Elen en’ mela- Star of Love. – Part two…

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Kala’s eyes fluttered open. Rays of warm golden sunlight were streaming upon her face. Kala looked up into the sky; she could see patches of blue through the many leaves of blossoming trees.

”Trees?” she thought aloud.

Kala sat bolt upright and stared around at her surroundings. She was in a clearing, surrounded by trees as far as she could see. Suddenly Kala heard a groan from beside her. Lia was lying next to her with her head in her arms.

”Lia, Lia! Wake up.” Kala shouted nudging her friend.

”Where are we? I thought I was staying over at yours? What are these trees doing in your room?” Mumbled Lia, rubbing her eyes and staring around.

Kala ignored her friend and instead looked down at her clothes. The night before she had been wearing her short pink pyjamas, now, she was clothed in an exquisite gown of a lovely shade of lavender. A shining jewel rested upon her neck. Her fair hair had a few tiny plaits braided in it and it fell past her shoulders. Her pale blue eyes were dazzling in the morning sunlight and were almost as beautiful as her wide smile. Kala held her breath as she reached her hand up to her ears. She felt the pointed tip and gasped, she was an elf! An elf in Middle Earth!

Lia’s dress looked like pure silk; it was a shimmering cream colour. Her dark silky hair fell about her shoulders but her dark eyes were confused and she wasn’t smiling.

”Kala, what…what…where are we? I don’t understand.” She asked worriedly.

Kala smiled encouragingly hugged her friend. ”I don’t know exactly where abouts we are, but I have a feeling that we are somewhere in Middle Earth. Don’t worry, I’m sure we will be ok.”

”What?! What if we get stabbed by some ugly Orc or we fall down a cliff or an evil wizard guy zaps us with his stick!” Cried Lia desperately, gasping for breath.

”Calm down, don’t worry. I’ll think of something.” Replied Kala calmly.

The girls started walking slowly through the trees. Lia was trembling. But Kala couldn’t have been happier. She was finally in Middle Earth, after years of dreaming and wishing. She thought that they must have fallen into one of the stories that she was reading. The only problem was she just couldn’t remember which one.

”Please don’t let it be one with Legolas in it, please please please.” Begged Kala without thinking.

”What?” asked her friend. ”Oh I quite like Legolas! He has a fit body!” laughed Lia, finally calming down.

Suddenly both of the girls turned round hearing a twig snap. A tall figure was standing next to a huge oak tree; his face was covered by the hood of his dark green cloak. Lia gripped hard onto her friends arm.

”Thank you for that compliment milady.” The stranger replied with a cheerful laugh. He removed his hood to reveal long blonde hair. Kala groaned with disappointment and whispered to her friend.

”Why did it have to be Legolas, of all the fit guys in Middle Earth?” She complained in a soft voice.

Lia giggled, stepped forward and confidently held out her hand.

”I’m Lia.” She introduced.
”I see, and who is this grumpy one?” Chuckled Legolas, looking towards Kala.

”Oh, that’s Kala. I don’t think she likes you.” Lia replied in a hushed tone.

Kala glared at her friend, but Lia just giggled.

Legolas responded by giving a nod and a slight smile. ”Well, it is a pleasure to meet both of you, even if one doesn’t seem to be interested! Are you heading anywhere?”

Kala replied ”No, but we don’t really know where we are. Are we in Mirkwood, Rivendell or Lorien?”

”Oh, so she does speak!” grinned Legolas.

Kala scowled and grabbed her friend’s wrist. ”Cummon Lia, we can find our own way.”

`’But, we don’t even know where we are! And we will just get lost. I don’t want to get killed by an ugly Uruk!” protested Lia.

”I f you like, I will show you to Rivendel. We are closest to it and I am on my way anyway. I’m sure you would be able to stay there.” Offered Legolas kindly.

”Oh yes please, that would be wonderful.” Replied Lia smiling sweetly.

”Fine, fine.” Said Kala when her so-called-friend looked expectantly at her.

What was Lia playing at? She knew perfectly well how much Kala detested Legolas. But Lia seemed as happy as a child with a lollipop. She was flirting with Legolas and giggling at everything he said. Kala knew she was right about how every elven maidens seemed to melt at the sight of the Prince.

They arrived in Rivendel soon after lunch. Legolas was greeted warmly by the elves. He spoke very fast in elvish to them; occasionally he pointed at the two girls who were standing just behind him smiling nervously at the elves when they were looked at. Kala was too busy staring around her self to notice that one of the impressive looking male elves was walking over to her. He coughed suddenly bringing Kala out of her trance.

”Oh! Sorry…” she stuttered.

”Milady,” he bowed down low to her, ”I am Ruben. We would be honoured for you to stay with us, for however long you wish. Ristél will show you to your room.” He said pointing carelessly behind him to a pretty elven maid, who was starring nervously down at the ground.

He kissed her hand, and then kissed Lia’s who was trying her best to stifle a giggle. Legolas bade farewell to them and turned in the other direction with a few other elves. Ristél lead them up a staircase which weaved around a large blossoming tree. Kala could see a stunning waterfall in the distance and hear the beautiful sound of birds singing cheerfully. Lia was just walking up the staircase moaning about how many stairs she had to climb, she didn’t even think to look around at the lovely view. They approached a door which was carefully engraved with elvish words and small pictures. Ristél curtsied politely and opened the large door.

”I will return later in the day, you may walk in the gardens or go to the stables, do whatever you wish.” Ristél said smiling then she left, shutting the door quietly behind her.

”Wow.” Said Lia, starring around with her mouth open in amazement. ”This is totally wicked. How often do we get to stay in a posh room like this?!” she said grinning at her friend.

Kala smiled. She opened the wardrobe biting her lip with hope. Her heart pounded with excitement as she saw the many exquisite dresses filling up the closet. Lia ran over to her and peered over Kala’s shoulder. She gasped, ”This is just amazing. We are actually allowed to wear those?” She asked in disbelief. ”It’s even better than designer stuff in an expensive shop.”

”I guess so. Well they’re in our room aren’t they.” She said looking at her friend.

”Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Lia grinning widely.

”You betcha!” Kala grabbed one of the dresses laughing gleefully.


Ristél was walking along the corridor carrying a tray of steaming food for Kala and Lia. She heard laughing and screaming from their room. Knocking before entering, she peered around the door. There was a mound of clothes in the middle of the floor and both of the girls were wearing a different dress from when Ristél had left them. She tried to stifle a laugh. Kala and Lia were both out of breath and they had wide smiles spread across their delighted faces. Ristél Put the tray down on a small table and walked over to the pile of crumpled dresses lying on the floor. She picked up one of them and began to smooth it down.

”I thought you would be interested in the gowns I placed in the closet.” She grinned.


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