the cell enveloping the room in smoke and fog. Emilie suddenly heard the ringing of alarms sounding through the entire castle. She escaped from Morgan’s grasp and tried to find the exit. Emilie fell to the ground and searched upon her hands and knees trying to see through the smoke. The girl then looked above her and felt two cold hands lift her to her feet. The smoke finally abated, and the alarms faded. Emilie rejoiced seeing the chains upon the ground without a prisoner. Leo was gone. The dark lords circled Emilie and fixed their evil eyes upon her.


Leo awoke and stared up at the face of a girl with fair skin, blue gray eyes, and golden hair that fell to her shoulders. She smiled at him but continued to clean the deep gash on his head. He recognized her yet he knew he had never met her before. The girl in return knew him as well.

“Where am I?” he asked looking around him seeing a dark room dimly lit by glowing candles.

“You are safe,” another voice said.

Leo looked behind him and saw a tall man with dark hair cropped beneath his ears. He was very muscular, and Leo saw a pistol strapped at his side.

“Rest, Leo,” the girl said.

“I am quite awake,” the stubborn reborn elf answered. “Where is Emilie?”

The man sighed. “We could not save the girl. Their hold upon her was too great. But we got you out. I am Fletcher, and this is Elizabeth Johnson,” he motioned to the girl.

“I recognize you,” Legolas said facing Elizabeth.

“Like you Legolas, I was reborn a anew,” the man answered. “But I have had many years to remember. Elizabeth came into my life as well, and I have been aiding her as I will you. It is right that you would recognize her. She was the lady of Edoras Eowyn Shieldmaiden of Rohan.”

“Emilie told me they were close friends.”

“Yes they were. And I am Fingolfin.”

“You were the man the elf that nearly killed Morgoth.”

“I wounded him seven great times yet my strength failed. The Eagle carried my body away to the highest peak, and all the days seemed as ages of the world. My soul was taken trained by the Valar. They sent me here to finish the task I had begun.”

“And what is that?” asked Leo.

“To prevent the world’s destruction.”


“He is of little use to us,” said Smith directly.

“He is a reborn elf fool! He could destroy us if he reaches Valinor and warns the Valar of our presence.”

“They have already sensed us. You know that.”

“They shall not act. They will let us make the first move,” Morgan replied. “And we must act before their strength becomes to great. If we regain the power of the Simaril, we can use it against them.”

“Her mind is too fragile,” retorted Smith.

“No, she is young, stubborn, and full of spirit. It will not destroy her. And if we do overestimate her mind, we shall not do so with the other elf. Come, it is time to act. Bring the girl to the tower.”


Leo knew they were bound for Valinor. The first days upon the ship were not so fair however. He had to confess his stomach was not as strong as Emilie’s. After a couple of days spent in the lower cabins, Leo became more accustomed to the sea; especially on a night such as this. The water moved below the small white ship gently and calmly. The sails carried a rippling breeze, and the stars shone through the night sky. It was so clear that Leo could barely make out the constellations. He sighed and looked at the silver light of the moon. It was full and a perfect night for star watching. Leo was so engrossed that he did not notice Elizabeth come up behind him and wrap a towel upon his back to keep him warm. She handed him a mug of coffee.

“Thank you,” he said turning back to the night sky. “Emilie always loved them.”

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth asked.

“The stars,” he answered. “She always loved them. My soul is troubled, Elizabeth,” he finally said. “Something horrible is happening to her. I can feel it.”


Emilie screamed as her body crashed against the wall. She felt the crack of bone and knew her spinal cord must have broken. Tears fell freely from her face mingled with sweat and ripped flesh. Every time the Simaril touched her, it burned and froze her skin for she could not hold onto it for more than a second. The jewel rested inches from her head. Morgan approached her.

“If you do not surrender and do our bidding, it will be worse for you.”

The only response she could give were two glaring eyes filled with tears. Emilie closed her eyes tightly again as the Simaril dropped into her hands. This time, she held onto it. Surprisingly it did not burn her but merely shocked her. She closed her hands around it feeling the heat of a summer’s day. The jewel began to shine with a radiant light, and enveloped the room. Elenya looked into the jewel, and the light spilled into her eyes. She held the jewel upward as she drunk its light. The power became intense until the dark lords shielded their eyes from the light. Emilie knew they could not touch it. They surprisingly had the power to move it and touch others with it but they could not control its power. Only she could, and now she was doing it. The light finally abated, and Elenya fell to her knees clutching the jewel to her breast, which now shined a dull emerald green. Morgan approached her and lifted her chin to his face. He ordered her to open her eyes, and she did so.

“She is ours,” he said.

Emilie’s eyes were a fiery red


Leo had been changing rapidly upon the journey to Valinor. Fletcher and Elizabeth taught him how to shoot well. He was becoming even more skilled than he already had been in America. He was also changing physically. Leo had grown taller, and his golden hair grew longer. The light of the stars appeared in his eyes though they shone much paler since Elenya was not by his side. Every day was a new experience. Every day he learned and remembered something new. He devoted all his time to fighting and reading about the ways of Middle Earth and all about the dark lords in hopes of defeating them. Legolas most of all remembered his times with Elenya and particularly the name he often so called her. Star of my heart. But no amount of change could have prepared him for what was to come.

“Leo we’re coming upon Valinor, but we must pass the gap! Hurry!” Fletcher yelled.

Leo rapidly followed Fletcher to the deck where Elizabeth had taken the wheel. She grimly faced the gap and Leo finally understood what separated Middle Earth from the rest of the world. All around them a dense fog clouded their eyes, rain fell in torrents, but Leo saw what lay before them. He cursed and looked at the never-ending waterfall before him.

“Secure the ropes!” cried Fletcher climbing up the mast.

Leo followed his orders already thinking they couldn’t cross the gap. He could barely even see what lay beyond the waterfall. The ship approached the end the proud white sails gleamed in the air for a moment nearly blinding them. The ship crossed the waterfall yet it did not fall. Fletcher hung at the top of the mast and yelled, “The Valar have granted us! We are floating on a surface of water!”

Leo clutched the hold of the ship tightly and dared to look over the side. He closed his eyes instantly seeing the deep black hole below him. Almost as soon as it began the rain stopped, the mist cleared, and they were upon the ocean again yet they were in a completely different world and time. The threesome saw before them the shore upon Valinor where they heard the clear ringing of bells and the beautiful voices of the elves. The great tower of Tol Eressia rose to greet them the sapphire jewel shining brilliantly in the light of the stars.

Author’s Note: Yes all! Finally no cliffhangers!


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