Dreams of a Night Owl – Part One: Aragorn Attacks

by Mar 28, 2005Stories

“Typical, rainy, winter day.” Anne grumbled to herself as she looked out the glass front of the entrence way while turning into the cafeteria. “Why didn’t I just go live with Dad? At least it’d be snowing in Michigan. What’s Western North Carolina but a mountinous rainforrest that only sees sunshine every once in a while in the Spring?”

“What’s that, Hiccups?” Cody, one of the guys she ate with, asked, calling her by the nickname that had resulted from the chronic hiccups Anne suffered from.

“Just thinking out loud about this wonderful weather.” Anne retorted. “Have you seen Mr. B. yet? I really need to talk to him about my credits.”

“I think you just missed him.”

And so the conversation wore on, and all the others got in on the griping session. Typical, rainy Monday at the high school.

A few minutes later, one of Anne’s cousins, whom had been teasingly names Orcitha the way others of their group had taken on different names from LOTR (and variations there of), dropped by. but she seemed a bit panicked.

“What’s the matter, Orcy?” Anne asked, worried at the sophmore’s pale face. Then she noticed the handgun the girl was changing clips in. “Woah, Megan! What on earth?”

“Hurry up, they’re here!” Orcitha said.

“They are?” a blond boy asked, standing up and running into the lobby to look out the glass wall Anne had at the start of lunch.

There, he saw something rather disturbing and frightening.

Aragorn was leading an army of Uruk-hai against the school!

“Oh. My. God.” A shorter, dark haired boy, who’s long nickname was Hobb’ling Frodo Tuxido Hammins, nearly passed out at the sight. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Yes!” a taller, dark haired boy with glasses exclaimed, bringing out a riffle from a coat pocket obviously too small for such a thing to be hidden in.

The others fell into place beside him. Megan, however, decided to defend the northern wing of the building alone after yelling to every one else in the cafeteria to make a run for it. Mr. C., however, decided to join the students lining up in the enterence way.

Strangly enough, Anne and the blond boy had swords while every one else had some form of gun or other. Even stranger, one of their guns was actually a “zat gun” from Stargate, and Anne’s sword could turn into a light sabre and back into a sworde again.

Quickly and determinedly, the Uruk-hai lined up and sourounded the school on all sides. It took an army nearly the size ot that the one that had attacked Helm’s Deep to do so, seeing as the school consisted of over a thousand students and staff. Aragorn faced the solitary line of students in the entrance way from the opposite side of the glass.

“Quick, Mr G.!” Anne yelled to the disipline officer when he peeked out of the office door. “Turn on the shield!”

The man nodded quickly and ran back into the office to press a little red button between the fire alarm and the tornado drill buttons.

And so it began.

Now and then, during the strugle, they could hear a short burst of gunfire from the end of the north wing as Orcy held off the enemies who’d managed to bypass the shield. The blond boy, and Cody both fell to one who’d made it past her. The other nine (The two dark haired boys still alive, Mr. C., Anne, two other girls, and three other boys) still held the invaders off. No other parts of the shield had been broken. Aragorn constantly hacked at the glass, but made no dent in it as the Uruk-hai at his command slipped through it without even opening a door.

At the very last of their strength, the nine defenders began to retreat down the east wing when the shield gave way, killing Aragorn.

One moment, Anne was staring in awe at what had just happened. The next, she was bolting upright in bed, looking at the clock that read 6:00 am. A storm raged on outside her window.


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