Daughter of Feanor – Part One- Stuck in Imladris

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This time Adrianne was able to have more than one friend come to Romulus, MI with her. Michelle and Ashly came, but the two didn’t seem to get along all that well.

As they walked through the woods, Adrianne was able to block out their argueing, taking in the sight of her beloved getaway that was just beginning to turn green with Spring warming the air.

“Hey! Get down, some one’s comming!” Ashley cried in a horse whisper.

The three girls ducked behind a tree each as a man, perhaps in his late twenties, carefully tasted the water in the flooded dirt road. To the girls, he looked silly, dressed in mid-evil hunting cloths.

Tasting the oils and gass spilt in the swampy area from the train tracks a few more yeards into the trees and the regular Detroit suberb trash in the water, he was quick to spit it back out again in disgust.

Two others, dressed like him, emerged with questioning looks on their faces, but he shook his head. The other two looked down in dismay.

A stray cat began to pester Michelle. The oarnge tabby, called Taffy by the locals, purred loudly and it’s meowing cought the men’s attention when she tried to shoo it away.

The three men marked the girls with authentic looking bows as they crossed the water on an old spring bed matteress that had been sitting there for years and years. They were right at them befor the girls could do anything but show themselves.

“O’kay, I’m guessing you guys aren’t from around here.” Ashly said, raising her hands like the other two girls.

“Is this what you were warning us about, Adrianne?” Michelle asked with a shaky voice.

“No. I… I…” Adrianne stumbled.

“Um, guys?” Ashley pointed at the trash that was turning into rock piles, logs, or vanishing all together. The entire landscape changed. The matress turned into a bridge, the flooded road became a small river.

“Datho queta!” one of the men shouted.

“What?” Michelle asked, totally confused.

“It worked. Oh, God it worked. The spell on the map. It worked.” Ashley said. “Adrianne, you little beauty, you made it work.”

“We’re in Mirkwood.” Adrianne breethed. “Early October as Legolas set out for Imladris.”




As they entered into Rivendell, another man came and took them to a library inside the larger of the dwellings in the city. There they were met by Elrond, or so they guessed.

“Bring the boys and the other girl.” Elrond ordered a servant.

A few minutes later the servant returned with faces quite familliar to the girls. Nic, Billy, Eddy, Paul, and Marry.

“How did you guys get here?” Ashley asked them. Subsequently all fingers pointed to the largest of the boys, Paul.

“Hey! I just read that thing Adrianne gave me!”

“So you do recognize each other.” Elrond mused. “What spell?”

“that one on the map I have. It’s all in the Feanorian letters. Took me forever to figure it out.”

“Do you have the map?”

“Yes.” She took it out, with a tremboling hand, not shure if this was a good thing or not, and placed the folded poster into his hand.

Elrond opened it and studied the boarder writting, eyes growing more and more as he turned it. “Seekers.” he muttered, giving the map back. “Two for each race. Male and female for each race. “Sindar”-Paul-“Periannath”-Michelle-“Adan”-Ashley-“Adan”-Billy-“Naugrim”-Eddy-“Noldor”-Adrianne-“Periannath”-Nic.

“What?” Nick started in. “What? I’m a what?”

“He means a hobbit.” Michelle said.


“Now what do we do?” Adrianne thought allowed.

The door opened as if in answer to her question. “My father dose not wish for you to go without knowing a few faces. Why is beyond me, but he bidded me to bring you suitable clothing and escort you to dinner.” Arwen said to the girls.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Ashley said, staring at the floor lingth dress she was to wear. “I do not wear dresses for anything.”

“You will tonight, at the least.” Arwen snaped.

“Uh, Adrianne?” Marry raised a brow as Adrianne began to replace her neclace.

“What?” Adrianne asked.

“Are you sure that you want to be wearing that around here?”

Adrianne looked at the silver cahin where a golden ring was looped on with etchings of the ring script on it that her mother had brought home one day from work.

