Dark Maiden of Lorien – Chapter 1–An Eastern Threat

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An Eastern Threat

Authors Note- This story was recently called Shadow of Lothlorien, but I decided to change it and add new details that I didn’t put in the other story. Anywho, hope you enjoy!

Lothlorien lay dark and silent in the clear night. The stars shone down upon the forest, slivers of light danced upon the forest floor. A dark shadow sat perched upon a boulder that was set next to a small brook.

The shadow stood away from the boulder and began to walk aimlessly alongside the brook. A flicker of starlight flashed across the young maidens face, her eyes were a set deep grey. And her long curly hair was as black as the night.

The maiden continued along, deep in thought. Her name was Daeriul daughter of Narmia and Kaladrin, watchers of Lorien. She was different to those who dwelt in Cerin Amroth. Daeriul had an air of mysteriousness about her; she was stern and only made friends with those whom she respected.

Daeriul had spent the last few nights wandering through Lorien, escaping from the dreams that had been plaguing her. They were all different but one thing was the same, death and destruction. At the end of her dreams, Uruk’Hai come into her view, and in the distance a voice can be heard, laughing evilly. She then awakens in a bed of sweat, screaming a name she has never heard before, Taurgul.

Though it had been a while since the One Ring had been destroyed, whispered rumours spread through the forest of the Uruk’Hai that had been massing in the East. Many dismissed these rumours, but Daeriul could not, she believed in her dreams.

The stars began to fade as the night ended and the day came again. Daeriul started towards a large tree already lit by the light of the rising sun. As she stood by the base of the tree she whistled low. A makeshift ladder fell and hit the trunk twice before Daeriul could steady it. She quickly climbed up the wooden steps and pulled herself up upon the wooden platform. She was now hidden in the dense canopy of the tree.

Two Elves greeted her warmly and she smiled politely at them, though she barely knew them. Daeriul walked towards the wooden railings, she placed her hands upon them and sighed. In the far distance, Cerin Amroth could be seen, glittering and silent in the awakening sunlight.
Cerin Amroth had become a humble place since Lady Galadriel and Celeborn had departed over the sea. But it was still in habited, for none will leave its sacredness.

“Ai Na Vedui Daeriul.”

Daeriul turned quickly to see the familiar face of her friend, Haldir.

“Ai Na Vedui Haldir, I did not know it was your watch,” she smiled slyly.

“Aye it is, though I doubt you did not know. You wanted to see me, did you not?” His knowing grin etched across his face.

Daeriul frowned at him, their friendship was that of great importance to her, but she despised his arrogance.

“Haldir, I am in need of your advice. Remember the dreams I have told you about? I had another one, though this one was different, it took place here, in Cerin Amroth. It was also very real and did not feel like a dream.”

Haldir stood quietly, he was not sure of what to say to his friend.

“The only advice I can offer you is to dismiss it as a dream, nothing more. Now the day is breaking and I offer you to come join me and Gloredhel for breakfast, you look famished.”

Daeriul smiled at him though she knew she could not join him but felt an urgency to return home.

“Nay, I have to return home, I…am expected.”

“Aye then I shall see you soon, Namarie Daeriul.”

“Namarie Haldir.”

The two elves that had greeted her earlier sent down the ladder again. Daeriul thanked them and quickly climbed the steps, entering a brighter, livelier forest.

She walked along until she could see Cerin Amroth in view. Daeriul entered the threshold of Cerin Amroth and was greeted by silence. Her footsteps echoed as she entered her house. But voices were heard coming from the Study.

Daeriul continued along the corridor and entered the Study. Her Father sat behind his large oaken escritoire, his face seemed young but was worn and leathery. Worry stretched across face and his eyes seemed distant. Her mother stood in front of the escritoire, she too looked quite worried. Upon Daeriul’s arrival a fake smile was plastered onto her father’s face as he greeted his only daughter.

“Ai Na Vedui Daeriul! Where have you been on this early morn?”

“Good Morning Atar, Naneth. I could not sleep; I was awakened by my dreams, again. Have I interrupted something important, I shall leave you be if you wish.”

His smile had now faded and his face grew darker

“Nay, for this subject needs to be discussed with you as well. We were discussing the happenings that are in the East. Though the Dark Lord has been destroyed, his evil offspring continue to grow, the Uruk’Hai and Orcs. We have word that their army is growing, and they are coming to attack us.”

Daeriul stood silently, “But do we have the strength to defend ourselves? What of the Men, will they be attacked also?”

“We are not certain, for they know we are weak without the power of Galadriel or Celeborn.”

He sighed and his face became grim and worried. Daeriul looked upon her mother whom had not spoken yet.

“Naneth, will we be forced from Lorien into Rivendell or Mirkwood?”

“Aye, we might. But we are hoping that we are not attacked, that the Uruk’Hai would abandon this foolish quest.”

Daeriul’s face fell, she did not have the heart to leave her home, it would grieve her so if she had to leave. Kaladrin became distressed as she saw her daughter’s hurt, for she did not want to leave either.

“Daeriul, please listen, I am like you. I love my home as much as you do and I do not wish to leave either. But we have to, we have no choice.”

Kaladrin embraced her daughter. Daeriul turned from her and walked through the corridor and out into the bright sunlight. Daeriul walked into the forest of Lothlorien, her thoughts were upon her dreams. Were they dreams? Daeriul could not tell, from the news she had been told and her dreams of the Uruk’Hai made her think twice.

A chill ran down her spine at this thought, she hoped her dreams were just dreams, nothing more. For what she had dreamed the night before was beyond what she could ever comprehend.


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