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“He can do us no harm.”

“You are the foolish one to think that. We shall wait. My patience is not finite, and I hope yours is not too.”

Legolas found Fletcher soon enough. He was gathering wood to build a fire and sent Elizabeth to find a good campsite. Legolas assisted Fletcher.

“Can the boat be repaired my friend?” Legolas asked.

“There it lies,” Fletcher pointed to the small white ship upon the sandbar. “She is not bad. A few leaks and minor areas. We shall have her ready in a week if we work hard and long.”

Legolas sighed. “Well I am glad though it may require more of my patience. Where is Gondolin?”

“Oh he is with Elizabeth. I could not very well send her alone though she begged me to. Very independent girl, incredibly loyal. Gondolin is a good man as well, Legolas. You are fortunate to have him as a brother. He admires you so he told me. You were the brave one he called you. Now he wishes to make up all the trouble ha caused you.”

“If I had never joined the Fellowship, I would not have met Elenya. I am glad things turned the way they did between us except for the situation now.”

“Well my friend. I will aid you in any way I can. But you must stay out of my way. The dark lords are not the only ones who wish for revenge.”


“I wounded Morgoth seven times in battle yet I was too weak. He killed me, and I shall not make that mistake again.”

“Do not thirst for blood Fletcher. Revenge leads to hate, and you must not be consumed by it.”

“You are wise Legolas. So we each have our reasons. You for Elenya, Elizabeth for the Nazgul, I for Morgoth, and Gondolin for Sauron. We each match someone.”

“But why does Gondolin have a need to match Sauron? Why would he wish it?”

Fletcher sighed. “You do not remember do you?”


“Your brother was wounded by the Mouth of Sauron during the last battle. He was also a great friend of Frodo Baggins whom you knew as well.”

“I did. I defended him and pledged my life,” replied the elf.

“And your bow,” Fletcher smiled. “We shall need that skill as well. Your brother may be open and friendly, but inside him a fire rages on. His fire is like your own. It is to save himself and release his anger.”

Legolas held his head down. “I am ashamed. I am angry. You are right, Fletcher. I want her back so much that I am angry.”

“You have right to be. They took her yet she has given into them. You must be prepared Legolas for whatever comes ahead. You may find that your Elenya does not love you anymore.”

“I refuse to believe that. Elenya is strong. Even if she has surrendered because of torture or sorcery, her love is still true. It is more powerful than anything. And mine is as well. Love is greater than anything. And Elenya knows this.”

“I hope you’re right, Legolas. I hope you are right.”

They worked long and hard upon the boat, and Kali even helped as well. Legolas soon realized his brother was diligent and strong. Though they were similar in appearance, Legolas had never built much of anything other than a wooden bow. His brother however was a shipbuilder and was of much use. Elizabeth was a hard worker too. Normally however, she took the duty of the lookout during the night. They stayed near the beach since it offered the most protection.

It was the fourth day, and Fletcher said they were nearly ready. Their food supply, however, was diminished.

“Legolas, would you be willing to go and search for food? You know the woods well, and your eyes are keen. Your bow is also useful since the trees are high.”

“And if I lose my way?”

“I shall send Kali with you. She is light and able to climb the trees easily enough,” Fletcher answered.

“I will go with Elizabeth or Gondolin,” Legolas answered, and Kali looked surprised and disappointed.

“I need your brothers help in loading up a few more things. Elizabeth needs to inspect the helm. I have no use for Kali other than to go with you.”

Legolas sighed. “Oh very well. Be quick, Kali,” he told her.

“I am at your service, Prince,” she said curtsying.

Legolas turned for the woods, and Kali followed after him at a quick pace. The elf quickened his pace hoping to lose the young girl, and she would return to the ship. However, Kali’s footsteps were as light as his, and she kept up with his pace easily enough. She also recognized what he was doing and soon confronted him.

“My dear Legolas, whatever are you doing this for?” she stepped in front of him.

Legolas turned swinging from a branch over a log upon the ground. Kali jumped over the log with ease and asked him the question again.

When he did not answer, she continued, “I see. You dislike me,” her voice sounded pathetic.

“You are wrong,” he snapped. “I do not dislike you. I dislike your actions.”

“My actions?”

“Do not pretend, Kali,” he stopped and faced her. “I belong to another, and you cannot turn me away.”

“Why are you saying all this then?” the corner of her lips curved into a smile. “Tis because you are surrendering to me. For you are forsaking your old love.”

“You are wrong!” he denied.

