Dark Maiden of Lorien – Chapter 5–Firelight Discussions

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Firelight Discussions

Night crept over the sky like a dark veil; the band of Orcs and their two captives crept across the darkening land. Grúï’lyë led the group to a secluded spot, and there they noisily made camp. Daeriul and Haldir were left under guard, as the others rushed off. Daeriul slumped tiredly to the ground.

She had been weary most of the way. Her mind was too dazed to think, though, flashbacks of her home drew her to tears.

A shadow fell over Daeriul, and she looked up nonchalantly. Grúï’lyë stared back; he unsheathed a small blade and brought it down upon Daeriul. She shut her eyes, waiting for the sharp pain as the blade bit her skin. But she heard a slight snap as her hands were freed. She opened her eyes and stared in disbelief at her cut bonds.

Grúï’lyë turned and walked away from her, she looked towards Haldir, who was now sitting upon the soft ground. His bounds were also cut, but he seemed to care not. His eyes were distant and his face was grave, he too was still shocked about their home.


Daeriul rubbed her feet slowly, they were sore and blisters were beginning to appear. She was not used to going so far a distance at a fast speed. She felt a pair of eyes upon her, in the distance Crîülè was watching her.

Why is she needed so? She is no good to me alive, but her flesh could be quite a delicacy. He licked his tattered lips greedily. His eyes then fell upon Grúï’lyë, he would soon be out of the way, and he would make sure of it.


Daeriul shuddered slightly, near them; a few Orcs began to build a crudely made fire. But as the flame began to rise, Daeriul moved closer, gathering as much heat as she could. That night she would discuss with Haldir a means of escape.

A flask was forced into Daeriul’s face, a clawed hand holding onto it. The Orc nudged his head, waiting for Daeriul to take it. She cautiously took it and sniffed the contents; it didn’t smell unusual to her. She took a sip and gagged, the liquid burnt her throat, but it warmed her body.


Haldir stood from where he was sitting; he walked over towards Daeriul and placed himself next to her. She handed him a small pouch and he took it puzzled.

“Drink it, it will help you.” She nodded her head towards the pouch.

He placed it to his lips and sipped the contents. Fire burned his throat and his eyes began to water. But as the fire subsided his body began to warm up. Daeriul raised her eyebrows at him and he nodded in silent agreement, she was correct, it did help him.


The two Elves were settled on one side of the fire, their guards watching them at a distance. On the other side sat the Orcs, they whispered amongst themselves, their dark eyes glancing now and then at the Elves. They whispered rumours to themselves, the female Elf was a Sorceress and the master needed her for her powers.

As Daeriul’s eyes swept across the group they whispered a new rumour, a Dark Elf, yes, one with powers beyond imagination. But some dismissed the hurried rumours, if she had powers, why doesn’t she use them? Some remained silent at this question but others replied, she did not know of her powers, but Táurgûl did.

The whispering stopped as Grúï’lyë approached them; he walked around the fire and sat next to the Elves. Daeriul looked at him with surprise, as did Haldir. Grúï’lyë remained silent as the Elves spoke to each other quietly.

“Lire lye auta?” (When do we leave?) Haldir’s eyes pleaded at Daeriul.

“Amin caela n’noa.” (I have no idea) Daeriul’s eyes fell to the ground, she did not wish to disappoint Haldir. But he did not seem to want to give up.

“Lire Glamhoth kaima?” (When the Orcs are asleep?) Daeriul glanced up at him, fire dancing in her eyes.

“Lle ron kaima?” (Do they sleep?) Daeriul snapped, she turned from him and shook her head. As guilt rose in her she turned back towards him, his face was filled with hurt.

“Amin hiraetha, mellonamin.” (I’m sorry my friend) He smiled at her; he needed no words to forgive her. She embraced him in the glare of the firelight.


Grúï’lyë had watched the two Elves discussing amongst themselves, he could tell by their expressions upon their faces that their discussion was serious. He watched as Daeriul took off her cloak and wrapped it around her and Haldir, they cuddled up to each other and stared into the bright firelight.

Daeriul listened to Haldir’s soft breathing as he fell asleep. His head leaning on Daeriul’s shoulder, she smiled to herself. He would never know how much she cared for him, and she would never tell him. Daeriul closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.


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