Dark Maiden of Lorien – Chapter 7- Family Secrets

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Family Secrets

Taurgûl’s hand whipped behind his back as his eyes glazed over. The air began to shudder and move quickly around them. Daeriul gasped to breathe, as did Haldir. Just as quickly as it had begun, the air returned to their lungs. Taurgûl’s malicious smile widened as he moved his hand from behind his back, he held it out in front of him.

Daeriul’s eyes became fixed on the rising and falling of the blue flame upon his open palm. It danced within her eyes as it placed her under a hypnotic spell. The flame suddenly began to flicker and then died into nothing, leaving Daeriul and Haldir bewildered and dizzy.

“How did you do that?” Daeriul gasped breathlessly.

“It is time I have told you who I am, and, who you are.”


He rubbed his palms together as he paced in front of her. The silence grew until Taurgûl’s soft, mesmerising voice shattered that silence.

“I left my home in Beleriand at the end of the Second Age. I was on my own quest, discovering who I was and developing my recently know power’s. I came across Saruman whilst passing through the Gap of Rohan. He saw my potential and immediately took me in. Hiding me from the infamous White Council, he became my Master and I, his apprentice. Through the Third Age he helped me develop my powers; he promised me that when he ruled Middle-earth he would give me power over half the land and would place me at his right hand.”

“But…what about when Gandalf broke Saruman’s staff? Why did Gandalf not detect your presence?”

He laughed quietly and his eyes flashed over her, “Saruman hid me from the outsiders, even the Uruk’Hai. He left Isengard with Wormtongue but I stayed, wallowing in my malice. I soon took control of Saruman’s spies, the birds and the beasts. They gave me information on Orcs and Uruk’Hai that wandered still through Mordor. I placed a mild sleeping spell upon the Ents and quickly made my escape to Mordor. I took control of the Orcs and built this tower, Barad Amarth. I spread my spies farther West, gathering together broken groups of scattered Orcs.”

He paused and fingered his long Raven hair, placing it behind the point of his ear.

“So you are an Elf then.” Daeriul asked cautiously.

“Aye, that of Moriquendi, like you.” He replied solemnly.

Daeriul’s eyes shot up in anger, they became as slits as she fixed a venomous gaze upon him, “That is untrue, I am of Sindarin, not Moriquendi!”

Taurgûl lifted his head towards her, his black eyes staring into hers.

“Your mother Kaladrin was a Moriquendi, I know who she is for I was her first born. You see, she was my mother, and you are my sister.”

His voice died and Daeriul slumped downwards, shocked. Her thoughts raced around quickly and they all came to one conclusion…he was lying.

“Liar…” Daeriul spoke quietly, Taurgûl’s eyes flashed in anger.

“What did you say?” His voice rose in anger.

“You are a liar! I am an only child…daughter of Kaladrin and Narmia of Lothlorien…”

“I am right.” Taurgûl’s voice commanded, silencing Daeriul’s cries. “Our mother who was then named Morinvala, possessed great powers, she did not marry the one who I call Atar. But she left after she bore me, realising that I too possessed her powers. She fled for she had premonitions of my future self, she did not want anything to do with my upbringing. The last I heard of her was when she fled towards the Misty Mountains…”

“Where she met my father who was returning to Lothlorien from Rivendell, he rescued her from being slain by a group of rogue Orcs. He took her back to Lorien, and there they married.” Daeriul murmured softly, raising her eyes to meet her brother’s hardened glare.

She mimicked the stare and spoke quickly, “If my mother possessed such great powers and she was a Moriquendi, why did not Galadriel know who she was?”

“Mother was more powerful than that of Galadriel. She blocked out all memory of her past, forgetting her true identity, me, and even her name. That day she became Kaladrin, daughter of an unknown, mother of none. I have never forgiven her for abandoning me, and erasing all memory of who I am.”

Guilt rose swiftly through Daeriul, than anger as a sudden realisation sprung to life. “Is that why you murdered her and the rest of my family and friends? Is that why you destroyed the only home I have ever known!?”

“Aye it was necessary to accomplish my goal, my dream, my destiny. And you dear sister will help me accomplish this. For I do not have enough power to do this, but with both of our powers combined we will rule Middle-earth!”

