Elenya_Lives – Chapter Two

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“Thank you for bringing me here,” Emilie said. “I love picnics by the lake.”

“I know,” Leo smiled and looked at her.

Emilie sighed never thinking anything looked more perfect. Lake Superior was so massive that it nearly resembled the Sea. She heard it could cover all of North and South America in a foot of water if drained. A bright ray of sunlight peeked through the dense overhanging cloud. Emilie wondered if a storm was about to occur, but she shirked off the thought hoping that it would not. There were a few chinks within the cloud for the sun to filter through. The darkness increased for the fact that evening was drawing near, and it was the sunlight’s last beams were failing before they began to simply glow. The lake could never be more perfect as its calm silver waves rippled back and forth.

Emilie looked back toward the lake her shiny copper brown hair blowing in the cool breeze. She turned back to Leo realizing he was still staring at her. She smiled at him.

“What?” she asked.

“Everything. Everything’s perfect,” he said. “You look beautiful.”

She grinned even more. Emilie had picked out the white knee length sundress knowing it would be perfect for a lake picnic. The dress also brought out the dark color of her eyes even more and looked perfect with her dark hair. She missed looking into the mirror and seeing blue eyes since she had merely received them in Middle Earth, but green were no less beautiful to Leo. He softly brushed a hand across her cheek and moved to her chin. She tipped her head and kissed his hand lightly. Emilie smiled coyly at him. He turned his face away and looked back toward the lake.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“Of course not.” He paused then asked, “You want to go swimming?”

“Leo, I’m in a dress.”

“So?” he said. “We can go in our under clothes. That’s more than a lot of bathing suits today.”

“True,” Emilie said instantly thinking of all the girls who wore bikinis nowadays. She would never be caught dead in public wearing one of those scraps of clothing. She sun was hot and its rays shone down on both of them. She already noticed Leo had been sweating, and a fine layer of moisture was already forming on her brow.

“Ok,” Emilie finally agreed and stood up removing her dress.

Leo blushed, stood up as well, and took off his black shirt revealing his slender muscular chest. Leo removed the wallet and keys from his khaki shorts and took Emilie’s hand promptly. Before he spoke, Emilie took off running pulling him along with her into the water. Though most people would think Superior cold, August was the perfect time to come. The wind was perfect, the waves delightful, and the water was at perfect temperature. Since it was fresh water, there were no sharks or jellyfish to bother the couple. Leo and Emilie engaged in a game of splashing at first, which Leo promptly won. Emilie challenged him to a swimming contest at which she did win since Emilie was a fast swimmer.

By the time they were done, Leo and Emilie were exhausted, but they still stood within the water the waves of Lake Superior continuing to crash softly against them. Leo placed his hands around her waist surprising her for a minute. She was about to speak when he pulled her to him suddenly. Their bodies crushed together, and Emilie felt a surge of want and familiarity run through her. She looked up at Leo and touched his wet golden hair, which clung to his broad shoulders. She took his face in her hands touching him longingly. Little by little, she knew he was regaining his memory. The old Leo she knew would never have embraced her like he was now. Leo looked down at her and ran his fingers through her damp hair.

Emilie then felt a drop of rain pelt down on her face. She felt more and more begin to collide down. Emilie raised her arms to the sky and opened her mouth drinking the rain. Soon she noticed the waves rising higher and higher crashing aggressively against them.

“I remember a day when you lifted up your hands to the rain and sung,” he smiled remembering when it rained in Minas Tirith’s courtyard.

“I think we should probably go. If a storm’s coming, this is the most unsafe place to be,” she replied truthfully.

“Yes, I know,” Leo said.

“Come on.”

Massive drops of rain began to fall nearly tearing through Emilie’s bare skin as she hurriedly helped Leo pack up the blanket and other things they had taken with them. Leo had already put on his shirt and he prompted Emilie to change into her dry change of clothes in the car. They threw the items in the trunk and Emilie climbed into the back seat of the car as Leo turned the keys into the ignition. Emilie leaned forward and grabbed the bag of clothes she had packed. Before retreating to the back once again, she placed a gentle kiss on Leo’s cheek. He smiled at the thought. Leo glanced in the rearview mirror and saw her beginning to remove her underclothes from her body. He pressed it upward and turned his eyes back to the road giving Emilie the benefit of privacy. He reached onto the passenger side and threw her back a towel. She muttered a thank you and ripped off what was left of her wet underclothes. Emilie changed quickly into some dry clothes, a white top with straps that fell just below her shoulders and comfortable jeans.

She looked outside and seemed horrified by the rain as it fell in thick sheets and torrents. They were mingled with the resonations of hailstones, and Emilie hoped they wouldn’t break through the windshield. She soon began to wonder if they would be engulfed in water since they were close to Superior, and their hotel was on the island. The wind had suddenly picked up, and she was glad that Leo was a good driver. A bright flash of lightning cracked across the sky too close for comfort followed by a deafening crash of thunder. Leo pressed on the accelerator. The windshield wipers flipped back as he turned them up to the highest notch attempting to see through the mist and rain. Emilie wondered why he was driving so fast knowing they could easily spin out of control. She posed the question to him.

“You don’t always drive this fast,” she told him.

“Only when we’re being followed, luv,” he said.


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