Dragon Moon – Chapter 1:- The Sighting

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The Sighting

A small figure crossed the flourescent room quietly, her small feet dancing delicately along the wooden panels. Her childish hand pulled away the soft curtains, she gasped at the sight that lay before her. The clear midnight sky was illuminated by a small white moon, but not just any moon. A small wispy cloud surrounded the round moon, shaping wings, a tail and a body. A long snout protruded from one side of the moon.

The child’s eyes filled with wonder, “A Dragon Moon.” She whispered to herself. She had heard of them, but never had never seen one before, until that moment. She was uncertain of what it signified, but hoped deep in her heart that it was something good. Lingering for just a moment, thoughts of sleep pulled her away. The soft rustle of the curtains filled the room as the child stole back into her bed. She swept the sheets over head and closed her eyes, dreaming of far off lands and adventures, as one child should dream about when they are innocent.


“Morinvala! Morinvala! You must be up, you cannot stay in bed.”

The child’s eyelids twitched, she murmured softly, still half-asleep. Her eyes reluctantly fluttered open, the dark pupil’s dilating, adjusting to the bright sunlight that spilled into her room. A soft, inviting smile crept over her face, the dancing shadows upon the smooth white ceiling reflecting off her glassy eyes. A raspy knock intruded; the child swept the sheets over her head and turned over, giggling softly. Vannae, an Elf with ageless beauty entered through the threshhold of Morinvala’s unkept room. She started softly towards the small bundle underneath the grey cotton sheets. She sat upon the edge of the bed, pulling away the sheets and uncovering the hidden child. Morinvala turned to face her mother whose weary eyes gave way to her age.

“Come now, the day is nigh, you must be up. Today is of some importance, a surprise awaits you.” Vannae smiled, sweeping away Morinvala’s unkept Raven hair.

Morinvala’s fiery eyes danced with curiosity, “Pray tell of what you know of my closely guarded surprise that you keep secret. Mocking me and tricking me in my own. Though, you know I love surprises, the joy of the moment it brings. Yet I despise the wait, secrets and lies is that what whispers to me. So now tell, or I shall not be up.”

“Come now, do not be foolish, you will heed my words and wait.” Vannae’s anger softened and she planted a soft kiss upon the child’s forehead. “Now, I shall leave you to be up and ready, I will me meet you upon the stairway when you are ready.”

“Aye,” Morinvala whispered as her mother closed the door behind her.

Morinvala bounded off her bed, her feet landing with a soft thud upon the wooden panels. She rushed to her wadrobe, her childish eyes glancing at each dress in silent thought. Her hand pulled out a small silver dress, wreathed with jewels.

“Lovely as a distant cloud’s lining.” She smiled to herself.


The door swung open and Morinvala’s small delicate frame entered through. She ran through the long hall and down a flight of steps barefooted. She met upon her mother who was waiting for her at the tip of the steps.

Vannae swept her hands through the child’s tossled hair, “Oh Morinvala, what are we to do with you?” She laughed.

Morinvala smiled in return, but fell grim as they entered through into the dining room. Her father’s stern face stared at her, his Golden Crown glinting in the light. Her mother pushed her forward, Morinvala started to Saleesa. She curtsied and took his hand, placing it to her lips. “Good Morrow Father, my heart is glad to see you. How was your return?”

Saleesa struggled to keep cross, but he lost. A gracious smile broke through, his hands gently picked up Morinvala and swung her around. Morinvala laughed in relieved happiness. “Ah Princess! My little Princess Morinvala, I have missed you so!”

Morinvala buried her face within her fathers shoulder, breathing in the moment. Saleesa held her for what seemed an unending moment and then set her down reluctantly, returning to his place at the table. Vannae had already taken her seat, but watched Morinvala with amusement. Morinvala took her seat between Saleesa and Vannae; she stared at the empty place before her.

She glanced at her mother puzzled, “Where is Raelin?”

“He left at dawn, running errands. You must know this, he is preparing to take your father’s place as King.”

Morinvala looked at her father shocked; he nodded his head in agreement. “I am planning to retire, I have been King for to long. My heart desires more than just ruling a Kingdom.”

Morinvala hung her had in silence, horrified at her father’s decision. All her memories of him were happy ones, including being a King. His followers respected him, just as they respected the Valar, but did not worship the. They were not like the Noldor or the Vanyar, but were of the Moriquendi. Morinvala was taught her history by Vannae when she was younger. She came to respect her heritage and accepted who she was, a Dark Elf.

Morinvala lifted her head as three servants entered the room, carrying trays topped with food. The trays were set before them, steam rising filled with the scent of spices and herbs. Morinvala picked up her cutlery and dug into the mixed variety of fruit. Her mind filled with thoughts and memories, she stopped shortly and her eyes widened in thought.


Vannae looked up, “Yes?”

“At Midnight, I was drawn awake by something. It seemed to be calling to me. And as I looked into the sky, upon the eve’s of death’s veil lit a Dragon Moon.”

A fork clattered to the floor, Saleesa stared at his daughter dumbfounded, “Neés yïr?” (Are you certain?) He whispered quietly, eyes darting around.

Traé lûsa yïr. C’nin? Per’ sar mori farqua?” (Yes I am certain. Why? Is it a bad omen?)

Saleesa did not answer; the chair screeched loudly as he stood up and quickly left the room. Morinvala turned to her mother even more perplexed. “Mother what is wrong?”

Vannae remained silent, her eyes distant and sorrowful. Morinvala’s words had no effect on her. Morinvala swallowed hard, her food beginning to rise up in her throat. She stood shakily and stared towards Vannae, and knelt down, pleading with her.

“Mother, pray tell. The Midnight sighting; is that of which has frightened father so? Tell me of your knowledge, I am wise enough to keep it to heart. Do not scorn or mock me, the truth is what I desire.”

Author’s Note: The Elvish in this story and the following stories was made by me for Tolkien never made up the Moriquendi language like he did with the Sindarin and Quenya.


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