Dark Maiden of Lorien – Chapter 2–Shadow From The East

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Shadow From The East

Daeriul sat upon the boulder where she had developed a sense of security around. This was the place where she came to reminisce when she could not sleep and slipped out of Cerin Amroth in the dead of night.

A twig snapped and Daeriul quickly turned; her daggers in her hands. Haldir stood a few feet away from her, hands in the air as though he was to defend himself. Daeriul slipped the daggers back into her belt and climbed off the rock.

“Haldir, what are you doing here? Spying on me as it may seem?”

Daeriul grinned at him, letting him know that she was not being serious. But she seemed different to him, edgy. He spoke to her cautiously, wary of what he said to her.

“I saw you by yourself, I thought that you might like some company.”

“Aye, I was just about to find you, for there is something I need to discuss with you.”

She began to walk alongside the stream that lay near them, walking easterly. Haldir walked beside her, watching and waiting for what she was to say next.

“I do not know if you have heard the news that my father has received-“

Daeriul glanced at Haldir, he shook his head.

“-but this news puts us all in grave danger. My father’s scout has returned from the East with reports that the Uruk’Hai are massing. They are coming to Lothlorien, to destroy us.”

Haldir’s face changed, pain etched across his face for he knew that they could not win if they were attacked. Seeing his pain Daeriul quickly finished.

“We do not why, and we do not know if they shall attack Gondor or Rohan as well. What we know is that we will have to flee, either to Rivendell or Mirkwood, even there I am not sure if we will be safe.”

Daeriul grew silent, flinching at what she had said. She hated to break bad news to those whom she loved dearly. She walked silently along, waiting for Haldir to reply to what she had just said, but he too remained silent. Daeriul realised that they had reached the eastern border of Lorien.

Haldir stopped as well, they both looked out across the vast plains of the Brown Lands, Daeriul’s gaze was fixed upon Mirkwood. She could see Dol Guldur peaking high above the dark trees.

Daeriul’s eyes swept across the Brown Lands again and a chill ran down her spine. Beside her, Haldir gasped, “Daeriul! Do you see it?”

“What is it…where is it?” She shouted in alarm.

“On the plains, it is a dark mass, moving quickly.”

Daeriul’s sight fixed upon the shape that Haldir was pointing at. She watched the shape, it was moving as one at a great speed, towards them.

Faces of travelling Uruk’Hai flashed in her mind, jolting her backwards.

She gasped for breath and realised what had just happened. She quickly turned back into the forest, running as fast as she could, hoping that she could make it back to Cerin Amroth before it was too late.

Haldir heard Daeriul gasp for breath beside him, after he had pointed out the dark shape. He saw that her hands were braced upon her knees, beads of perspiration on her face.

Before he could ask her what the matter was, she ran back into Lorien. He called after her but his words echoed in the dense trees, with no reply.


Daeriul tripped over an upturned root, her head hit a small rock with a thickening crunch.

She felt a slight trickle of liquid flow down her face. Her hand flew to the cut, and became covered with thick blood.

Daeriul stood; she could not let this trivial cut stop herself. She took a few more steps but fell to the forest floor, dizzy. But still she surged forward, she had to warn her people before it was too late.

She fell to the ground again; she had no strength to pick herself up. As her vision darkened she began to mentally scold herself, she knew it was too late. The Uruk’Hai were coming, and now she could not warn her people. Blood will be spilt, of elves and Orcs alike.

Through the engulfing darkness a hideous face grinned down at her, it spoke in harsh, common speech.

“This is her, the master will be pleased. Pick her up, the rest of you can go to the city, destroy everything.”

He laughed and Daeriul shuddered at the cold, clawed hands that picked her up. She was swung over one of their backs harshly.

She lifted her head weakly and saw a great band of Uruk’Hai running in the direction of Cerin Amroth. Her eyes closed and she saw no more.


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