At that Taurgûl’s shape filled the room, fire leapt from his eyes.

“Nay! I will never join you!” Daeriul cried out furiously.

Taurgûl held out his worn hand and pointed at Haldir. A loud screeching noise filled the air as Haldir’s chair slowly moved towards him. It inched closer and abruptly stopped, Taurgûl moved his hand into a half circle, and the chair did the same. Haldir’s frightened face stared back at Daeriul’s mirrored expression. Taurgûl’s hand then flashed to the bloodied dagger that lay still by the body of Grúï’lyë. Fear leapt in Haldir’s eyes as the dagger pressed against his exposed neck.

“Stop.” Daeriul whispered.

“You will do as I say or you will lose another loved one. I see that you do not want to lose this one, he is of great importance to you.” His eyes stared in amusement.

“He is a friend.” Daeriul spoke hoarsely.

“He is more than that I can tell. I see it in your eyes, the way you look at him.”

“Daeriul, do not listen to him, go! Do not take his commands, leave me!” Haldir cried out.

The dagger pressed against him harder, Haldir bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain. A small trickle of blood ran down his creamy white neck.

“I will never leave you Haldir, I would rather sacrifice my life to save you.” Daeriul whispered to him, she stared into his eyes deeply.

She hung her head and closed her eyes. Words began to form at her lips, words that had risen from the depths of her soul, words that had been passed down from her mother. Daeriul shot her head up as fire sprung from her skin, severing her bonds. She sprung to her feet as the fire leapt to the wooden chair, hungrily. Her hair, normally raven blazed flaxen, brighter than any that had been seen before. Her body began to lift from the ground, only the edge of her toes scrapped across the stone floor. She raised her arms and spoke once more, this time her voice filled the room, echoing across the walls and filling every crack.

“Sul tuulo’ hae, ie’ lle naia!” (Wind from afar, be at my command!)

The air began to rise and move again quickly. Daeriul’s golden hair flew around her; her now blood red eyes became fixed upon Taurgûl’s. His hold on the blade loosened and it clattered to the floor.

“There, you see? I am correct; your power is that of mother, you have control of Naur and Sul. (Fire and Wind) I, however, control Naur and Kemen. (Fire and Earth) Now, loosen Sul and die it down, there is much to discuss.” His knowing voice pierced through the wind.

Daeriul’s eyes changed to the colour of the deepest of black as her booming voice spoke, “Never. I have said before, I will never join you and your foolish dreams, it is folly.”

She glanced towards the stone doors swinging them open. The Uruk’Hai stared back, blinking in confusion. Daeriul lifted her palm and the guards weapons lifted from their grasp. She turned them around and threw them into the bewildered guards, piercing their knobbed flesh. The guards slumped to the ground, dead. Daeriul turned back to face Taurgûl and Haldir, she raised her hand again and then pointed to the doorway. Haldir’s chair lifted from the spot and entered through the stone doors into the dimly lit darkness. Daeriul stared into Haldir’s pleading face as she swung the doors shut, locking them in.

“You also control the power of Kemen, most unexpected, but helpful, I’m sure. Now to be serious, I advise you to abandon this foolishness, before you get hurt.”

“Never, I shall avenge my family and friends. And of mother, MY mother Kaladrin, not Morinvala.”

“As you wish.” He sneered. His shape began to grow until he filled what space he had. His hair became as Fire and thick vine like veins protruded from his skin, beating with the rhythm of his heart.

Daeriul lowered the intensity of the Wind and began to speak again.

“Naur ehtele’ tuulo i’ Ened, tuulo’ coia en’ Eru, ie’ lle naia!” (Fire spring from the core, the life of Eru, be at my command!)

A small flame was produced from the stone floor; it grew until the flames licked the black ceiling, hungry for destruction.

“So begins the War of the Powers.” Taurgûl whispered.

Author’s Note: Ok in this chapter, you may think it just a bit weird when they mention the Power of Earth and they move things around like chairs and daggers. This is because dagger’s are made from metal which is broken down into something like Iron Ore, which comes from the Earth, and the chairs are wooden which come from trees, etc etc. So in other words they can control anything earthly including earthquakes Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this and leave a comment telling me what you think!


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