Elenya & Legolas: The Legacy Continues – A Dragon’s Tale: Prologue

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The day Elenya had waited for so long had arrived. The stars shone like sparkles of silver fire in the early evening sky. Not a cloud had dared to show itself on this night. Silver candles were lit across the soft hewn grass to cast a firelight glow upon the bride and groom. They would hand in hand walk down the white silk laid for them. Flowers would be thrown, and prayers and blessings would be said to keep the bride and groom safe and their marriage happy throughout their lives.

The bride was adorned in a white dress decorated with lace and speckles of silver. Her dark copper hair was braided and curled interweaved with flowers, and upon her head sat a circlet of golden shining flowers. In her hands, she carried a bouquet of fresh lilacs, niphredil, and elanor. Her face shone with an ethereal light, which could only be explained by her utter happiness that this day had finally come. The groom did not look bad either, and so she had thought when she snuck into his room to admire his wedding garb.

He was dressed in a royal blue tunic embroidered with silver. He wore a forest green cloak reminding him of his heritage fixed with an elven leaf brooch. His golden hair was partially braided for the occasion, but mostly left flowing due to the request of his wife to be. On his head was the silver circlet he had worn the day of Aragorn’s Coronation. This would most likely be the last time in his life he wore this particular circlet since it was a sign of an exceptionally singular occasion.

Elenya smiled at herself as she looked into the mirror. She grinned even more when Galadriel kissed her forehead informing her of her utter beauty. She lifted the girl’s chin.

“This day is an important day for you. You shall not only become a wife, but a partner a soul mate to a wonderful man who loves you with all of his heart.”

“And I couldn’t be happier!” Elenya simple exclaimed.

“Legolas will love your smile,” Galadriel told her.

“It seems like we’ve waited forever, and now it’s here finally here. We’ll just have to have another one in America. Gimli won’t be the best man, though,” Elenya laughed. “I can’t imagine him in a tux.”

“It is almost time. Are you ready?”

Elenya took in a deep breath and nodded happily. Thranduil took Elenya’s hand, smiled, and led her toward the pavilion where the ceremony would take place.


Legolas turned to his old friend Gimli and smiled.

“This is the day, my friend.”

“You two have finally decided to stop your adventures for once and grow up, eh?” Gimli asked.

“Oh, our adventures shall continue, Gimli. They shall be just as grand.”

Gimli rolled his dwarvish eyebrows, “I’m sure they will. But you can clean all the diapers you wish. I will stick to cleaning my axes.”

“You mean you are not going to aid me?”

When Gimli grunted in reply, Legolas laughed and punched his shoulder amicably. “Don’t worry my friend. Elenya and I want some years to ourselves, to travel the world and spend time together. Then the little ones will come.”

“Well, Legolas, are we going to stand here until those little ones do, or are you ready to see your bride?”

“I am ready, Gimli. If you could give me a moment, please…”

Gimli nodded gruffly and left the groom’s tent. Legolas retrieved the trinket from his cloak he had been saving for the wedding night. He had toiled many weeks in making it. The ring was silver and gold intertwined and laden with tiny sapphires. It was the wedding gift he had made for Elenya and hoped she would love it.

Suddenly, the ring left Legolas hands and floated into the air above him. He turned and widened his eyes as the ring found its way onto the finger of a woman. She bore a beautiful presence and shined with a heavenly blue light. She was clothed in a royal gleaming blue, and her fiery red curls waved in the wind behind her. She smiled at the ring for a moment and then held up a hand to the elf. Despite her beauty, Legolas sensed an evil air about her.

“Greetings, Prince Legolas of the Woodland Realm.”

“Who are you? What do you want?” he asked in a nervous tone.

“Do not be frightened,” her words were sweet and a pleasant fragrance filled the room, but behind the curtain lay a dangerous poison. “It is time, my dear Legolas. It is time to go.”

“Yes, I know. So if you would carefully step aside and allow me to walk down the carpet with my bride.”

She smiled again as if enjoying the mystery. “My dear Legolas, it is time to come with me.”

His eyes narrowed warranting menace. “I am sorry to take you away from your wedding Legolas, but when you accompany me, you shall see the meaning in the end.”

“And what makes you think I will accompany you?”

“Because you will have no choice.”


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