Elen sila lumenn omentilmo- A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting. – Part three

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Aarien unwillingly gave Aara’s letter to her brother. She had tried to persuade her friend to stay in Mirkwood but Aara seemed ashamed that she had run away. Aara was determined and her mind was set. She did not belong in Mirkwood, and she knew it. Aarien was broken-hearted. Aara was her greatest friend and she did not want her to leave. Aara was distraught, but she thought that no-body would want to know her if they knew that she had run away from her life. She was wrong. Aarien wanted to know her. Legolas wanted to know her. When he read the letter from Aara he felt her pain. She so wanted to stay, but she just did not believe that anyone wanted her here. Legolas would not let Aara leave.

It was almost midnight. Aara was wearing a pale blue silk dress and her dark hair was braided. She wore her delicate crystal necklace, which was shining brighter than the stars. Aara walked silently out into the night and she felt a solitary tear trickle silently down her cheek. Taking Nathramdil, Aara lead her horse through the tress. She was going to head back to Rivendell. No one wanted her here. She did not belong here. Suddenly Aara heard a footstep behind her. Swiftly spinning round she started to say, ”Aarien, I have to…..” She stopped in mid-sentence. Legolas was standing there. Aara did not expect the Prince to have followed her. She did not expect him to even do anything about her leaving.

”You are from Rivendell?” Legolas asked.

”Yes” Aara replied shamefully. And to her surprise Legolas said ”Then the elves from Rivendell must be far more beautiful than here.” Aara smiled and blushed, feeling relieved. Legolas took hold of her hand and pulled her closer towards him.

”Do not leave or I will fade away. You must not go, it is not right.”

”I must go Legolas. I do not belong here. No one wants me here.” Aara whispered. Tears now streaming down her face.

”That is not true,” Legolas insisted, ”Aarien wants you here. I want you here, I need you here. Don’t go.”

Aara didn’t know what to say. Legolas pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her back. She could feel his sweet breath as his soft, gentle hands stroked her cheek. ”I love you” he whispered. He placed his lips on hers and gently kissed her. Aara was surprised. She pulled away from Legolas.

”I am sorry Aara, please forgive me.”
She turned and ran all the way back to her room. Aara fell down on the bed and layed there silently for a while. Someone did want her. She wanted him to. What would she do?

Aara awoke and looked out of the window. She took one look at the beauty of her surroundings in the morning light, and immediately knew inside her she wanted to stay. Quickly getting dressed, Aara thought about the night before. Legolas had kissed her. She had mixed feelings for him. In some ways she was angry with him for having kissed her but mostly she felt wanted and loved. Aara had never felt like this before, her father never had time for his daughter and her mother had sadly died when Aara was only small. She had never really been loved.

Aara met Aarien outside and they slowly walked among the trees. ”What happened last night? I thought Legolas would persuade you to stay!” Said Aarien. Aara smiled to her self. ”What happened is none of your business and however many times you ask me, I will not tell you!” She laughed. Aarien was just glad that her friend was staying in Mirkwood with her.

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining as bright as the first daffodil in Spring. As the companions gazed up into the sky Aara realised how lucky she was. ”I will never leave you Aara,” Aarien said, ”I will stay by your side as long as Middle Earth exists.”


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