Disgrace – Chapter 12

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End of Chapter 11

“- Your words are always empty. We will never surrender and we will fight until the last of us. Now we have no parley here and I see no reason why my archers should not shot you down.
– You know that they could not even reach me with an arrow. I will leave for now but I will return. When I do, you will die.”

Khelekiâ turned and rode away. The entire area was silent and even the horse made no noise at all. The elf vanished into the forest, his figure wreathed in his own darkness.

Chapter 12

Gaelen ran up to the battlements, desperate to find the King. As he reached the front battlement, he saw Khelekiâ disappearing. Thranduil turned, his face overcast with concern. Gaelen ran down towards him and hastily bowed.

“- My Lord, traitors. Two traitors in the cellar tried to open the cellar door and allow some of the Dark Army in. They’ve been captured as well as the Moriquendi who are trapped between the cellar door and the portcullis.
– Traitors? Who?
– Generals Soros and Mornuil.
– You cannot be serious. They are the most trustworthy elves in my kingdom.
– If you would come to the cellar, you would be able to see the full extent of their treachery.
– Very well. Lead on.
– Yes, my Lord.”

Thranduil called a few of his soldiers to follow and then the small company followed Gaelen to the cellar.


Brunwen and Beron had walked along the edge of Mirkwood for hours. Far across the forest, the battle before the palace raged, and they walked North.
Brunwen had not taken a cloak but Beron’s wise sister had given him two. They had some food but they would have to hunt, at least for Beron’s sake. She could do without…
She was walking slightly ahead, her sword drawn. Beron was struggling behind to keep pace with the silent elf, his hands full of a bundle of cloak, food and tinderbox.

Midday came and past.

She wouldn’t stop so he ate as he jogged to keep up. As night came, he pleaded for a break.

“-Brunwen, can’t we stop?”

She finally turned and stopped walking. Her piercing eyes bore into his mind and he felt a chilling voice echo through his mind.

Stop? And let Khelekiâ destroy my people? Ah… You are weary but why then did you come? To protect me? I don’t need any protection. Khelekiâ can’t harm me… I’m too strong…


She looked at him quizzically and then putting her sword in its sheath, walked to where he stood, his eyes glazing. Her hands touched his face and then he finally focused on her face, not her black eyes. She looked concerned and gently, she helped him sit down.

“- Are you alright? I’m sorry. I forget that few people can cope with the strength of my mind-speech.
– What was that?
– Mind-speech… It’s a rare ability that elves occasionally possess. No human has ever possessed the skill and probably no human ever will. The only currently living elves who can do this are Khelekiâ, Galadriel and myself. Galadriel’s ability is not inborn though. Don’t ask to know more. Even my father is ignorant of this. Khelekiâ knows…
– I don’t understand.
-You don’t need to… Rest. I’m sorry. I won’t probe your mind like that again.”

Beron fell asleep, his head rested in her lap. She wrapped a cloak around him and silently looked up to the stars.

Sorry it’s so short… It’s all I could think of for now… Please have patience in waitting for the next.


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