Disgrace – Chapter 13

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End of Chapter 12

“- Are you alright? I’m sorry. I forget that few people can cope with the strength of my mind-speech.
– What was that?
– Mind-speech… It’s a rare ability that elves occasionally possess. No human has ever possessed the skill and probably no human ever will. The only currently living elves who can do this are Khelekiâ, Galadriel and myself. Galadriel’s ability is not inborn though. Don’t ask to know more. Even my father is ignorant of this. Khelekiâ knows…
– I don’t understand.
-You don’t need to… Rest. I’m sorry. I won’t probe your mind like that again.”

Beron fell asleep, his head rested in her lap. She wrapped a cloak around him and silently looked up to the stars.

Chapter 13

Thranduil and the other elves arrived in the cellar. The three elves guarding Mornuil and Soros stood to attention. A dull banging could be heard from the cellar trapdoor. Gaelen went to the trapdoor and looking back at Thranduil, said.

“- Sire, under this door are several Moriquendi. I could not say for sure how many but I would advise that your men stand around with their spears ready.”

Thranduil nodded and the elves closed around as Gaelen removed the three barrels from the door. Almost instantly the elves underneath pushed the door up and leaped into the room. They stopped short seeing the spears ready to pierce them through. They dropped their swords as the small company filled up through the trapdoor.

Thranduil ordered them to be bound and taken to the dungeon. He also ordered a thorough search of each elf. All the weapons found were placed in an empty barrel.

The King ordered Mornuil and Soros to be taken to the throne room and kept under heavy guard. He would interrogate them. The company went but as Gaelen prepared to pass the King to go to the throne room, Thranduil stopped him.

“- How did you find out about this?
– I overheard a few conversations that were somewhat disloyal… As well as being to blame for getting one of their friends drunk…”

Thranduil half-smiled.

“-And who else do you know to be friends of Mornuil and Soros?
– Two others. One is gone, probably with the Moriquendi. He is named Arden. The other, Bernl, is easy to find and is most often drunk.
– I wish you to go find Bernl and bring him to the throne room. We will wait till you arrive before we begin the trial.
– Do you believe them to be guilty, sire?
– You believe them to be guilty and I feel that they aren’t guiltless. However, I have found in the past that those who you trust most are often not worthy of it.
– That is not always true, sire. Sometimes they seem to betray but have not. It is them you are those betrayed.”

Thranduil looked away and dismissed Gaelen with a nod of his head. He stared into the darkened room and turned to leave, his eyes slightly misty.


Beron woke the next morning, his head still cradled on Brunwen’s lap. She had not moved all night, her mind wandering a few times into the strange elvish dreams. Beron sat up slowly, his head still aching. He turned slightly and looked at Brunwen.

“- Are you better?
– My head is sore. How long have I slept?
– It’s early dawn. The sun rose but a quarter of an hour ago. Eat and we must go on.
– Are you going to eat?
– Only once today… In the evening… Eat.”

Beron hurriedly ate a hunk of bread and drank a little water. Brunwen stood up and walked around little while she waited. They were going again in a few minutes and walked non-stop for the next few hours.

The pair made it more than three-quarters of the way to the forest path by noon. But as they walked, across the forest, Thranduil was preparing to put his two most trusted generals on trial for treason.

Sorry about the shortness of the chapter.


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