Dark Maiden of Lórien – Chapter 3: Capture

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Chapter 3: Capture

Haldir watched Daeriul sprint quickly back into Lothlórien, without uttering a word to him. He called after her, but his cries were hollow echoes amongst the trees. Haldir stopped himself from going after her; he knew she could take care of herself. And the reason for her leaving was of no concern to him, he had learnt this many times before. He felt his eyes pull back into the direction of the Brown Lands. The dark mass was now even closer. His sharp eyes picked out the individual shadows from each other. Haldir frowned, the rapidly moving mass was in army… of what sort, he did not know.

Then his eyes widened in fear as he remembered what Daeriul had told, “reports that the Uruk’Hai are massing. They are coming to Lothlórien, to destroy us.” Haldir could not believe that she had told him that. He thought that everything would be fine after Sauron was defeated. But the time of his people were over, they would be destroyed or be forced to sail to the Undying Lands. Splashing awoke him from his thoughts, a small band of Uruk’Hai were crossing the Anduin River. It had only been a matter of minutes that the Uruk’s made to cross the Brown Land’s. They were a new breed, faster, more agile. But would they make out across the Anduin, without being swept away?

His silent question was answered as the Uruk’Hai crossed through the middle, and continued on. Gliding through the water, wickedly curved blades wielded high above their gnarled heads. As they drew nearer to the shore, Haldir fumbled for his daggers, gripping the handles tightly.

The first Uruk’Hai that reached the shore let out a loud war-like cry. It ran quickly towards Haldir, his blade held high above its armoured face. As it drew nearer Haldir easily stepped aside and plunged one of the elven daggers into the Uruk’s gullet. It stopped short; grabbed the handle and pulled the dagger out of its stomach without flinching. Haldir watched as the Uruk’Hai snapped the blade easily and threw it to the ground. Dark blood oozed from the wound but it cared not, a meagre wound would not slow it down. The Uruk charged at Haldir again, this time it’s blade pointing at Haldir’s stomach.


Haldir stood frozen as he watched the Uruk’Hai snap his blade. He had never seen a Uruk’Hai as strong as this one was. His feet were frozen to the ground as the Uruk charged at him again, his mind screamed at him to move, but his legs were frozen. Another cry came from the river and the Uruk stopped only inches away from Haldir. He shuddered at the stench of the creatures foul breath, another gnarled creature came into sight, oozing with foul mud and water. Its speech was harsh, but could be translated in Common Tongue.

“Crîülè, do not harm him! We have our orders!”

Crîülè stared at his commanding officer with hate, “But look at what the filthy being did to me!” He pointed to the gaping hole in his abdomen and snarled at Haldir.

“How do you know that he is the one that the master told us to get?” His eyes blazed at his comrade, now ignoring the shaken elf.

Haldir came out of his frozen state and back into reality. Quickly he considered his odds, if he attacked he would most surely get hurt, or worse. But, if he fled into Lothlórien, he could escape. Slowly, Haldir edged towards the golden trees of Lothlórien, watching the two Uruk’s arguing as more stumbled up the Anduin banks. Without another thought, Haldir darted quickly through the trees hearing the leader shout out in surprise.


He ran as fast as he could, jumping over logs and dodging low tree branches, though he was not lucky, for some caught in his hair and scratched at his face. He could only hear the pounding of his heart but then the sounds of his attackers filled his mind. As he glanced back at his pursuers, he carelessly tripped over a small rock and stumbled, but did not fall. His speed lessened, and felt a heavy object strike him and fell to the ground with a hard thud. Haldir lay face down in the leaves, dazed. The voices floated above him.

“Never disobey my commands again Crîülè or you shall have to answer to the master himself if any of his possessions are harmed. But we have him now; all we need to do is find the she-elf. She must be around here somewhere, I can smell her,” the voice growled. “Crîülè! You shall take the others with you to find her, but I warn you now do not harm her! That is the master’s wishes, and it shall stay that way!”

Crîülè mumbled under his breath and sent Grúï’lyë a poisonous look, but he followed his orders and departed with two other’s. Grúï’lyë waited until they were out of sight, he turned Haldir onto his back thinking to himself, why is this elf so important? He turned Haldir over again and bound his hands. He swung the limp elf over his shoulder and started slowly in the direction of Crîülè and the other Uruk’Hai.


Haldir lifted his head; everything around him was spinning, noticing dazedly that he was lying on something hard. It dawned to him that he was being carried over someone’s shoulder. He struggled with his hands but they were bound tightly together upon his back. Grúï’lyë halted, he felt the elf struggle and then stop. He carried along and came upon Crîülè who was bending over something; the other Orcs were watching him intently. Crîülè looked up at Grúï’lyë approaching, a horrid grin placed upon his distorted face.

Grúï’lyë placed the somewhat unconscious elf beside the other Orcs and walked over to the figure that lay sprawled on the ground. Matted blood lay on half her face, her eyes were glazed over but she was still conscience. Her long raven dark hair lay about her sprawled body. Grúïlyë grinned, this was she, this is what they had come for, though he wondered…

“Crîülè, what happened to her? You better not have done anything rash.”

Crîülè glared angrily at Grúï’lyë, “I found her like this! Do not accuse me!”

He drew his Mordorian blade and pointed it at Grúï’lyë, “Or I shall fight you for your position!”

Grúï’lyë stared at him thoughtfully, then let out a disgusting throaty sound, his laughter.

“Put it away Crîülè, there is no need for that here. But maybe you can choose to fight for this position when we return, but I highly doubt that you shall achieve killing me!” More laughter was followed, Crîülè put away his blade and sneered to himself, yes the time will come, and the rightful leader shall step up. Grúï’lyë announced quickly to the others, “This is her, the master will be pleased. Pick her up, the rest of you can go to the city, destroy everything.”

Crîülè picked her up and disarmed her, snapping her hand-made elvish blades. Grúï’lyë picked up Haldir also, and spoke to the other Uruk’s before they departed, “The other’s are coming, they won’t be long, do not fully attack the City. Take care of those who are wandering outside, quickly and quietly, we do not want any news of our presence. Not until they arrive.”

The Uruk’Hai nodded in agreement of their orders and stealthily stole into the direction of Caras Galadhon. Grúï’lyë took lead and started back to the edge of Lórien, they were returning to Mordor. Their mission was completed, their master would reward them greatly, Grúï’lyë grinned to himself.


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