Elenya_Lives – A Crash

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It was the afternoon when they made it to the Twin Cities. Emilie parked the car and woke Leo up. He had been exhausted and slept the entire way. Emilie was glad, and she enjoyed watching him. He looked so beautiful and calm when he slept. As she slowed her car changing lanes for the exit, he opened his eyes.

“I’m hungry,” she told him.

He laughed. “Me too.”

Emilie and Leo left a couple of windows open for Dorian and walked into the quaint Italian restaurant. They sat down to dinner, and Leo felt odd that she would pay for the meal.

“I’ll repay you for this,” he told her. “I am going to take you to a romantic club by the beach. We are going to sit at a candlelit dinner and we’re going to eat delicious food, and we’re going to dance and then run along the beach barefoot.”

“Sounds perfect,” she smiled taking a bite of her chef salad.

Leo and Emilie ate the remains of their meal in silence. Emilie normally ordered dessert but failed to this time because she said they needed to reach home in time. It did not take long since it was the middle of the night, and there was not much traffic. Before reaching home, Emilie stopped at her sister’s house and asked them to take Dorian. She knew her sister had long been wising for a puppy ever since her baby had been born, but she and Emilie’s brother in law couldn’t afford one yet. Leo was surprised that Emilie gave up Dorian so easily.

“Leo, I want him to have a good home. They can take care of him more than I can, and we might need a hasty retreat. I just hope that maybe another one will come to me as easily as he did.”

Emilie’s house was five minutes away from her sister’s, and as she pulled up into the driveway, a sudden horror gripped her. The lights were all dark. She knew her parents were out of town, but they always left a light on to pretend that they weren’t. Emilie suddenly looked seeing a shadow in the front room move. She took Leo’s hand tightly as terror swelled inside her heart, and her eyes widened. Leo looked behind him and cursed under his breath.

“How did they?” he did not finish his sentence.

Before Emilie and Leo could even act, the Jaguar lunged for them at a speed-breaking pace. It crashed into the back side of the car, and Emilie and Leo blacked out as their heads met the dashboards.


Emilie was the first to wake up. She instantly wished she hadn’t as the pain from her excursion returned to haunt her. She touched her head and felt a bruise which was now black and blue. She had a few minor lacerations, but no serious damage was done despite the roaring migraine that afflicted her head. She turned to Leo and pulled him away from the dashboard. He groaned in protest stirring. She touched his head and felt a large bleeding gash at the top.

“Ow!” he shrieked.

Emilie quickly reached under her seat searching for something. She emerged holding a red and white first aid kit. Emilie took out some white gauze and bandages and a small bottle of alcohol. Emilie took a piece of gauze and dipped it in the alcohol.

“It might sting a little,” she warned Leo.

Emilie pressed it against his head. Leo did not even flinch, and she smiled. Emilie pressed a few small white bandages on his head and held them together with the medical tape. He took her hand and placed it against his cheek caressing it. Elenya looked towards her house in surprise. Her feeling of horror was gone, but she seemed puzzled. Were not the wraiths after her? Why were they inside her house? Why had they back ended her car? Emilie knew there was only one way to find out.

She promptly opened the door to her car seeing the whole back windshield shattered and the back end of the car a piece of crushed and twisted metal. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed.

“This is the least of my worries though.”

Emilie made her way up her driveway and slowly opened the door to her house. It was in exact order nothing had been disturbed. However, Emilie went to her room and discovered a book lying on the floor. Emilie was a perfectionist and never left a single thing upon her floor and especially never did when she left the house for more than a weekend. She picked up the book. It was her copy of the Simarillion. Her eyes widened gripped with horror as she flipped to the back discovering the very back page opened. Emilie shrieked.

“What is it?” Leo asked.

“It’s gone! The Jewel is gone!”

“What jewel?”

“The Silmarillion!”


“What do you mean?” Leo asked confused.

“It’s a long story. You remember when I told you that Agroth Morgoth’ servant abducted me? And that he had the Simarillion? He had recovered it?”

“I remember.”

“Well something the history books of Middle Earth don’t talk about in the tale of Beren and Luthien-“

He stopped her. “Who are they again?”

“Beren was a mortal man and Luthien was his immortal love and they went on a quest to retrieve a Silmaril from Morgoth’s crown. They got one thanks to Luthien who enchanted Morgoth, but his wolfhound caught up with them, Carcaroth. When Carcaroth the fell wolf of Morgoth bit off Beren’s hand, he bit off a piece of the Silmaril too. Agroth also had this. Carcaroth must have returned to Morgoth, and Morgoth must have given it to Agroth his servant before he was chained in the Halls of Mandos. Something I never told you was that I ventured into his other room and stole it from him. It was stupid I know. Morgoth is bound to the Silmaril just as Sauron was bound to the Ring. The Ring was destroyed but the entire Silmaril was not. With it, Morgoth can do whatever he wishes. But he could never have escaped Mandos, which makes me think that Morgoth has been reborn in this world as well as the Nazgul, and they now serve him. It’s confusing I know. I’ll go over it more later. But with the Silmaril, Morgoth can reborn as many things as he wants now. He could bring balrogs and uruks into the modern day world, Leo.”

“I’m guessing that is not a good thing,” Leo said.

“Right. The one thing Morgoth doesn’t know is that it can only be handled by a true elf pure of heart otherwise whoever that is not will touch it and his hand shall burn and sear instantly.”

“Emilie!” Leo said to her at once. “We’ve got to get away from here then!”


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