“Oh, yeah, you’re right.” she said, replacing it with a thinner, more delacate chain of silver and a thin banded sterling silver ring set with a small white gem. “Thanks.”

“That’s a bit better now.” Marry said.


“And please, you guys, I’m begging you, don’t call each other by your little names.” Eddy said, referring to the names that the friends had taken onn ofter becoming Tolkien fans.

Nic was called Frodo. Paul was the Balrog. Michelle was teased with the names of Smeagol and Ent. Marry was inevitably Merry, and Adrianne became Pippin, simply from being a clutz.

“Aw c’mon, I like being the Balrog!” Paul laughed, pulling the sirt over his head.

“Are you crazy?” Billy asked. “He might actually have a point. We don’t know how these people might react when they hear them. Especially the Balrog thing. I mean, think about it for a minute.”

“Yeah.” Nic unexpectedly agreed. “We should cut down on that here, at least for now.”


“My…I don’t believe we have met before.” a dwarf said to Adrianne. “Gloin son of Groin, at your service.” he bowed, peard brushing the floor.”

“There is no reason to bow to me.” she laughed. “I am Adrianne.”

Paul came up behind her then and grabbed her shoulders in an atempt to make her jump, only to feal her elbow cloide with his solar plexus.

“I have word that you came with Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood.” Gloin said.

“Yes.” Adrianne asnwered. “Though he was less harsh with us, in the end, for tresspassing on the rim of his father’s relm than with you, or as far as I have read it seams so.”

“As far as you have read?”

She noted her mistake. “Well, I did get a look at Bilbo’s book the other day, I mean.”

Gloin’s face showed confusion, but he shook his head and turned to Paul, “I thought that the Dunadan would be representing the people of Rohan tomarrow as well as thoes of Arnor.”

“And I will.” Aragorn came up and clasped the dwarf on the shoulder. “The boy is not of Rohan.”

Paul thought quickly in order to try and keep things seeming real. “We have news to bring from our home in Hollin.” he said, stepping up beside Adrianne.

“Which is why I need to speak with you and your companions after the telling of the tales and songs has died down a bit.” Aragorn said.

“Fair enough.” Paul said, not sure how to take it. “Uh, we need to talk for a moment for a while.” he said, taking Adrianne away from Aragorn and Gloin. He led her to a corner with what looked to be almost true fear in his eyes, a thing that she was not used to seeing with him.

“Pleas, I didn’t think that it would actually work. I sware!” Adrianne said, thinking that he was going to ask about the map spell.

“I didn’t eather, but that’s not the point.” he said. “How do we get back? That’s what I need to know. Is there a way back out of this?”

“I’m working on that. I’ve been asking myself the same question since we ended up in Mirkwood. I need help; what I have with me isn’t enough.”

“Then what are we supposed to do?”

“Help gather information. Bilbo has too much time on his hands now. I was going to ask Aragorn or some one to help with translating a few things as it is.”

Paul looked around the room quickly. “How safe are we here?”

“The house of Elrond is as safe as it gets in the coming war, but there is the siege to take into account as well.”


“Sauron knows that something’s up here. The Shire will be over ran, Lorien is constantly being attacked by bands of orcs. Grima is in Edoras. The steward of Gondor is weak. Mirkood is still greatly affected by the spiders of Morgoth. Arnor’s people are dwindoling. The balrog is in Moria. Shelob is at Mordor’s north side.”

“Get to the point!”

“When Elrond and his sons are gone to Lorien and Mirkwoodto gather an army to lead to Gondor for Aragorn’s aid, Sauron will send a latge host through perfectly secret ways to Imladris. they will assail it from all sides.”

“Why is the room so quiet?” Paul asked, turning to see that all faces were turned on their conversation. ‘Dang elven hearing!’ he thought to himself.

A woman yelled out, “Servants of Mordor!”

“Spies of the servants of Melko!” another accused.

“No.” Elrond corrected. “One of them knows the future’s greatest potentials the same as the mother of my formother, Melian, could see what lied ahead. The child posesses the same gift of forsight as the lady of Lothlorien dose.”


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