Dragon Moon – Chapter 10: Justified Revenge

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Justified Revenge

Through the pain, through the humiliation Morinvala watched her son grow. Chained to the walls, her only movement was her eyes; her only sanity was her mind. Days turned into months, months into years. Her once fair skin became pale and cold. Her eyes staring and gaunt. Every day N’athuine came forward, asking for her to accept the inevitable, and she would be free of her bonds. But she denied it as she spat in his face. And then came the beatings, the torture, the shame of her son watching from the shadows, silent as the mountains around them. Like her pregnancy, Taurgûl did not grow at a normal rate, but remained very young for many years.

N’athuine took this time to teach Taurgûl his histories, of his father and his accomplishments. To show him what his goals were to be, to rule this earth and acquire his father from the Door of Night, bringing an age of darkness. Yet, Morinvala remained silent, her thoughts her only company, her only source of luxury. Slowly, yet surely, a plan formed within her, as the memories of the Birth came back, of the Elves who had passed by the cave entrance. Hope remained steady, hope to escape, hope to be accepted, and hope to save this earth from the evil seed that grew before her very eyes.

Morinvala licked her lips carefully, wincing at the sting of open cut. She glanced around the cave slowly; N’athuine had left, hunting for that night’s scrawny meal. Taurgûl stood at the entrance, peering out at the ocean that had covered what was left of her homeland.

“You know…” She paused, her voice cracking. She cleared her throat and started again. “You know, it used to be beautiful.” Taurgûl glanced over his shoulder, gave her an amused look and then turned away.

“Doriath. Ossiriand. Lothlann. It’s all gone now. But you should have seen it, breath-taking.”

“I am not the sort to take in such frivolous activities, mother.” He turned fully to face her, yes… it is working… “I do not waste what is given to me.”

“A wise answer, to a wise ruler.” Morinvala replied, bowing her head.

She remained still, her eyes staring at the bloodied cloth that was wrapped around her now mended legs. She waited, and heard what she wanted, what she needed, a rustle. Something as simple as that, a rustle as he drew nearer to her. Shaking away the dirt from his blood red robes as he knelt down in front of her. She felt his cold hand cup beneath her tattered chin, lifting her face up.

Taurgûl stared at her thoughtfully, “Do you now see?”

“I see.” She whispered.

Taurgûl paused, staring fixedly at her face, waiting for any flicker, any flinch that would give away her lie. But, nothing. She blinked at him slowly; her patience was far greater than his, many long years of experience.

“Very well. You know the inevitable, you accept it, mother.” He kissed her softly on the cheek, “And now you are free, we shall rule this earth as mother and son, and than we shall release father, and all will be accomplished.”

His hands traced over Morinvala’s metal binds, and her arms collapsed to her side, numb. She stared at her wrists, which seemed to be engraved with the metal binds. Taurgûl helped lift Morinvala to her feet, but instantly, her legs were stabbed with shooting cramps, and she cried out, collapsing onto the floor. Morinvala gritted her teeth, come on, you have waited years to take this chance, do not fail it. She closed her eyes, and focused on the fire inside, her skin began to warm, soothing away the cramps, and numbness.

Taurgûl reached down to help Morinvala again, but she shooed him away, as she stumbled to her feet. “Thank you…” she breathed, embracing Taurgûl, “For releasing me.” She finished coldly. She gripped her arms tightly against Taurgûl’s form, and threw him against the wall with what strength she had.

“Naur kemmen, tangwaho tunga.” Morinvala whispered, instantly a vine bond, silhouetted with fire surrounded Taurgûl, and pulled him tightly against the wall. The vines snaked its way across his body, covering every inch of him. All what was left was Taurgûl’s pleading eyes; Morinvala looked away as those became covered. “To suffocate is your future, it is inevitable.”

“And yours is to die by the hands of me.”

Her eyes shot to the cave entrance, N’athuine stood tall and proud, blocking her path, her escape, her life. He stepped forward and dropped the remains of what looked like to be a deer. “I knew this day would come, to face each other alone.”

“Aye.” Morinvala replied simply, stepping forward and accepting his challenge.

He flinched and a spiral of air hit against Morinvala’s chest, pushing her back, towards the wall. Catching her breath she pressed herself forward, whispering the molecules together, against N’athuine’s control. She reached out her mind, and felt a shudder as the molecules exploded against his control, and he sprawled to the floor, pinned beneath the sudden weight of air.

“You… may kill me… but your powers… will be your… downfall.” N’athuine cried through gritted teeth as Morinvala loomed over him. Instead of raising her palm to him, instead of releasing the relishing fire, she didn’t. Pity swept over her for this being, this worm controlled by a creature that dwelt not on this earth.

She stepped back, “I will not kill you.”

N’athuine stopped struggling, and watched her in shock as she made her way out of the cave. Morinvala covered her eyes at the sudden blast of sheer light. She blinked carelessly as she stumbled backwards against the rock wall. Blinding circles of white, nothing more. She cried out as a sudden slip of slimy fingers wrapped themselves around her neck. The circles vanished, and was replaced by her mother’s grinning face.

Desperately, Morinvala reached out, pressing her hands against her mother’s face, as her breath came out in ragged intervals. “Plea-” she gasped. “You will die by my hands.” Came her reply, from her mother’s mouth, but not the same voice. Darkness crept into the corners of her eyes, and she reached inside herself, grasping the memory, her memory.

Of her mother. Bleeding. Near to death. The Noldor guard shouting, wanting Morinvala, Raelin. Her mother smiling. It was too late. Her mother gave up her life to save Morinvala.

N’athuine gave out a cry as his hands blistered from Morinvala’s skin. Her weight shifted and she fell to the floor, gasping and retching. The memory fading. N’athuine reached for her again, but was blistered by the heat radiated from her body. Glancing upwards, Morinvala saw N’athuine once more, not his apparition of her mother. He cuddled his hand to his chest, glaring at her. She carefully touched the rock wall, feeling it shift beneath her heat, she stood face to face with N’athuine, knowing he could not touch her, and reached out for him.

N’athuine cried out in pain as the searing heat scorched his flesh, he stepped back, feeling not the support of a rock face, but of air. His hands swung out on either side of his body, trying to balance himself out. Morinvala caught him, and the instant her hands touched his body, it burst into ravenous flames. The smell of scorching flesh and hair, burning blood, the screams, the horror. It was over in an instant. Ash was what was left of N’athuine as it scattered into the flailing wind.

Morinvala stepped back. It was over. Gone. It was done. Without another word, she stumbled along the path, the heat melting slowly back into her blood.

Author’s Note: Never fear! This is not the end! Plus, I will post the revamped version of Dark Maiden, the sequel to this story. And plus, Im doing another story that comes after Dark Maiden ,-,


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