Disgrace – Chapter 11

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End of Chapter 10

Brunwen sleep lightly, tormented by dull-red toned dreams.

The Dark Elf featured over and over, laughing, mocking… His eyes flashed and his mind tried to search hers. A bloodied sword held in his hand, he smiled hungrily at her.

” Remember me? Don’t you, My Lady?”

The words echoed and the vision turned into a tunnel of crimson. Floating forward… Towards the end… Khelekiâ…

She woke and grabbed her sword. The insult was too much. She had to return to stop him. She straightened her garment as she walked into the sunlight. She walked towards the forest. The princess planned to follow the side of the forest to the path.

Beron stood outside speaking to some others and saw Brunwen march out, her eyes fixed on the distant forest. Her face was twisted in fierce anger. The man ran to her and tried to stop her.

“- Brunwen? Where are you going?
– I am going to destroy Khelekiâ!”

Chapter 11

” – Destroy Khelekiâ! Are you crazy?
– I am perfectly sane!”

Brunwen swung around and stared straight into Beron’s eyes. Her piercing stare lasted for a few seconds and then she turned and marched on. The man stood stunned and suddenly realized that there was no way he could change her mind.

Beron turned around, saw his sister standing there with a bag and a sword in her hands. She walked forward and handed them to her brother.

“- Just go. I’ll make sure everybody here behaves.
– Thank you, sister.”

He turned and ran after the elf maiden.


Gaelen checked the ropes around Soros and Mornuil as the two started to wake. Gaelen dragged the two towards a large barrel and tied them to that. He checked again for weapons and then knocked them out once more.

He turned to the door, taking the torch with him. He ran through the dark corridors till he found a contingent of elves that he knew. He asked three of them to go guard Soros and Mornuil. He made them promise to not release them, making sure that they understood that they were traitors.


At the gates, the heavy tree used by the Moriquendi slammed into the doors. The resounding gong penetrated the room and echoed in the ears of the elves inside. They were waiting still for the orders from the King. The deadly archery outside was not affecting them but the archers of the King were finding it difficult to maintain their rain of lethal arrows.

Suddenly, the Moriquendi fell back from the door. Only Khelekiâ and a small contingent of riders remained at the forest edge, watching. The King and his close guard went to the battlements, watching to see what was going to happen.

Khelekiâ urged his horse into a slow walk towards the palace walls. The archers inside raised their bows, ready to eliminate the Dark Elf. The King gestured to let the Elf be. The Moriquendi leader stopped within shouting distance of the battlement.

Khelekiâ looked up straight at Thranduil. His piercing black eyes peered deeply into the King’s eyes. Khelekiâ spoke, loud enough for all present to hear.

“- Greetings. Are you not going to welcome me in? Into my rightful home?
– This is not your home and never will you be welcome.
– Must I take stronger action to convince you of my rightful place? Have you not seen my army?
– I have seen a rabble that could pass for an army but you will never enter my palace, even if all die within.
– Are you so sure of your own abilities? I could kill you now! Without raising a weapon or even a finger and you know that.”

Thranduil turned for a moment to look towards one of his lieutenants. The young elf hesitated, ready to do whatever the King would ask. The elf slowly raised his bow, suggesting without a word, but the king shook his head very slightly. He turned his eyes back at Khelekiâ.

“- I know that you have a strange gift but I still do not fear you or your army.
– Oh indeed… But you see that you are the one at a disadvantage. You are in a fortress but you can’t leave. My army will kill every elf that exits your walls. However if you wish to surrender now, I won’t kill you all. I’ll spare the women and the children… perhaps.”

The Dark Elf smiled evilly. His hand went to his sword hilt and he waited for the King’ s response. Thranduil had gone quite pale, knowing full well that Khelekiâ would not keep such a promise. He knew very well that there was nothing he could do to save anyone of his subjects if they lost this war.

“- Your words are always empty. We will never surrender and we will fight until the last of us. Now we have no parley here and I see no reason why my archers should not shot you down.
– You know that they could not even reach me with an arrow. I will leave for now but I will return. When I do, you will die.”

Khelekiâ turned and rode away. The entire area was silent and even the horse made no noise at all. The elf vanished into the forest, his figure wreathed in his own darkness.

I think that the next part may be very slow in coming… Sawen.


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