Destiny Does Come True – one shot story

by Dec 19, 2003Stories

Do you believe in it…
I didn’t…
Until that day…
And It all started with a dream…


Standing on a hilltop. Looking around to find out where you are. You don’t know where you are or how you came to be there. All you know is, is that you are alone and afraid. A voice echoes through your head.

“It is time to decide your destiny…”

You blank out for a moment, floating through space. Suddenly you land on a dirt path. You walk along the path looking around. Coming to a halt, you find three splits in the path.

” Which one do you choose,” the voice asks.

You look around the different paths. Not knowing which one to choose. One leads to the left, one to the right, and one went straight ahead. You follow your gut and go to the right. Walking down this dirt path it slowly gets darker and quieter. Suddenly you stumble upon three items.

A bow and a quiver of arrows

A sword

And a whip

” What power do you choose,” the voice whispers in your head.

You think about it for a moment and pick up the sword.

” The power of the warrior,
Strength is your best point,
Do you want this power?”

You think about it but put it down. Wanting to see what the other ones have to offer. Next you pick up the bow and quiver of arrows.

” The power of sight, heart, and hearing,
Defense is your best point,
Do you want this power?”

Deciding to check out the last one you put the bow and pick up the whip.

” Power of the mage,
Magic is your best point,
Do you want this power?”

You think about your choices. Deciding with a firm set mind. You choose the whip.

” Your destiny is set,” the voice says.

You blank out again. When you open your eyes you are on a beach. The waves crash down on the white sand sending sprays of water on your feet.

” Now tell me more about yourself..”

You go up to a guy that has silver blue hair and deep sea blue eyes. He asks you this question:

What do you want out of life?

You get three choices:

To broaden your horizons
To be overly powerful
To find love

You think about it and choose: To broaden your horizons.

The boy nods his head and another person appears out of nowhere. The boy with the sea blue eyes vanishes before your eyes. Surprised you walk over to the girl waiting.

She asks you:

What is most important to you?

The three choices you got were:

My friends and family
My power
My choices

You think about this question and answer: My friends and family.

She nods to your left and another guy appears. When she disappears you walk over to the boy holding a large over grown sword in the shape of a key.

He asks you:

What is your biggest fear?

Your choices were:

Being weak
Not being able to help my friends and family
Getting old

This one you answer with ease: Not being able to help my friends and family.

He smiles and vanishes. Suddenly you feel all alone. You walk along the beach trying to find somebody to give you guidance.

Then you hear that familiar voice

” You want to broaden your horizons,
Your family and friends are most important to you,
Your biggest fear is failing your friends and family,
Your destiny begins at the dead of night. It will be hard but you will triumph…”

Everything goes black. You are scared out of your mind. You see a small light in the distance. Fearing for your life you run towards it. From your perspective the light just keeps on getting dimmer and dimmer. Then it vanishes…


Suddenly you jump up out of bed gasping for air. Shakily you rub your eyes to get the gunk out of them. When you wake up a bit more you feel something heavy on your arm. You pull the covers back and gasp in surprise. There is the whip you chose in your dream.

A/N: I got this idea based off of a game called Kingdom Hearts. Some of the people described in here I do not own.




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