Daughter of the Black Star – Chapter Six -By PrincessofNumenor

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Author’s Notes: Agh! I’d like to thank Princess Ilarian for annoying me into submitting again, and for her neverending stream of ideas.. Thanks, Ilarian!
Now, for the review..

Anorien, born to her Elvish mother in the cold confines of a cave in the land of Anorien, began life the hard way. Anorien’s father, Neodil, deserted his child and Anorien’s mother, Firithwen.
Eventually, Firithwen passes away due to a wound from an arrow. Anorien is heartbroken, but soon learns to hide her emotion away as Elrond’s twin sons burst onto the waiting scene.
They take Anorien on to Lorien with them, though she does not tell them that her primary goal in beginning travel is to slay her father and take her revenge for what he did in abandoning her and Firithwen.
However, the personalities of Anorien and Elrohir clash horribly, and fights between them become common. Elladan the Peacemaker, fares better with Anorien.
After arriving in Lorien, Anorien becomes ill, and when Galadriel attempts to touch her in the process of a healing prayer, the Lady’s hand is burned. Puzzled, Galadriel keeps the matter silent.
Elladan takes Anorien out for a walk after her recovery, but they soon run into Elrohir and a female… acquaintance of his. Insults insue, and Elrohir berates Anorien for her rudeness, at the same time expressing his wish that they’d never met.

Anorien, hurt by Elrohir’s words, leaves Elrond’s son, and Elrohir watches her go….


Elrohir stood with feet seemingly rooted to the ground as Anorien stalked in a very controlled fashion down the narrow, twisted little path.

He assumed, reasonably he thought, that she would simply go to her guest talan, pout, and when he went tomorrow to ask her to forgive his harsh words, be happy.

He had no clue how wrong he was.


Anorien was getting tired. She didn’t know how long she’d been running, but it had been a long time. As soon as she was certain she was out of Elrohir’s sight, she’d broken into a sprint, intent on putting as much distance between her and that brazen male as Elvishly possible.

At last, she slowed and listened hard. She was thirsty and besides, she was fairly certain she’d heard a voice.

She didn’t hear the trickling of water, but she did hear again the voice. Wait. There were several voices, she observed in interest.

Trotting a few paces forward, she ducked behind a particularly large Mallorn to hide behind until she could properly assess the situation.

Cursing the bird that sang loudly from the branches above, Anorien heard laughter and then saw the source, or sources, she amended to herself.

Just ahead were no less than twenty men, all robed in grey cloaks that seemed to make them blend with the trees they were leaning against. They were all armed with a bow and a quiver full of arrows, and Anorien found herself wanting to just stare at them forever.

Nearly all of them had long, bright blond hair that was braided away from their faces, and their laughter as they spoke to one another was enchanting.

Still, Anorien told herself sternly, they would be useful. For that many men, so far from the city, they would most certainly have food and drink with them, and perhaps spare garments.

Anorien eyed the nightgown she wore with distaste and silently drew Morelen from the black sheath. She didn’t intend to be violent, but they didn’t need to know that.

Anorien silently cheered as one of the Elves called a merry, “Farewell, brothers!” and began walking toward the tree where she hid.

Certain that the Valar must be blessing and overseeing this operation, Anorien waited until the Elf had drawn even with her tree to make her move. He was humming a cheery tune and had his eyes fixed on the forest ahead.

He wasn’t aware of her until she sprang out and placed the point of her shining sword against his neck.

“What in Mordor!” he proclaimed loudly, a very surprised expression on his face.

“No, this is Lothlorien,” Anorien said scathingly. “Do me the honor of stepping behind this tree, good sir. Else.. I’m afraid your head will part company with your body.”

The Elf frowned, and threw a hopeful glance over his shoulder at his companions, but when the sword pressed harder on his throat, he decided to comply.

Anorien pressed him against the trunk of the tree and began her speech. “Now then. I’m in need of a change of clothing-” she gestured disgustedly at the fussy gown she was wearing, “food and drink to last for several days’ journey, and your complete silence and compliance. Understood?”

The Elf swallowed pitifully. “Could you not have just asked for what you needed?”

“No,” Anorien said firmly, though she began to feel embarrassed of her rather vicious actions. “Now, get up, and I will follow you to get the things I need. No noise!”

The Elf got up, tripped gracelessly on a protruding root, and began walking toward a solitary talan, out of sight of his companions.

Anorien followed him closely.


In what seemed like no time at all, Anorien was clothed admirably in a spare Warden’s outfit, complete with a cloak, and boots that fit surprisingly well, considering that they were made for a man.

The Elf, under continued pressure, had produced some lembas wafers and two canteens, one of water, one of miruvor.

He seemed especially distressed when she took the miruvor, saying that “Lord Elrond sent it, especially for the Wardens! It is much to costly to be stolen!”

Anorien couldn’t care less. She tied the Elf securely to a post in the talan and, gathering her things, made her escape.

It wasn’t hard to get past the other Wardens. They were doing more talking and laughing than guarding and watching, and Anorien had the suspicion that the grey cloak she wore was also helping her greatly in invisibility.

She walked swiftly on, appreciating the softness of the boots. She could see the flat lands ahead through the sparse trees, and she was feeling good about things..


Author’s Notes.. again: I hope everyone liked this chapter! I realize it was written in a different style than I usually write, but you can atribute that to my equally odd mood. I’ll try to have the next chapter (with more Elladan and Elrohir) out soon! Definitely sooner than three months.. > –Alassë


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