Diana-Glorfiniel – part six

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After Boromir left, Glorfiniel ran to find Frodo, her thoughts racing. `Should I let Frodo and Sam go?’ she thought and paused for a minute. `Or should I stop them, or stop Boromir’s death, or go with the three hunters?’ almost as soon as the thoughts surfaced, she made up her mind, turned, and ran to where Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli were fighting.
Upon reaching the place, she pulled out her bow and shot the Uruks around Gimli, making him turn and glare at her. She smiled slightly in spite of herself, then turned around quickly, sensing a large Uruk behind her. It raised its sword up, foolishly; she drew her long-knives and attempted to cut its throat, but it blocked her with its shield. Surprised as she was, she recovered in a second, and as it was bringing its sword down, she severed its sword-arm. It growled angrily, and tried to smash its shield in her face; she ducked, spun around, and stabbed it in the back.
Turning, she saw Aragorn wrestling with an Uruk just like the one she had fought; they were bigger than the regulars. She grabbed one of her long-knives and threw it, barely thinking. It went through the Uruk’s neck, and Aragorn let it fall, looking tired. He picked up her long knife and stabbed another Uruk, then tossed it back to her. She caught it, and turned and killed another Uruk. After wiping and sheathing her knives, she ran off in the direction of Boromir, hoping to reach him in time. When she got there, Merry and Pippin were throwing rocks at the Uruk-hai. She picked the hobbit up and put them in trees, where they were hidden well.
“Stay there,” she told them softly, but firmly, “And keep your cloaks wrapped around you.” She then started shooting Uruks with what arrows she had left; they were near gone. Boromir was fighting valiantly, and soon nearly half the Uruks there were dead. Glorfiniel was fighting with her long knives when she saw Lurtz draw his bow back out of the corner of her eye. She killed the Uruk she was fighting, and ran up to Lurtz, cutting his bowstring in half with one of her long-knives. The arrow flew off and killed an Uruk. Lurtz turned to her, snarling, and knocked her down. He raised his sword, and she kicked him in the groin, and rolled. The blade cut the side of her arm – her first blood. She winced, and got up. She started away from Lurtz, but the large Uruk grabbed her, spun her around, and punched her, sending her flying. She hit her head on a tree, and Lurtz turned back to Boromir, grabbing another Uruk’s bow. By this time Boromir had blown his horn, and with her elven hearing she could hear, in the distance, Aragorn shouting. Turning her attention back to the battle at hand, she spotted Boromir fighting an Uruk. Lurtz was taking aim. Glorfiniel shouted to him; he look ed over his shoulder and saw Lurtz. He immediately he spun, and the Uruk he was fighting moved so that he was opposite Boromir again, just as Lurtz let the arrow loose. It hit the Uruk, and Glorfiniel grinned. Boromir reached down and grabbed the Uruk’s shield, holding it in front of the side facing Lurtz as he fought. Glorfiniel turned to look at Lurtz, and saw him signaling the Uruks to find the hobbits. She glanced at the trees they were in, and sighed with relief; they were there still. Suddenly Merry yelled to watch out. She turned around, and saw Lurtz release an arrow, aimed at her. She sprang away quickly, only to have the arrow hit her in the thigh. She fell down, grimacing. She had never felt this much pain. She tried to stand up, and as she did she saw the hobbits being taken away by the remaining Uruks. Merry’s yell had given away were they were. She shouted to Boromir, who turned away from the Uruk he was fighting, and saw the hobbits. He killed the Uruk and ran up to her.
“You’re hurt!” he said, and stopped.
“I can take care of myself, the Halflings cannot,” she replied. “Follow them. I can take care of myself.” she repeated. He, fortunately, nodded and ran after the hobbits.
Glorfiniel had pulled the arrow out of her leg; now she ripped off part of her tunic and bandaged it. In a minute Aragorn ran up.
“Where are the hobbits? Frodo and Sam?” she asked him, pretending she didn’t know.
“I let them go,” he said. She nodded.
“The Uruks took Merry and Pippin,” she said, finally succeeding in standing up. “Boromir followed them. She gestured in the direction they had gone. Aragorn nodded.
“Wait here until Legolas and Gimli come,” he said. “I’ll go to the hobbits.”
“Yes.” she said, biting her lip, and hoping she hadn’t messed things up to badly. He left, and when he was out of sight, she climbed a tall tree. Boromir had caught up with the Uruk-hai, and was fighting with all his might. Glorfiniel looked around anxiously for Lurtz, and saw him behind a tree, targeting Boromir. She wanted to scream a warning, but knew he would not hear her. She watched, painfully, as the arrow struck Boromir in the shoulder, knocking him against a tree. She climbed down, weeping quietly. When Legolas and Gimli reached her, she told them about the hobbits, and they immediately followed her off in the direction they had gone. Upon reaching the battlefield, she saw that Boromir had fallen. Aragorn was kneeling next to him, weeping. Glorfiniel’s heart wept, though she knew it had to happen.


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