Daughter of Feanor – Chapter #2

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~Daughter of Feanor~ Chapter #2~

As Naira had expected, it did not take long for strider to come barging into her room. She turned her head to look at him, and saw that he had dragged the Hobbit in with him. “What do you want?” The Hobbit demanded in a fearful voice. When Naira stood, and began to put the candles out, he grew even more frightened.

“A little more caution you should use. That is no normal jewelry wear you carry with you.”

“I carry nothing!”

“Say what you will, I know the truth. We can disappear when we wish, but to disappear entirely is a rare gift.”

Just then, the door burst open again, and there stood Frodo’s three companions, Merry, Pippin, and Sam. Merry and Pippin had chairs, and Sam held up his fists. Naira began towards them, reaching for one of her daggers, but Strider stopped her. “No, stop. We are not to harm them, remember?”

Naira nodded, turned, and walked back over to the window. She pulled her hood back, and allowed her long red hair to fall down her back. “Hey, look! It’s that woman who fought off those things that were chasing us earlier!” Pippin cried.

Naira sat down, and propped her feet back up on the window sill. She then looked out the window, watching, waiting. Surely the Nazgul would soon come. “The Nazgul are what you face. Ringwraiths…Lome here specializes in fighting them.”

Sam walked up beside Naira, and bowed his head lightly to her. “Good evening, Lady Lome. How are you fairing this evening?” Naira turned, and smiled at him. She put a hand on his head, and ruffled up the hair on the top of his head, but did not answer.

“Lady Lome?”

“Lome is mute. She cannot answer you, even if she wanted to,” Strider said. He then motioned to the bed. “You should get whatever rest you can. Lome and I are going to lead you away from here early in the morning.”

“Where will you be taking us?” Frodo asked, as he sat down on the bed.

“To Rivendell, the House of Elrond. Now, get some rest.”

“Should we not go to our own room?”

“No, the Wraiths are coming. You will not be safe there. You’ll have to stay here. Here you’ll be safe.”


It had been hours since the Hobbits had fallen asleep. But Naira and Strider were still awake. Naira never slept. Unlike other elves, she didn’t even fall into a world of daydreams. Instead, she would stay completely conscious. There was no world of dreams for her to escape to anymore.

Strider sighed lightly, “do you really think the Nazgul will come now? It’s been a long time already.”

Naira shrugged lightly, signaling that she didn’t know.

Strider nodded, “I don’t know either.”

Just then, Naira leapt to her feet, and ran to the door, pulling her chair with her. She pressed it against the door, wedging the top of the chair right under the door knob.
And that’s when Strider heard it. The screams rippled through the air, and for a moment he shivered. He stood, and watched as five Wraiths entered the inn. “Naira, are you ready?”

Naira nodded lightly, and put her hand on the hilt of her sword. She knew she hadn’t had the time to put a new coding of burning oil on it, but she could fight them just as well without it. But just for the record, she really didn’t want to fight the Wraiths, especially without the use of her special technique.

A few minutes later, more screams screeched though the air, and Naira looked over to Strider. For a moment he was silent, but then he sighed lightly. “They have finally left. They didn’t find us.”

“What are the Nazgul exactly?” The now awaken Frodo asked.

“Once, they were men; Kings of Man. But then, Sauron gave them nine rings of power. They were blinded by greed, and slowly fell into darkness. Now they are neither living nor dead…servants of Sauron…and they will never stop hunting you.”


The next morning, Srider awoke to find Naira and the Hobbits had already left the room. He hurried downstairs. And found the Hobbits eating. But Naira was not with them.

Strider slowly walked over to the Hobbits. “Where’s Lome?”

“We don’t know. She was down here for a bit, grabbed some cram, and left,” Frodo answered.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be back soon.” Sam added.

Strider nodded, “ok. And one thing, around here Lome is referred to as a he. As a ranger, we have all taken up secret identities, and here Lome is a he, not a her. Nobody knows Lome is a female other then us. Got that?”

“Yes Strider,” all four Hobbits answered.

“Good, now I’ll be back soon. I need to look for him, and make sure he isn’t getting himself in trouble again.” Strider then turned, and began to walk outside.

And who did he find walking down the road towards the inn? None other then Naira herself. And she was leading a horse, with supplies on it. But the horse wasn’t Manwathiel, it was a brown horse, not a black. Strider slowly walked over to her, “why did you get another horse.”

Naira pointed to all the bags, and what not on the horse’s back.

“Well, couldn’t we have used Manwathiel as a supply horse? We didn’t need to buy another one. And certainly not one that is half starved. Look, you can almost see his ribs.”

Naira then pointed to herself, then back to the horse she had, and then towards the stables for the inn. She then shook her head.

“What, Manwathiel isn’t there?”

Naira nodded lightly.

“Well, where is she?”

Naira shrugged, and handed the reins to him. She then walked into the inn, and came out a few minutes later with the Hobbits. She was eating another wafer of Cram. She took the reins from Strider, and began to walk away.

Frodo tugged lightly on Strider’s arm. “You know, she has a strange way of telling people what she wants.

Well, wouldn’t you too if you didn’t have a voice?”


It did not take them long to reach the place they were going to spend some time to rest at for a while. Thanks to the back wood roads, and the fact that Strider and Naira had kept the Hobbits moving at quite a fast pace.

They set up camp, and then Naira walked off into the darkness, as Strider threw swords to everyone. “We are going to have a quick look around here, and see if Gandalf has been here lately. Stay here, and keep your swords close.” He then turned, and followed Naira.


Naira stayed a few steps in front of Strider, scanning the ground with her keen elven eyes. Nothing seemed out of place, there were no footprints so far. She stopped, and shook her head. She then turned back to Strider, and shrugged.


Naira nodded, and kicked a rock.

“Then Gandalf hasn’t been here lately. I wonder what could have happened to him. He said he was at least going to meet us at Bree. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. All we have to do is get the Hobbits to Rivendell.”

Naira nodded, then turned to head back to the camp. That’s when she saw the smoke, obviously from a small fire the Hobbits had created. Then she smelled something, and her eyes widened. Immediately, she began to run towards where they had left the Hobbits.

That’s when screams echoed through the surrounding valley, and hills. Immediately, Strider took off after Naira. “Naira! Wait!” But it was too late, Naira was already gone.

(Erm, sorry if this seems a bit like the movie, I really didn’t have any good ideas to make it more ‘original.’ But I do promise! The next one will be one hunderd percent (ok, well, not one hundred, but you get what I mean) original.)


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