Disgrace – Chapter 7

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End of Chapter 6

The princess sat up straight and stared at the pitiful creature. Smeagol had heard the call of `his Precious’ from across the Misty Mountains and he could no longer stay with her. He had thought that she was `his Precious’, embodied for him, but the call was too great and the illusion could not sustain him. He crept to the side of the bed and, taking her gentle hand into his own, he kissed it and then turned and disappeared out of the dwelling.
Brunwen sat dazed for a moment and then sprang up. Her clothes and hair in disarray, she ran out. But her guide had disappeared almost as if he had never existed.
She turned and re-entered the house. One of the women came presently and gave her some broth and then led her to Beron.

Chapter 7

The Moriquendi marched with only brief halts for their horses. They wished to reach the eaves of Mirkwood in a day of journeying. The army marched in the most complete silence and the darkness that the dark elves enveloped themselves in, spread around the army. This gloom darkened the sun in the land between the Ered Mithrin and Mirkwood. Those who saw this fled in fear, but in that empty wasteland, those were only orcs.

The Moriquendi were not far from the Northwestern tip of the forest at nightfall and could distinguish in the distance the Lonely Mountain. The elves had no intention of going there however as their hatred of the Dwarves ran even deeper than that of any other Elvish race.

At this point a vanguard was sent straight into Mirkwood with orders to make for the Forest River and to follow it to the palace. The rest followed the edge of the forest, hidden in their envelopment of black.


The hunting trip had gone only to the Forest River for a bit and then headed north slightly in the first day. They were disappointed to find no beast to hunt and decided to spend a second day hunting, instead of returning.

Gaelen was particularly bothered by this and insisted on guards though the other elves saw little need. In the end, he stayed up and took the first watch. The elf slept uneasily for two watches before his turn came again.

Nearby their camp the vanguard had halted and sent ahead a few scouts. These reported a camp of Mirkwood elves not far away. The leader of the vanguard was particularly angry with Mirkwood because one of the princesses of the realm had refused to marry him and had disgraced him in front of the court.

“Let’s destroy them. Not one must escape for then a warning might reach the enemy!”

Gaelen was finishing his watch when a spear hurtled through the air and landed in the heart of one of the sleeping elves. The elf died instantly and passed from sleep to the Halls of Mandos. Gaelen yelled and the camp awoke to find dark blurs of movement attacking them. The hunters were not armed for a conflict and Tyalan was the second to fall pierced by a spear.

Gaelen tried to fight but then ran. He was no coward but the elf could see that these were a vanguard of an army and someone had to warn the king. He ran in the palpable darkness of Mirkwood and hoped that nothing with evil intent might find him.


Brunwen was somewhat tired that evening. The elf princess had convinced Beron to teach her to fight and had spent the day doing so. The golden-haired maiden had been given a new dress of dark brown material and Beron’s sister had made sure that she ate large meals to make up for her starvation on the way to there. She smiled at the thought of the short woman almost spoon-feeding her.

Suddenly, her elfin mind perceived a shadow in the distance. She sensed the Moriquendi’s approach on Mirkwood but Brunwen could not understand what the threat was. She frowned but went to bed, hoping that nothing ill would come of this.

She was running, running… through the forest. Strange beasts all around. Black darkness! Death coming to her people and she was falling, falling. Falling down a dark hole into cold freezing water. The water’s iron grip seized her and…

She woke and she knew that something was wrong.

I am sorry it tooks so long for me to post the story. I don’t think this chapter is as good as it could be but bear with me please. Please review.


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