Daughter of Feanor – Part Two: The Change

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“You are going to get yourselves killed if you don’t learn to watch your toungs!” Elrond scorned the teens after pulling them aside.

“It was ment to be a privat conversation.” Paul grumbled.

“That’s not my point. Imladris is not compleatly safe, you have said this yourselves. I fear that your minds may slip about the placement of the Three. If there is a spy set here that we have not yer found… If they hear…”

“In other words; Adrianne is the only one who’ll need to shut her pie hole.” Ashly said, mockingly.

“My lord,” Glorfindel broke in. “Should not one of the more knoledgable of thesee children be present? One that can see far and near or even into the truth of the past rather than the future alone?”

“Man Tuluva?” Elrond asked him. {Who will come?} “I na heni, Glorfindel.” {They are Children Glorfindel}

“Nin tuluvan.” Adrianne said softly and slowly, atempting to get the pronunciation correct. {I will come} “Cenon i nuva tuluva a i ne utulie.” {I can see what is to come and what has been.”

“Your wording and pronunciation are a bit off, but you are giving me one surprise after another.” Elrond said almost convictingly. “All of you are… What is next? Will you be controling flames?”

Michelle’s eyes lit up, “Actually, she-“

“Shh!” Adrianne cut her short. “This isn’t the time for petty candle tricks.”

Gandlaf finally spoke, “This will not happen again. It had better not.” He turned to the others, “Perhaps she should still come. If she wishes; it could be most helpful, not harmful.”


The warning bell rang out as Adrianne dashed about trying to find where the council was to meet at. Finally, she came to the patio as Frodo was being introduced to the others present. She put aside any obvious doubt as she stepped out to join them, knowing that they’d critisize her just for being female, not to mention that the word of a child was even less likely to be believed than that of a full grown woman’s here where men ruiled.

“And this is one of my own kin from a small distance.” Elrond said, gesturing for her to sit by Frodo. “She alredy knows your names, but now you should learn her’s: Areanna daughter of Feanor.”

“Feanor?” The name passed in the circle in a murmer, some puzzled, some curious, some… angered that one of the children of the creaters of the Silmarills should be present.

“I… I’m sorry?” she studdered. “What did you call me?”

“By your right name, child.” he said.

“My right name is Adrianne.” she stated boldly.

“As much as you are not standing in Imladris.” he said sofly for her alone to hear with just as much conviction. “We’ll speek of this at a latter, more appropreate time.”

“Yes,” She nodded her head. “We will.”

“Elrond?” Aragorn gave him a questioning look, remembering that the Lord of Rivendel had kept his name secret as well when he was just a two year old who’d inherited his place as chieftain of the Dunadan far earlyer than expected when his father had died in battle.

“This was done for other reasons than for yours.” Elrond said calmly.

The council went on from there without a peep from her at all, not enless it was to try and not let her stomach growl too loudly from hunger.

“Do you know of his fate?” Legolas asked her when he finished telling how Gollum had escaped after Aragorn had brought the creature to him in Mirkwood.

“You will cross paths again,” she said. “But it will be of no good to deal with him then. Hi will cause hgis own death in the end.”

“Speek plainer.” Boromir ordered, alredy short of temper.

“He will not be careful enough when he goes back into Mordor.” she said. “Orodruin will become his resting place when he becomes overly joyful”

“In English, Adrianne!” Ashley called attention to herself and the others with her who were stepping into sight now. “Not evrybody can understand you.”

“Thank you, but is was in English.” she etorted. “Or didn’t you learn anything when we were fighting over the part of Juliet when Eddy was Romeo? And becides… It’s not your job to be evesdropping.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s right.” she gestured to the others standing behind her. “But when you go to bed one way and wake up looking like this…”

They saw what she ment. Out of the teens, only Ashley and Billy remianed looking the same. If Michelle and Nic weren’t short enough alredy, they were now. Eddy and Marry had seemingly put on a bit of weight in musccell and had gotten shorter as well, but not as short as the former two. Paul had slimmed up conciderably to that.

“What in the world?” Adrianne looked to Gandalf and Elrond.

“The spell is no more.” Gandalf said. “They are the same as they were befor you all were sent out of Arda. Even you are changed, Areanna.”

“Looks like I’m the only one who actually likes this change.” Paul laughed, trying to lighten the spitits of thoes present. “Thank God that the Balrog’s out!”

Alarm spread at the mention of a lose Balrog.

“I… I mean…” he tried to correct himself.

“The Balrog is still under the earth!” Gandalf calmed them.

“It was only a name that we called him as a joke!” Michelle explained. “It’s not serious!”


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