Daughter of Feanor – Part Four Continued

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https://www.theonering.com/docs/15098.html is the adress for the first part of part four.

Michelle called out to Perigrin, “Yeah, well, it would have really helped if you’d have taken a better look.”

Gimli then boasted about not needing a map. Gandalf spoke of making their way to the Dimril Dale.

The next day, all seemed to take note of Aragorn’s restlessness. None followed, at first, when he wandered off to the ridge. He was lisnening for something, or so it seemed.

<< “What’s the matter, Strider?” Merry asked as Aragorn came back. “What are you looking for? Do you miss the East Wind?”

“No.” he answered. “but something is missing. I have spent manny years of my life here, but manny other things live here as well, and especially birds. Now your voices seem to make the ground echo for the lack of other, narural, sounds of them and other creatures. I can feal that there is no sound for miles about us. I don’t understand it.”

Gandalf looked up with interest. “What is your guess at the reason? Is it shock at seeing six hobbits, not to mention the rest of us, where people are seldom seen of heard?”

“I would hope so, but I have a sence of watchfulness, and of fear, that I have never had here befor.”

“Then we should be more careful. If a Ranger is near, it is best to listen to him, especially if it is Aragorn. We should be quieter and set a watch.”

On the day after that, Sam was taking his turn as the wach, but Aragorn joined him while the others fell asleep. Now even Sam felt the quiet growing, the breath of the sleepers was easy to hear now. Loud noises were only that ot the poney’s sail swishing of the occasional movements of his feet. A dark spot was seen drivingnorth in the dawn’s light, and it grew larger, flying like smoke in the wind.

“What is that, Strider?” Sam asked in a whisper. “It don’t look like a cloud.” But it was not long befor he could tell with his own eyes. Crebain had come. Again the company moved by night; they were to climb the mountain, Caradhras. >>

As the morning light had found them atop the mountain for the second day, they began to converse of ways to get back off the mountain now that Saruman had snowed them in at their make shift shelter and magiclally lit fire.

Soon, Aragorn and Boromir were off ploughing through the snow to make a path for the others. The three elves huddled around each other, speeking softly in the elven languages. Adrianne had improoved greatly from her previous knowledge {most of which she’d learned because Nic had found a few sites on theinternet with elven dictionaries} and Paul was beginning to understand more than mellon, lisse nin, and namarie.

“We could ‘fetch the sun’ in a maner of speeking.” Paul sugested.

“It shouldn’t be hard for us to help the others back track.” Adrianne agreed.

“Then we should go now.” Legolas nodded and rose from his place, the others following suite. “The two of you should see to it that Aragorn and Boromir do not tunnel their way off a cliff while I go a way father and do as Gandalf sugested.”

<< With that, he sprang lightly and nimbly onto the snow. “Fair well!” he said to Gandalf. “I go to find the Sun!” then he quickly overtook the men as he ran on ahead of them and vanished round the rocky turn. >>

“And where are the two of you going?” gimli raised a brow as Adrianne and Paul began to follow.

“To see that they do not fall off the mountainside.” Paul answered with a mischivous grinn as they both left at a somewhat slower pace than Legolas had.


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