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Fletcher rustled her golden hair for a few moments longer and kissed her brow. He did not realize as he departed, but there were tears in Elizabeth’s eyes. Fletcher made his way to the surface and saw Legolas before the helm.

“We are drawing near,” Legolas said without turning to the man.

The man sighed as he appeared in front of the elf. “You and your ***ed elvish hearing.”

Legolas chuckled and spoke a few simple words in elvish, which Fletcher understood. The man scowled.

“You are growing more elven each day, I see. You were Fingolfin as I remember,” Legolas grinned.

Legolas smiled seeing Fletcher’s dark hair had grown longer now draping down his shoulders. His ears were becoming more pointed as well. The elf did wonder how he grew to his elven state quicker however.

“Well, ah,” Fletcher changed the subject. “Legolas, we are no longer sailing upon the Sea.”

“No. The landmarks here are unfamiliar to me. It has greatly changed, but I believe we are sailing in the Bay of Forochel.”

“Quite possible. Perhaps our silver friend shall aid us. I see she lived through the battle.”

Legolas looked above the ship seeing the silver-winged Pegasus flying amidst the deep blue sky.

“Ahh yes, perhaps she will. Land is not far off. We will need her assistance then if we meet with the enemy.”

Legolas turned and saw Elizabeth out of the corner of his eye. She was wrapped in a blanket and carried a steaming mug in her hands.

“You should be below,” Fletcher objected.

“I heal quickly,” she reassured him. “I thought you would like some tea. Drink,” Elizabeth handed him the mug. “Would you care for some master elf?”

“No,” Legolas replied quickly remembering the stew she had made Aragorn before the Battle of Helms Deep.

Fletcher however quite enjoyed the tea, and Elizabeth was pleased. She turned her eyes to the Pegasus and held out her hand.

“Istel, come,” she called.

The Pegasus obeyed and flew down gently to meet Elizabeth flipping its mane and neighing softly. Elizabeth stroked the horse’s neck.

“You seem to know much about horses,” Gondolin noted joining the group.

“Thank you. She is a beauty,” Elizabeth whispered into the Pegasus’s ear.

She smiled as the creature nodded her head flipping her silver mane. Legolas kept his hand on the helm but watched the golden haired woman affectionately stroke the beautiful creature. He saw the happy gleam resting in Fletcher’s eye as well.

Elizabeth spoke. “I told her she was welcome on the ship, but her pride is to great, and she prefers the air.”

The Pegasus left the ship’s side and flew into the air hovering above the craft ensuring its protection. She was like a glimmer of light leading the way to a dark place.

“Fletcher,” Legolas spoke and motioned to the front of the ship.

Out of the fog appeared a desolate land of black waste. The crews happy spirits decreased as the ship neared the black shore. Legolas saw miles of brambles and dark mountainous hills, and not a tree in sight. They had arrived in the land of Angband.

“The Kraken failed!” the Necromancer declared venomously.

Morgoth glared and gripped his apprentice by the throat. “The Kraken was weak as are you.”

Sauron’s eyes gleamed a bright red as his form changed into a vampire. This was his only form from which he could escape from his master.

“Ahh yes, hide behind your magic skirt,” Morgoth released him. “They can do no harm to us. We are immortal.”

“But we could be returned to Mandos Halls in these cages of flesh.”

“Only the Valar can do such a thing, and we are more powerful than they with the Silmaril.”

“She could send us,” Sauron motioned to the girl with a crown upon her head filled with the Silmaril light.

“She is beyond that. She is beyond anything but to aid us. We will destroy them easily.”


Legolas deeply sighed as he stepped off the ship. He regained his balance since he had been sailing for a week or more. He was equipped now with two full quivers, his long and short bow, two win long knives, and flint, which might be useful. The company began their journey, and the Pegasus finally had landed and walked beside them. Her silver presence was a beacon of light in the desolate land that lay before them. Fletcher said they would reach Angband within a day or so if they were quick. And they needed speed.

One night, Gondolin tried to calm his brother’s nerves, but to no avail.

“You must sleep, my brother,” Gondolin told Legolas handing him a mug of tea.

“I cannot. A shadowed feeling has come upon me. The closer we draw to Angband, the more it grows. Elenya’s closing presence haunts me. She may be beyond all hope.”


“Angband,” Gondolin uttered.

“Much evil dwells here,” Gondolin spoke looking at the poisonous fumes rising from the deep chasms.

They had traveled from the shore for a day and met strangely with no resistance. When they grew tired, they rested, but the more Legolas drew to Angband the more his soul was troubled. Something drew near.

“Fletcher,” Elizabeth touched his arm. “I must speak with you.”

Legolas pointed to Angband’s entrance. “Look, orcs are pouring out of Angband.”

Fletcher told the others to get behind a large boulder to their left and cover themselves with the elvish cloaks they received in Valinor. They were still able to speak with each other however.

“What are they doing?” asked Gondolin.

“The Valar have waged war upon Morgoth and Sauron,” replied Fletcher.

“Orcs cannot battle the Valar,” Legolas objected nearly laughing.

“No but they can battle elves, and they will,” Fletcher explained. “We need a solution to enter Angband without being seen.”

“It has been rebuilt, Fletcher. Much evil now dwells here. It is more magnanimous than you believe,” said Elizabeth.

Angband’s monstrous claws reached out and created looming shadows. Legolas saw the black chasms where far beneath underground chambers rested where despicable torture was performed. Fires spilt from the gaping holes on each side. Evil was brewing

“The underground chambers I fear are still intact despite the fact it was supposed to be destroyed during the War of Wrath. It has many underground chambers and vaults far beneath the earth. Morgoth built the three highest peaks here with hollow channels and chimneys running down to the deep pits where he produced fiery vapors and poisonous clouds Some sorcery is involved in here. I know it,” Fletcher explained. “There must be a way to get inside.”

“But where must we go?” Gondolin asked. “To Underground or to the Tower?”

“My belief is they hold her in the tower,” answered Legolas. “But it will be well guarded.”

“I have a solution,” Gondolin smiled.

“Do share,” said Fletcher.

Suddenly, Gondolin disappeared. He was no longer by their side. Legolas seemed stunned by his brother’s action, but Fletcher smiled.
“Gondolin is a wood elf. He can cause himself to be invisible,” explained Fletcher.

“Can I not?” asked Legolas.

“You no longer remember,” said Gondolin close to his brother’s ear.
Legolas jumped back, and Gondolin continued. “I could try and teach you, and you may remember, but I do not think we have the time.”

“It seems darkness is our best ally,” said Elizabeth.

“The Pegasus cannot enter Angband, then,” Fletcher turned to the creature.

The Pegasus seemed to nod in response and stamped her foot pawing the ground. Elizabeth approached her and looked into the creature’s sapphire eyes. She gently stroked her neck.

“No longer can you travel with us. But you know where to go do you not?”

The creature’s eyes sparkled a `yes’ in reply to Elizabeth’s question.

“Then go. Return to us in our time of need.”

The Pegasus flipped its mane and neighed spreading its wings. Fletcher noted a tear trickle down Elizabeth’s cheek as the Pegasus disappeared into the air a simple white streak against the black sky.

“Do not fear, Elizabeth. She will return,” assured Fletcher.

“Aye, I know. Let us go.”


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