Elenya Lives – They escape for the moment, but upon learning who is chasing them, they know they will never escape…

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“You don’t always drive this fast,” she told him.

“Only when we’re being followed, luv,” he said.


She looked behind her and saw what he meant. A black Jaguar cruised behind them drawing closer. Emilie wondered if they could make it in the small silver Passat. It was a fast car when it wanted to be, and Emilie hoped it wanted to be now. Leo continued to press on the gas, and Emilie placed her feet against the bottom bracing herself for any accident as the rain continued to pour down. She saw the Jaguar coming closer. Emilie tried seeing who was in it, but the windows were darkly tinted, and it was impossible. They came to an intersection, and Leo slammed on the brakes as a station wagon appeared out of nowhere. The Jaguar had reached their tail now and gave them a gentle bump. Emilie lurched forward getting the point.

“They want us to get out!” she told Leo.

“Yeah Emilie, so they can rob and kill me, and rape you!” he yelled at her in frustration as his foot met the accelerator again. “I am sorry,” he apologized taking one hand off of the wheel and rustled her hair. She took his hand and placed it back on the wheel.

“Keep driving. Maybe there’s a way to get away from these jerks.”

Leo knew the un-safest place was to go back to the hotel. He then thought of a place where they could hide. He was unsure of going to the authorities ever since Emilie’s dreams had occurred. She was having many of them recently, and they all involved dark beings chasing the two of them attempting to split them apart. It always ended with Emilie awakening in the middle of the night perspiration running down her forehead and the girl driving to Leo’s house for comfort.

Leo pressed on the gas hard as the car sped up to ninety. Emilie had never been in a car, which drove so fast especially in rain. She saw the Jaguar disappearing behind them and hoped they had escaped though the thought was instantly abandoned as she saw them increasing their speed catching up once again.

“Brace yourself,” Leo told her.

“What!” Emilie shouted.

Leo swerved sharp and quickly and the car sped into the forest landing in a ditch. Leo moved the wheels, but in vain as he realized they were sunk within the mud. Leo took the keys from the ignition and grabbed Emilie’s hand pulling her out of the car as they saw the Jaguar stopping beside the road near the forest. Instantly, Emilie felt a wave of familiarity course through her as the car doors opened. Five dark men emerged from the car. Their long black coats, gloves, and dark hats sent shivers through her spine. Though it was even cloudy and dark outside, they still wore shades which made her believe instantly that they could most likely see better in the dark than she did.

Leo took her hand and pulled her into the shelter of the woods. They ran without stopping.

“Bright idea!” Emilie shouted above the rain her fiery streak taking over.

“Just keep running,” he ordered.

Emilie looked behind her and saw the five black men checking out the car. They looked within the forest and saw the pair running away. Emilie turned her head back to Leo as they ran as fast as they possibly could. She wondered where it was Leo was leading them. She then realized as it came into view. She was standing on top of it as a matter of fact, and if those imbeciles chasing them were without sense, they could not find the cave on which they were standing on. Leo swung from a tree branch onto the ground and Emilie did the same. They made their way into the cave and did not stop until they had reached the back of it nestled safely against the ground floor. Emilie shivered in cold, and Leo took off his jacket and gave it to her covering her bare shoulders. Emilie managed a smile but then felt something hard within one of the pockets. She took it out and gasped realizing it was a gun. Leo took it from her immediately.

“What are you doing with that?” she asked in amazement.

“Protection,” he answered. “After you had those dreams, I began having the same ones. I knew in case of emergency I would need it. Now be quiet. I think I hear those fools on top of us.”

Emilie heard loud footsteps atop her. They echoed throughout the cave as she heard their pacing and prayed to God they wouldn’t find their hiding spot. She then heard their voices. They were deep and hiss-like hardly human as they spoke. But Emilie knew instantly who they were recognizing their foul stench and their harsh unbending voices. A coursing pain vibrated through her, and Leo knelt down and brought her to him holding her tightly. He placed his cheek against hers and felt her cold salty tears flow down. She shook with fear, and he wished there was some way to calm her.

Finally the echoes ceased. Emilie heard nothing and her last shred of hope glimmered and shined like a star when she realized they were gone. Leo brought her face up to look at his.

“They are gone,” he told her.

“They shan’t be for long. They will still be looking for us,” she told him.

“We’ll go back to our hotel in the morning get all of our stuff and leave. I am sorry Emilie. I am sorry for all of this. It is all ruined.”

“It is not your fault. And besides even if we go back home, they will still follow us.”

“Emilie, you seem to know these guys. Who are they?”

Emilie turned her face away, but Leo lifted her chin to his face.

“Em? Who are they?” he asked looking deeply into her eyes.

She sighed heavily and said, “They are Ringwraiths.”


“Ringwraiths! That’s impossible!” Leo shouted in defiance.

“It’s time you accept it Leo. You are Legolas. You know that. And I am Elenya. You went on a journey with the Fellowship and dealt with these guys. They can’t be killed save at least by one,” she thought of Eowyn.

“But why are they after us?” he asked her.

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. They’re gone now, but they will be back.”

He rubbed his eyes. “Em, this is a lot to take in.”

“Sleep on it. You’re remembering more and more. Keep trying Leo. Please for me.”

“I will. But if we can’t escape them, what do we do?”

“Just keep running until they catch us,” she said softly. “or until Eowyn is reborn into this world and can take them out for us.”

“I didn’t want to hear that,” he frowned. “Wait, you said the leadero f the Nazgul the Witch King could be killed by no man. Emilie, you are not a man.”

“That’s true, but-“

“Emilie,” he interrupted, “if you can kill them, I’d like to take a chance.”

“I don’t know if I can, Leo. I wasn’t as trained as Eowyn. And you forget I’ve been living in America and the first time I found you in Middle Earth was a dream. I was sent to protect you by the Valar in a dream. My fighting skills I learned in a dream. I cannot defeat them.”

He took her hands in his. “Let’s just not think about it now. When this is over, I promise to take you to the most beautiful spot in the entire world.”

With that Leo kissed her lips gently and lay his head down on the cold ground below. Emilie nestled up against him her head resting on his chest. He rustled her hair affectionately and breathed in its scent deeply. Slowly, they each drifted off to sleep….


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