Disgrace – Chapter 3

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Recapt of Chapter 2

The name hung on the air and the dark elf smiled an almost wolfish smile. The other elves were convinced. It was almost a visible release of the tension in the room.
“-Good… I guess he told you a way to get us in without going through the front gate.
-He didn’t say anything…
– HE didn’t? Then we won’t come.
– He mentioned a cellar…
– AND???”
Brunwen didn’t notice the path change direction slightly. She walked on and on into more and more darkness. Her head lolled to a side as she walked and she stumbled again. Her torn dress caught on something and she fell to the ground. Two eyes watched that happen and blinked out of view.

Chapter 3

« A cellar door… Excellent plan. »

The dark elf turned and walked out. The others followed and a blindfold was placed over Arden’s eyes. He was dragged up by his guard and forced to walk forward. He was made to walk down a straight passage then down a few steps and suddenly he felt a chilling breeze. The blindfold was removed and he blinked as his eyes adjusted to the pale sunlight.

The elves were standing on the edge of a cliff, overhanging a valley with an entire city hidden by the tall mountains of the Ered Mithrin. Arden gasped at the amount of elves standing below the cliff, waiting. Shades of black, grays and navies were dominant as the people stood, absorbing all the light of the valley. An outlandish gloom that could scarcely be pierced by daylight hung over the homes and the people. They stood silent from the tallest to the smallest, youngest to eldest. Their piercing eyes of pure obsidian black flickered over Arden for a few seconds and then the dark elf that had interrogated him stepped to the very edge. The attention of the host shifted to him. The silence hung like another sheet of darkness upon the vale and the air hung heavy upon the beings stood there. They appeared to be like to wraiths that stole light from every radiant entity. Wraiths that stood in such utter speechlessness that a whisper would have sounded as a gong in the dale. So when the Elven Lord proclaimed in a loud voice, echoes resounded from every summit to every rise to every mountaintop. He proclaimed this.

” You have come, gathered to hear my words and to hear what will be done with this intruder. This elf has come from a realm that we despise, that should be ours but for the fool who commands it. This elf was sent by an ally in that dominion and he has come as a messenger.

This elf has come with the summons! The summons that tell us of the return of our inheritance, torn from us by weak hearted, devious fools… Fools! Fools whom we will crush; for it is a summons to war! We will crush our enemy and we will return to our rightful home given to us by the Dark One!

We will go to crush Thranduil and we will take back the realm of the Mirkwood Elves!

We shall return to our home! The home that will return to the blessed shadows!

So choose to follow, people of shadow! Who do you serve?”

The dark crowd was still and silent until that point. Then in a loud shout, reverberating through the mountain vale and echoing far into the distance, the wraith-like creatures cried with one voice. They were heard in a rumble of thunder all the way to the eaves of the Mirkwood forest.

” YOU! Morgoth! Morgoth! Morgoth! …”

The rhythmic shout rose in a great crescendo as Arden thought that the people would never stop the din. Then, silence, absolute silence descended instantaneously. The Dark Elf stepped to the utter limit of the cliff and raised his arms. The crowd turned to the East and raised their arms and repeated the Elf’s words.

” Regret has filled us! We can no longer speak to you!
Regret has filled us! We can no longer speak to you!
We will take a kingdom to honor you!
We will take a kingdom to honor you!
Ay cali rarei telko Melkor faveiril!
Ay cali rarei telko Melkor faveiril!
Telar tylwai ay aley MELKOR!
Telar tylwai ay aley MELKOR!
We will return you to honor! We swear to this!
We will return you to honor! We swear to this!

At the final words, the dark people bowed down to the ground and stood slowly. The people turned and walked to their homes. Arden watched as the dark people seemed to fashion a web of obscurity into which they disappeared. He had not understood the elven words the dark Elf had pronounced but the name of Melkor he knew, even though he was young by elven count. The dreaded name had caused him to shiver most uncontrollably. The Elf turned and stared intently into Arden’s eyes. The Elf had some unknown power that allowed him the ability to read a mind. He frowned at what he read and made a sign to blindfold Arden again.


Brunwen woke suddenly to see two bulbous eyes staring at her from a short distance. She rose slowly and walked carefully back a step. The eyes remained still. The princess stepped back once more and this time, the creature approached. She panicked and lost all caution. The elf-maiden turned and ran, heedless of the darkness and the direction.

The creature, surely one of the dreaded spiders, sprang after her. Bracken and dried wood cracked as the huge creature moved speedily behind her. She ran faster. She turned sharply and gasped as something grabbed her. Two large hands grabbed around her waist, over her mouth, and she was pulled into a hidden thicket. The hands held her tight and she froze for what seemed an eternity, until the great and loathsome spider had lost itself from her view. The hands eased off and she turned on what had seized her. A ghostly being, shrunken in size, old in appearance and dreadfully thin looked at her with large pale eyes, eyes with a pale yellow flicker.

“- Who are you?
– Does it matter my precioussss… Oh no, gollum we iss jusst a friendss, precioussss…
– Gollum! How did you get here?
– We got away from cruel elvesss. But thiss elf iss not like others… Sshe `sss a friend … Yesss, Preciouss…
-If you are a friend, why did you grab me?
-I had to ssstop you… Ssspider eats you… Nassty, tricksy sspiderss… O yesss, Preciousss.
– If I’m a friend, please help me!
– Help you?
– Yes, help me. I must get to the woodmen’s village outside the forest.
– Anything, preciousss. Anything for precious…”

The creature, Gollum, stood up and started walking without the slightest hesitation. He turned his head after a moment and waved to her.
” Preciousss mussst come…. Sss Not sssafe alone…”
Brunwen hesitated but the thought of the spider drove her to follow the wretched creature. She stumbled on behind Smeagol and hoped that he knew where he was going.

The ‘Elvish’ spoken by the Moriquendi is a total fabrication because there is no mention in Tolkien’s work of Dark Elvish. I’ve done my best to make it seem like Elvish.
The next chapter may take sometime in coming so please be patient.


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