Dragon Moon – Chapter 9: Birth

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Slowly but surely, Morinvala’s leg’s healed, but she was remained chained to the wall. Her pregnancy, unlike any she had seen before, did not take months, but years. All energy and happiness drained from her at every passing day, the feeling of a child of evil crawling within her. Tearing, ripping away all her hope, all her energy, all her secrets. It was a joyful sight to be seen for N’athuine as Morinvala’s pregnancy bump began to show. Her face stretched and thinned, stared down at her stomach with heated anger. To herself, to N’athuine, to everything around her. Growing evermore to hate and despair.

It was different, everything, somehow. The air had changed, more vibrant, energetic. The sun shone through the cave in brilliant shimmers. And for once, the sight of N’athuine did not make her wince. Stretching her arms the best she good, she felt the tug of the chains, not comforting and warm. No cramps plagued her arm, and she smiled for once, a smile that she had not felt for years, when she was free. The entrance of the cave suddenly darkened with shadows, N’athuine gave out a cry and leapt before. But stopped shortly, gasping for breath. He fell to the side clutching his stomach. The figure stepped forward, astounding Morinvala with his familiarity. Raelin. Alive. She whispered to him to free her, and instantly he was by her side, unlocking the chains with enthusiasm. As her last wrist was freed, she wrapped her tired arms around his neck in a comforting embrace. Whispering, crying in happiness. Raelin helped her to her feet, leading her away from the body of N’athuine, whom she did not give a second glance, and out of the cave.
The warmth of the sun was inviting on her pale skin. She paused, stretching her arms towards the heated sky, smiling, laughing. Raelin watched her, smiling and laughing with her, when he suddenly became serious. Morinvala stopped, she stepped forward asking what was wrong, but was cut off as she began to scream. Raelin’s blade had plunged her into the heart of her stomach, she fell back still screaming.

Still screaming, she thrashed around wildly, the chains rattling loudly, echoing across the cave. She felt N’athuine’s clammy hand clasp over her mouth, silencing her instantly. Tears fell down her cheeks as another convulsion shook through her. She swallowed hard, trying to keep from screaming anymore. N’athuine raised his hand in front of them, sliding it through the air, causing a slight shimmer across the cave entrance. Minutes later, a collection of Elves slowly filed past. Banners raised solemnly, faces covered in pale veils. Morinvala watched them in urgency, secretly wishing that one would stop, feel her presence, and rescue her. Another convulsion slipped through her stomach, she bit down on N’athuine’s hand, feeling his warm blood spilling down her trembling chin.

Then with her heart, one of the passing figures stopped. Her gaze fell across the entrance of the cave as she swept back her pastel blue veil. Her long golden hair fell around her as she stared thoughtfully, almost as though her gaze slipped through the enchantment. Another maiden stopped, Morinvala’s heart quickened, but the maiden’s gaze only remained on the other elf. She stepped forward, whispering low. But Morinvala’s hearing could not be deceived, “Lady Galadriel, we must depart to Lothlann, Gil-Galad is waiting.”

Lady Galadriel nodded slowly, her gaze never averting, but with much struggle, it did. She swept the veil over her once more and disappeared from sight. As the last of the elvish steps disappeared, N’athuine released his hand, just as another convulsion seized her, causing her scream to echo more loudly against the cave walls. N’athuine took his place in front of her, parting her legs in the customary fashion. He gave no support, no commands, but waited. Through each convulsion, she pushed the child willingly outwards. Wanting the spawn of Melkor away from her, to poison her no more.

Morinvala screamed again, now, tiredly. Just as she felt all hope was lost, and she had given up, another cry melted the air. Not from her, but where N’athuine knelt. He stood quickly, his eyes shimmering with greedy happiness. Through the blur of the pain, she could see the darkening of the cave, as a light flashed, followed by a roar of thunder. Morinvala shuddered as she leaned against the stone wall, watching as N’athuine raised the child above his head. “Behold Middle-earth, your destructor. Taurgûl.”

Morinvala winced at the name, but her tired eyes remained on N’athuine as he wrapped the child amidst soiled blankets. He turned to her, and held out the child to her, “Your blood runs through his veins, as well as Morgoth’s. You cannot deny some similarities that he will possess. You will bow to him or be destroyed.” Morinvala curled up her lip and spat, N’athuine recoiled, raised his clutched free hand together, and brought it down on her head.


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