Elen sila lumen omentilmo- A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting. – Part one

by Mar 11, 2003Stories

Aara walked slowly around the lovely gardens of Rivendell taking in the peacefulness and tranquillity. She was soon to leave Rivendell, though no-one knew of this. She was thirsty for adventure and sick and tired of being treated like she was a precious jewel that could not be worn. She was never allowed to fight or help in any of the battles. Her father was one of the most important elves and never allowed her to do anything.

Aara was extremely beautiful. She had dark, flowing hair and striking brown eyes. She was admired by many of the male elves but Aara never loved any of them. They were all too arrogant and only cared about her looks.

Tonight Aara would escape from Rivendell, as beautiful as it was, she needed adventure and freedom.

Carefully packed and dressed, Aara was ready to go. She did not yet know where she was heading but she was sure she would find out soon enough. Silently Aara crept out of her room and out into the garden. She found her loyal horse, Nathramdil, waiting for her outside.

”I’m scared” Aara admitted whispering to her horse. Nathramdil nuzzled her encouragingly. She was glad of company along her journey. Aara was very tired and soon fell asleep while Nathramdil carried on galloping in any direction he chose.

When Aara awoke she found herself bathed in sunlight. She gazed around at her surroundings. She was in a beautiful place, much like Rivendell. Suddenly she saw a beautiful lady walking in the distance. The strange elf walked slowly over to Aara and Aara stepped down from Nathramdil. The elf was stunning and had a warm, sweet radiance surrounded her. Her long, golden hair fell loose about her bare shoulders and her eyes were a lovely deep shade of blue. She looked about Aara’s age, although elves do not age. The beautiful elf was wearing a gorgeous blue dress, which brought out her eyes.

”Elen sila lumenn omentilmo, a star shall shine on the hour of our meeting.”

Aara smiled and replied ”May I ask who you are?”

”My name is Aarien, I am princess of Mirkwood.”

”Is this Mirkwood? It is heavenly.” Said Aara.

”Come, I’ll show you around.” Exclaimed Aarien excitedly.

Aara liked Aarien. They became friends, no doubt about it. Aara learned from her that she was welcome to stay if she so wanted. Aara very much liked the sound of Mirkwood and she also liked being in the presence of the princess. Aarien gave Aara a room and told her that the maid would bring her clothes and food. Aara thanked her and reluctantly parted. The maid brought her a lovely silver dress to wear and she slipped into it. She glanced in the mirror and was amazed at how beautiful she looked. Aara combed her long, silky hair and braided a few plaits into it. She looked exquisite. A real princess.


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