Daughter of Lorien – Chapter one

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Chapter One

Gimli struggled to keep up with Legolas as the lively elf breathlessly ran onwards, toward Fangorn. Legolas looked over his shoulder to see Gimli staggering onwards. He smiled and stopped. ‘ What is it, mt friend? Are you weary yet?’ Legolas asked.
‘ Not weary, friend elf, famished. I have not eaten since sunrise,’ the dwarf gruffly replied.
‘ Sunrise was but two hours ago, friend dwarf, how can you already be hungry?’
The dwarf grummbled, then carried on, slowly sprinting ahead of his friend.
‘ Very well, Gimli. You were kind to me in Helms Deep, we shall rest.’
Gimli gratefully slumped down, wearily. Legolas opened his pack and fished out some lembas bread. He tossed a small peice to his dwarf friend and said, ‘ Eat up, Sir Gimli, for that is the last of our rations.’
Gimli’s jaw dropped open, crumbs falling. ‘ What? You said we had enough of that Lembas-thingy stuff to last us the whole journey.’
‘ It appears I underestimated you appettite, Gimli my friend.’
Legolas smiled at his friend and sprang off again. Gimli fineshed off the last of the Lembas and trotted off toward his friend.
Night was upon the two companions as they journeyed on to Fangorn. ‘The sun has set, hadn’t we better rest?’ Gimli asked.
‘ Very well, we shall sleep here tonight.’
Gimli dozed off immediatley, as Legolas sang softly to himself, as he gazed foward, upon the edges of Fangorn.


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