Daughter of Feanor – Part three: Second Breakfast Time

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Weeks passed slowly as they came to terms with what they had become. December 20th of 3018 came and their hearts were heavy with the knoledge that they may never go back to what they still thought of as home. They found it much more easy to cope with when reading the old journals that Elrond had provided, claiming that they were once theirs.

Today, Adrianne read;

This past month my brothers presented me with small trinquets from their attack on Earendil’l land. Though I do not approove of how they came into my brothers’ posession, they were verry nice. I feal saddened for the two boys that they hold captive. Elrond and Elros are their names. At my request, Maedhros placed them in my care. Now, they follow me where ever I go, asking questions nonstop about any thing and evry thing. I do adore them. It breaks my heart to know that they may never be able to return to their own people. I wonder what they will think of me in the years to come, whether or not they will understand that I took them not to be my servents, but to save them from my own kin. Elros {the younger boy of about two years in age} has started to call me nana as if I were his mother. Elros {who is about eight, or so I guess} dissaprooves greatly, and for good reason. However, even he has begun to falter today.

She didn’t know that she was crying untill a hand brushed the teardrops away. Looking up, she saw Boromir sitting at her side on the garden bench.

“Why do you cry?” he asked.

“I’m not sure that I want to know about my past here.” she said. “The elves murmer behind my back where ever I go, but are mearly polite when we’re face to face. They say that I deserve death for my crimes, but what I did, they won’t say…


Nic heard some one mumbling. He turned his head to see Aragorn holding Arwen as they talked quietly under the trees. The two sheared a kiss briefly. Like the hell making trickster he usually was, Nic decided to get clocer.

Sneaking around behind them, Nic crept clocer. Just as he heard Arwen begin to laugh at something that Aragorn coulden’t quite understand he chose to jump out at them.

The only problem was the vact that he found a broken sword only and inch or two away from his face. Arwen kept laughing as Aragorn sighed.

“I can’t believe you didn’t see him!” Arwen said to Aragorn. “And you’re the chieftain of the Rangers. You really must learn to put aside distractions. But as for you…” she became serious, rounding angerly on Nic.



Merry, Pippin, Sam and Frodo sat on a patio eating a second breakfast when they heard Nic yelling. They looked out to the edge of the woods to see the boy running wildly, nearly slaming into trees as he went. Aragorn ran more surly in persuite.

Frodo shook his head and returned to his conversation with Sam. Merry and Pippin laughed at the specticle and watched while making bets on who would come out the least beat up.

Ashley called out to them from a near by roof, catching their attention, “So, you like eggs, huh?” The next thing they saw were raw eggs being hurled at them from the roof by Ashley, Michelle, Eddy and Mary. Merry, Sam, Frodo and Pippin struck back with all they had left on their plates, none missed their mark.


Paul and Elrond were walking down the hall, speaking of the comming departure of the Fellowship when shouts were heard just ahead.

First they saw Aragorn chasing a rapidly tiering Nic, then they heard a voice say “Ahhh! It’s in my eye!” That was followed by Eddy and Mary followed clocely by Ashley and Michelle who were all being bombarded by the hobbits.

Elrond wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way when Mary knocked him to the ground in her haste.


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