DayDreams – Gimli

by May 8, 2003Stories

A broad shouldered lad of Gondor came up from the fields of
Rohan to find rest in the Ridermark. He rode to the gate upon a black horse that shone like the shadow of night laid upon a sheet of coal black silk; he called this horse: New Moon, for when a new moon was abroad, the lands were as dark as the mien of his steed.
The lad rode under the wall made of high standing logs stained by weather and long use. The village people were fairly cheerful, now that the days of despair were over; this cheered the lad. While he rode up the street, being admired my the younger maidens who suddenly stopped their chores to ketch a glance; the lad found a company of nine diffent sorts of people, standing outside the inn.

‘Aoy! What news from the innkeeper? Are rooms
available, or shall I find rest in the street?’ said the Lad.

‘Not at all, the keeper has plenty of room for you, and
this fellowship. Come, tell us of your doings in Rohan and your name, for we are interested in other tales from lands we have not yet seen in these hours of late,’ said the Wizard Gandalf.

‘I am Joe, son of Joe, and I’ve come from many dealings with Orcs in the east; I only seek a bed to rest in.’

‘what sort of dealings would these be?’ growled a Dwarf by the calling of Gimli. ‘I should imagine foul dealings on their part.’

‘I would have no other kind,’ said the Lad. ‘Quite foul on their part indeed: it started well, with little conflict as we sat around a square table eating tacos and general Mexican food. Yet when someone cut the cheese (and I don’t mean a block of cheese), a great brawl broke loose, and many died over who should take the blame. I killed nearly twenty myself, and then fled from over whelming numbers. They had soon discovered I had done it, and I was in a thorny spot. Yet my black steed rode me away just in time.’

Gimli laughed and patted Joe’s arm when he had come down off of New Moon. ‘You are my kind of lad… strong and full of-‘

‘EGHem!’ the Ranger Aragorn grunted.

‘Come lad, lets find us a good table, and we shall call
for some Mexican and the sweetest drew of Pepsi there is to be found, and we shall talk of fantastic adventures and video games. Let us leave this company who knows little of true pleasures,’ Gimli said.
The two walked away into the inn,

‘So how loud was it? And how many of the Orcs did you kill with it?’ Said Gimli, as their voices grew quieter while walking into the inn. Frodo appeared quite fidgety once they left, and soon followed behind, anxious to join their conversation. And so Boromir followed shortly after the hobbit, hungry for Mexican and manly talk!


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