Dreams Come True – Chapter 1

by Feb 17, 2004Stories

Legolas had just heard that Gandalf had found the Ring of power. And Legolas’s father, Thranduil, had wanted him to go and fight. He wasn’t sure where he was walking he was just wondering. Then he sense someone. He heard a waterfall thinking they would be there he followed the sound of water. And there looking down into the water was a female elf who looked about the age of 19. As an elf it’s more likely older.
“Hello, Legolas. I know the news, you are to go to Rivendell and go to the council.” She said still staring at the water.
“Celebturwen,” he said walking up to her.”don’t hate me for what I have to do.”
Turning around.”I don’t hate you, you’re too kind, it’s just…. You can go and I must stay here.”
He took her gently in his arms and looked into her eyes.”You know I want you to go too. But, maybe, you could get yourself there.”
“No, they wouldn’t let me.”
“That’s not the Celebturwen I know. I meant use magic. Just try not to change too much.”
“Do you really want me to?” He nodded.”If you’re sure, I will.”
They walked to a bolder, hand in hand, to sit on. They sat cross legged facing each other, eyes closed. Then she muttered something he couldn’t understand.
Then she leaned forward, eyes still closed, mouth by his ear.
“Only me and you will remember this, I love you.” and kissed him on the cheek, leaned back, and was gone.
Legolas opened his eyes and walked off, then an elf came his way.
“Legolas, we are ready to go.”
“Is Lady Celebturwen there in Rivendell?”
“Yes, and no, she was sent out to go as far as the Weather-top. To see when Aragorn and the Ringbearer will get there.”
“Okay, lets go.”
The elf took Legolas to the horses and they rode off towards the Gap of Rohan.


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