Elendili (the elf friend) – Ch 1

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Halwyn crouched behind a screen of bushes. Her dark brown eyes glanced about her as she heard the sounds of someone moving through the thicket nearby. Her breathing was shallow, and her eyes wide with fear. She couldn’t stay where she was for very long, the orcs would find her! But if she ran, they would see her and chase her. She cursed silently as she glanced down at her leg. Sticking in the calf of her right leg was an arrow, or at least what was left after she had broken off the shaft. She heard the harsh cries of the orcs as they searched for her. Her hand began to shake, and her already plae face went even whiter as an orc walked past her hiding spot. Halwyn took a deep breath calming herself. She knew what she had to do. Flipping her long chesnut colored hair over her shoulders, she stood, and began to run away from where the orcs were gathered.
“There she goes!” an orc yelled, seeing her flee, “After her boys!”
Ten orcs immediately began the chase. Halwyn hiked up her simple gray dress, until it’s hem came to her knees, and ran keeping as much weight off her right leg as was possible. She chanced a glance back behind her, and sure enough the orcs were gaining on her. They had split up, two going to the right, two going to the left, and the other six staying in the center.
Halwyn’s left foot hit a root and she stumbeled foward, but did not fall. Straightening up, she continued to run. She glanced about as she noticed the trees getting thicker. She was heading deeper and deeper into the forest. Good, she thought, I can lost the orcs among the trees. She turned off to her left and bent low, hoping the orcs would not see her as easily as before. Suddenly, a burning stab of pain shot though her sshoulder. twisting to see her back as she ran, she noticed in horror, thart an arrow was sticking from her uper arm. She stumbeled again and fell to the forest floor. Halwyn tried to get up, but could not, for the pain in her arm and leg was to great. Grabbing her knees, Halwyn curled up into a small shape and waited for the orcs to come. As she lay on the ground, she heard the orcs yelling to her.
“Ya think you’ve escaped, do ya? well you’re wrong!” one deep voice snarled.
Another continued where the first had left off, “Aye, we ain’t following ya, becuase we know what’s in the wood.”
Laughter came from all orcs and the first orc to speak again called to her, “Have fun playing with the spiders!” The echo of the orcs laughter died away, and the forest was silent. Halwyn’s heat beat faster and faster. Many times while sitting at the table with her borthers, she had heard of the giant spiders in the forest. Halwyn had always assumed that her borthers were teasing her, but still she had promised her self never to go into the forest of Mirkwood alone.
A leaf fell from the tree overhead and dropped onto her face. Halwyn stared up into the tree trying to see what was up there. Light was fading from the forest and Halwyn could not see what moved among the trees. Suddenly she saw eyes blink. Not the eyes of a human, nor even the eyes of an animal, but rather four pairs of eyes.
Halwyn sat up in fear as the giant spider lowered itself from a tree about twenty feet in front of Halwyn. Halwyn’s mouth opened as she tried to scream, but no sound came forth. She began to crawl backwards, her eyes never leaving the monstrous spider. With every inch that she moved backwards, the spider moved two inches forward. It was close now, so close that Halwyn could smell it.
The spider smelled of dirt and death. It reached one of it’s legs out experimentally towards Halwyn. She jerked backwards and screamed loudly. The spider began to circle the girl and began to move closer. A whirring sound echoed close by Halwyn’s head and the spider fell flat. Three arrows hit into the spiders body, next to the knife that had been thrown, until the spider’s body stopped twitching. A shadow separated itself from the trees and moved towards Halwyn. Halwyyyn opened her mouth to scream again as the figure approached her.
“Shhh!” a quiet voice whispered. Halwyn tried to see who this new person was but the events of the day had set in. She felt her muscles giving way, and she fell backwards onto the forest floor. The firgure stood over her for a moment looking at her, then the voice spoke again, “Yes, sleep.”


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