Daughter of Feanor – Part Five: Wargs

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Mary moved into the group. The howling wind was grating on her nerves and making her fingers numb. Something about it seemed all together worse than their earlyer situation in Caradhras the day befor, but it wasn’t long untill she found out why some of them looked a bit more on edge than the others.

It was not the wind that was howling. Wolves were tracking them now. It gave her all the more reason to huddle clocer to the others.

<< “The wolf that one hears is worse than the orc that one fears.” said Boromir.

But Aragorn replied, “True! But where the warg howls, there also the orc prowls.” >>

“Maybe we should make for higher ground and build up a fire or two to scare them off.” Nic suggested.

“It may not keep them away indefinitly,” Gandalf said, “but it should buy us some time, and,perhaps, another night.”

The group moved on a little, and came to as best a spot as could be found at dusk. Some built fires, and the others made a circle of stones around their intended camp site at Gandalf’s bidding.

Tension grew as the sun’s last ray left the sky and they were left with only the two small fires to keep them warm and provide light.

A low growl cought their attention. No sooner than they turned tward it did the wargs come into the light from all sides.

“Build the fire!” Gandalf ordered thoes nearist the extra wood. “Draw your blades and stand back to back!”

In the following fight, even the girls abandoned the firepits and fought as the wargs came ever stronger. Frodo and Pippin were the last two who tended the flames, and yet they had to stop and fend of an attacker quite frequently.

<< In the wavering firelight Gandalf seemed suddenly to grow: he rose up, a great menacing shape like the monument of some ancient king of stone set upon a hill. Stooping like a cloud, he lifted a burning branch and strode to meet the wolves. They gave back befor him. High in the air he tossed the blazing brand. It flared with a sudden white radiance like lightning; and his voice rolled like thunder.

“Naur an edraith ammen! Naur dan i ngaurhoth!” he cried. {Burn or open to us! Flame take you, werewolves!}

There was a roar and a crackle, and the tree above him burst into a leaf and bloom of blinding flame. the fire leapt from thee-top to tree-top. The whole hill was crownd with dazzling light. The swords and knives of the deffenders shown and flickered. The last arrow of Legolas killed in the air as it flew, and plunged burning into the heart of a great wolf-chieftain. All others fled.

And when the sun came again, their enimies wererouted and did not return. >>

The group talked by twos or threes, softly. Manny of stouter heart and memory of previous killing gave solace to thoes who’d never had to kill or strike with a weapen in a life or death situation.

<< “What did I tell you, Mr. Pippin?” said Sam, sheething his sword. “Wolves won’t get him. that was an eye opener, and no mistake! Nearly singed the hair off my head!”

The weather became clear again, as if on command, as they went. The wind failed. The clouds vanished southwards and the sky opened, high and blue. A pale sunlight gleamed over the mountaintops, as if some power wished now to see clearly, even from far away, whatever moved in the wild. >>

“It is well that you each have some skill with a weapen, at least enough to stay alive through what happened last night.” Boromir said to Eddy. “If not, none of us would have been able to defend you aas well as ourselves.”

“No.” Eddy corrected. “I don’t think that Michelle or Mary were verry willing to take thoes blades you and Aragorn gave them. they look shaken. To tell the truth, I didn’t want to fight eather.”


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