Dragon Moon – Chapter 8: Means of Escape

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Means of Escape

Author’s Note: I am quite sorry I have not posted for many, many week’s. I have been quite busy, even to write my fanfiction. I hope these last Chapter’s make up for the time lost.

Recap: Morinvala, Princess of the Moriquendi of Lothlann swore revenge upon the Noldor for her parent’s death. Given the powers of the Two Trees of Valinor in a vision, and smote her enemies. Now, many years later, she was forced away from her home, and her brother. Kidnapped by a dark being, and swept into the house of Eol. Now, meeting and taken in by Finrannie the Black, she discovers that within her carries the child of evil, the heir of Melkor. As they make their way through Beleriand, the march of Elves, Maiar and Valar descend to Angband, on their way to destroy Melkor’s kingdom. High upon the peaks of Ered Luin, Morinvala discovers that Finrannie was not who he said he was, but a high servant of Melkor, N’athuine.

Morinvala crumpled to the ground, leaning against the stony wall for support. To believe that N’athuine had fooled her, and she herself believed, taken over by his veil of deciete and lies. N’athuine towered above her, staring down menacingly; he lifted her chin up with his pale fingers. She winced at his touch, but did not pull away. “Dear child” He breathed, “You do not know your importance”

Slowly, out of sight, Morinvala’s finger’s traced across the rock wall behind her, until she found what she wanted, a large, loosened stone.

“-you will rule this Earth with your child. Then as power unfolds, Morgoth will be released from the Door’s of Night. You will be reunited.”

Morinvala gripped the stone tightly, “And what of your reward? There will be none!” She retched herself from his grasp and struck the stone across his head hard. N’athuine staggered back, his hand’s clutching the side of his head, blue liquid poured through the cracks in his fingers. Morinvala leapt forward and pushed N’athuine as he neared the edge of the cliff. He stared at her in shock as his feet left the reassuring surface of stone, and then, falling through the crystal air.

Morinvala stumbled backwards, dropping the rock. She stared at it dumbfounded as it clattered across the ledge. Her hand fell to her stomach as her mind buzzed with thoughts. End. It all could end in a sudden leap. There was nothing now. Lothlann was destroyed, her kingdom, her family. Take it. The leap. The death. Morinvala pushed herself forward, running with adrenaline, she leapt off the cliff face.

Feeling the rush off air against her skin. She closed her eyes relishing the freedom of nothing. No walls, no ground, just space. She waited for the hard ground to rush up, her spirit to leave, but instead a rush of coarse feathers, and a sharp nip in her back. Morinvala’s eyes opened, she could see the ground, but instead of down, she was moving up. She lifted her head; an enormous bird had gripped her by its talon’s. Its black wing’s beat the air furiously as it lifted her upwards. The mountain’s thickness decreased, the bird made its descent towards another ledge, a cave set in behind it. The bird dropped Morinvala’s body onto the ledge, she cried out as she landed on the hard surface. The bird landed in front of her, and began to push her into the cave by its powerful neck. She did not struggle but remained still, breathing deeply.

Through the darkness, the bird began to shrink, its coarse feathers melting into short, sleek hair. Its body thinned, long billowing robes swept away from him. He moved quickly forward, his eyes glittering in the dim light. “You can try as hard as you may, but you cannot destroy me.” He knelt down and pulled Morinvala towards him, “Dear elf witch, you can never be rid of me. I am here to ensure the safety of your child.” He dropped her onto the floor, his hands traced down her leg, then gripped it. With a quick movement, he snapped her leg, Morinvala sat up quickly her hands reaching to her wounded leg, tears streamed down her face as she cried out in pain. N’athuine grinned greedily his hands traced down her other leg, she shook her head, pleading with him, still grinning, he snapped her other leg. Again she cried out, she clutched her legs tightly, wishing the pain away.

N’athuine stood and walked behind her, he reached her under the arms and dragged her backwards. Still crying, he grabbed her arms and shoved them against the stonewall harshly. He whispered and she felt cold metal clasp around her wrists, she buried her face in one of her arms, weeping bitterly. N’athuine stood beside her, watching her coldly, “Do not try anything again.” He warned, sweeping away from her. She watched tiredly as he swept out of the cave, then darkness took her.


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