“Then why are you intimidated by me? I am doing nothing but merely trying to win your love. Come, Legolas. Her beauty cannot possibly match my own. She has forgotten you now, Legolas. She remains with Morgoth and Sauron and is their instrument now. You can do nothing to stop them. Come away with me, and I shall make you forget all your troubles.”

Legolas looked into her eyes in disbelief, and then realized how foolish he had been. Her eyes were different colors; green and blue. The elf instantly took out his knife and pointed it at her throat nearly drawing blood.

“Legolas!” she thrashed. “What are you doing, my prince?”

“I am not your prince, and you are not what you seem.”

Her eyes flickered, and he saw the reflection of fire in them. Kali’s form began to change. Legolas’s eyes began to rise as she grew taller and her skin color changed. Within moments, a shape shifter stood before him. It resembled a Uruk after it had been birthed its color blue. Legolas drew his bow, but the skin changer quickly drew a dark blue sword and swung it at the elf. Legolas rolled upon the ground ducking behind the skin changer and plunged his knife into the shape shifter’s side. A screeching cry was heard, and Legolas suddenly felt claws scraping his face. He leapt back touching his face, and the shape shifter held up a blue hand with long black claws.

“Scratch your face, pretty elf did I?” the shape shifter gave out a raucous laugh.

Legolas enraged leapt for the changer, but suffered the pain of not being quick enough. The sword slashed against his thigh tearing the flesh open. Legolas leapt back to gather his strength. The shape shifter bore an evil gleam within its eye, and sheer hate drove the changer on. The shape shifter was over confident and leapt too quickly. Legolas plunged his dagger into the creature’s chest. He felt the creature’s claws digging into his back, but he continued stabbing until he saw the shifters blood trickling to the ground. Legolas stabbed its chest once again and pushed it away. The shape shifter fell to the ground as it screeched changing into many different forms before it finally died.

Legolas turned away and stumbled through the forest gripping his bleeding face. He tore the cloth of his tunic and wrapped it around the gash in his thigh. It was not deep fortunately and would heal in a short time. He pushed away tree branches and moved aside the bushes blocking his path. Then he realized something.

“I am lost,” he grumbled.

“You are only lost if you give up,” a voice barely above a whisper spoke in his ear.

Legolas turned around, but saw no one. The only thing he could see were the growing trees and their golden leaves from which the sunlight spilled through.

“Follow me,” the whispering voice said again.

Legolas felt a gentle breeze pushing him in the direction to the left away from the Sea. The wind blew through the trees rustling the leaves until it fixed itself upon a great tree blocking the elf’s way. Legolas moved aside the bushes and branches blocking the path and discovered one of the fairest sights in all of Middle Earth.

He walked to the grassy hillside and gazed at the flowing crystal waterfall that spilled into a deep lake filled with white lilies, which fell from the blossoming trees. He knew he would take Elenya here. It was the perfect place nearly like paradise.

Suddenly, Legolas sensed something, though he knew it was not evil. He turned, and his eyes met the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He had ever heard of these beautiful creatures, but they were always talked of in myths. It was like a horse yet it was pure white with a mane and tail of silver. It also bore beautiful silver wings like an eagle. The Pegasus sapphire eyes sparkled at him like beautiful jewels. She flicked her tail and strode proudly to the elf. He slowly held out his hand as the beauty neared him. He gently stroked the creature’s chest, and a wide grin spread across his mouth.

“Have you come to give me hope, beauty?” he asked the Pegasus.

As if understanding his words, the Pegasus flipped her mane and neighed while pawing the ground. She spread her wings and turned as if motioning the elf to climb upon her. Legolas slowly mounted onto her back and held onto her mane as she ascended powerfully but gracefully into the air.

They left the forest and climbed ever higher until the elf found himself in the clouds. The only thing he could see beneath him was the crystal Sea. The elf’s golden hair waved in the wind behind him as the Pegasus soared above the sky taking him with her. She had great strength and seemed she would never tire even when the evening came and stars appeared.

Finally she landed upon a Cliffside overlooking the Sea. The stars shone above, and there were so many Legolas could not even make out the constellations. The moon bathed the Pegasus with a crystal light making her appear even more exquisite, and Legolas only wished for Elenya’s presence. He could see the small white ship upon the beach and the lit fire where Fletcher and the others had camped. Legolas looked at the Pegasus laying beside him.

“Will you help me?” he asked touching her soft wing.

The Pegasus lifted up her head her sapphire eyes shining through the darkness. She flicked her mane, and he could nearly hear her precious voice speaking `yes’. Legolas stroked the beauty’s head. He soon drifted off to slumber land knowing the beauty would protect him until morning.


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