Elen sila lumenn omentilmo- A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting. – Part two

by Mar 13, 2003Stories

Aara awoke in her large comfortable bed. She smiled to herself remembering where she was and remembering her friend, Aarien, whom she had met the day before. Suddenly she heard a faint knock on the door.

”Just a minute.” Aara exclaimed, hurriedly pulling on one of her many exquisite dresses. She quickly combed her knotted hair then swung open the huge wooden door. Aarien was standing outside.

”Come. I want you to meet someone.” Aarien insisted dragging Aara out of the room and outside, into the garden. They silently walked through the trees.

”Where are we going?” inquired Aara. Saying nothing, Aarien carried on walking. Suddenly they entered a clearing in the trees and Aara gasped with astonishment. The clearing they had come into was more beautiful than the gleaming stars on a perfectly clear night. In the centre, surrounded by many blooming flowers, was a wonderful fountain. An eleven man was sitting on the edge of the fountain and looking into the glittering water. He ran his hand through the water and ripples followed his hand. The elf suddenly looked up, hearing their footsteps behind him.

”This is my brother, Legolas Prince of Mirkwood.” Aarien announced. Aara smiled at Legolas. She was puzzled when she noticed that the Prince was staring at her, as though he was under an enchantment. Aarien suddenly jumped.

”I must go back. I have to find father.” And with that Aarien turned and rushed back through the trees. Aara stood still nervously.

” What is your name my lady? Little do I see an elf of such beauty in Mirkwood.” Asked Legolas.

”My name is Aara.”

”Would you care to walk with me so I may find out more about you , fair elf?”

”Please,’ she answered,”Call me Aara.”

They gracefully walked around the lovely gardens. Whenever their eyes met, it felt as if a longing inside was reaching out to touch. When Legolas asked where Aara came from she was silent and said could she be excused. But before Aara could do anything the Prince took hold of her hand and inquired “Did I offend you? I am sorry.”

Aara ignored him, shook his hand off and, panicking, nearly in tears fled to her room. Once Aara had returned to her room, she collapsed on the bed. She felt ashamed about running away and hiding from the truth. She decided that it should not be a secret. She would write a letter to Legolas and give it to Aarien. Aara trusted Aarien since they had become close, she would understand. Aara knew that she would have to leave. She had left her own people and run away from her life and her family. The letter was written, given and received. Aara had also written that she was going to leave that night, at midnight.


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