Don’t tell the elf! – Why Gimli ventured on the quest in the first place…

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Gimli pulled on his heavy woolen stockings and sat on his bed, waiting for his cousin, Balin. The pair were traveling to Rivendell because the One Ring had been found, and Elrond wished to speak with them about destroying it.
When Balin finally emerged from the wash room, he sat on the edge of Gimli’s cot, while sharpening his war-axe on a whetstone.
“Why’re you bringin your axe, Ball?” he asked with a puzzled expression.
“Where do you think we’re going!? A picnic? Stupid little thing! You might need to destroy the Ring yourself! Besides” he said, lowering his voice to a whisper. “There’s going to be an elf there.”
“What’s so bad about that?”
“Are your brains addled?! There’s no creature more cunning, decietful, or two-faced then an elf. They’ll feed you with one hand, and stab you in the back with the other! Never cross paths with an elf, sister-son. They’ll kill you as soon as look at you!”
“Why wouldn’t you be on the quest?”
“I’m too old, half-wit!”
When Legolas stood up at the council, chastening Boromir for wanting to use the Ring, of course he’d want to go with them! He wanted to protect Frodo, that’s why!


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