Elen en’ mela- Star of Love. – Part one.

by Apr 26, 2003Stories

Kala sat at her computer completely lost in a world of Tolkien. She flicked her fair-hair behind he ears and rubbed her tired eyes. She was on Tolkien Online again, reading countless amounts of stories that enchanted her mind.

Kala loved everything Tolkien. Night after night she sat at her computer and read stories about Middle Earth, until she finally let herself be swallowed into a deep sleep. She dreamed of meeting the characters from Tolkien’s books and wished upon every star she caught sight of that she would be able to visit Middle Earth. Her mother also enjoyed Tolkien’s work. She had even given her daughter an elven name, Kala meant light or shine in elvish.

Kala was entirely absorbed in a story about Legolas and one of the pretty she-elves that he always seemed to fall in love with. Kala hated Legolas. She hated his arrogance. She hated the way all the elf maidens fell for him. She hated every little thing about him. No wonder, she thought, in The Lord of the Rings he was the only one without a girlfriend, apart from Gimli, but he doesn’t count. Kala laughed to herself, she couldn’t help it, Gimli was rather sweet.

Suddenly her mobile began to ring, playing the Lord of the Rings theme tune. Kala fumbled around on her desk, still staring at the computer. She found her phone and glanced at the tiny screen. The words ‘Lia mobile calling’ were flashing.

”Hey Lia. This really isn’t a good time, it must be like eleven or something.” Kala said looking at her watch.

Kala couldn’t hear anything except the faint noise of her friend sobbing.

”Ok, what is it? Do you wanna come over? You better be quiet and come in the window ok?”

Kala sighed and put down her phone. This often happened. Her best friend Lia was constantly calling her up at god knows what time of night. It was probably only something like she had been dumped again or she had broken a nail.

Kala stood up slowly and rubbed her aching legs, ice-skating practice had been particularly hard that afternoon. She collapsed down on the bed and buried her face in her soft pillow. She really wasn’t in the mood tonight for another moaning session from Lia.

Suddenly she heard a rustling sound outside her window. Her room was on the ground floor so it wasn’t that hard for Lia to climb through the already open Kala watched as her friend climbed through. She looked up at the star-studded sky. It was a sea of stars. A cool breeze whistled through into her room.

Lia jumped down from the sill and started fiddling with her hair. ”Kala, look I’m really sorry.” She mumbled quietly.

”Mmm. Well what is it this time? Mascara fell down the loo?” Kala mocked.

Lia burst into tears. Kala could immediately see that it wasn’t something stupid, this was serious. Lia was sobbing into her hands. Tears were pouring down her cheeks as if there was no end to them.

”You won’t understand Kala. No one will. My dad is hitting my mum. Not just hitting. Kala, he’s abusing her.”

Kala was shocked. She didn’t know what to do. Lia lay down on the bed and tried to stop the flow of tears.

Kala couldn’t think of anything to say or do. How could she help? What should she do?

”You can stay here tonight. I’m not tired. You go to sleep and we’ll sort it out tomorrow.” Kala hugged her friend and told her that everything would be ok.

She then went back to her computer at sat down. Her eyes were emotionless and staring. Thoughts were whizzing around inside her mind, flashing lights and blurring colours. She swayed on her seat, just as she was about to collapse on the floor she briskly glanced at the computer screen. All she saw were four elvish words in the middle of the dark, blank screen:

‘Creoso a’ Middle Earth.’

*Welcome to Middle Earth.*


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