Culedhelwen-The Tenth – chapter 7

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“what were those birds?” Natalie asked when Pippin and Sam had gone back to sleep.

“they are Crebain from Dunland and Fangorn. I think they are spying. We are being watched, we need to move out.” Aragorn told her, his eyes roving the sky.



“sorry, I couldn’t resist. Go on.”

“in that case, the Redhorn gate is also unsafe.” It was Gandalf. “we will need to move as soon as it is dark.”

“wonderful. Just peachy.” She suddenly felt very tired. Natalie crawled over to her sleeping space. She had to move around Legolas’s head. She stopped in motion when she saw him.

“elves sleep with their eyes open, Natty-I think I’ll stick to Natalie.” Natalie looked over at Aragorn.

“does that mean he can see this?” She waved her hand infront of his face.

“maybe. I don’t know, I’m not an elf.”

“I’ll ask him later, when he’s awake.” She threw herself onto her roll. “good…whatever time it is. I think I’ve got jet-lag. Or whatever its equivalent is when you cross into another world….”

“Natalie…” began Gandalf. “what is Jet-lag?” but she was already asleep.

“Ok Natty, no, I’ll think I’ll stick with Natalie too, you need to get up.” Natalie opened her eyes and squealed. She wasn’t used to waking up to a face. She sat up, knocking heads with Legolas.

“Oops. Sorry.” She rubbed her head. “you have a hard head!” She exclaimed.

“So do you. If you want something to eat, you had better hurry. The hobbits have just been told they might not get anything else today.”

Two nights later, Gandalf turned his head. “winter deepens behind us.” Aragorn said something, and then Gandalf said something, Natalie strained her ears. She nudged Legolas. “can you hear what they are saying?”

“If I could, I wouldn’t tell you anyway.” He said.


“It might scare you.” He grinned.

“oh shut up!” Legolas grinned again. It was strange to see such white teeth. “what toothpaste do you use anyway?” She asked.


“oh, never mind.” Legolas shrugged. She started to sing quietly. “Mamma, just killed a man, put a gun against his head, pulled my tri-“

“what are you singing?” It was Boromir. Natalie noticed he hadn’t said much to her the whole time she has known him.

“Hmm? Oh, its called Bohemian Rhapsody. “

“What is a…bohemian?” Natalie paused for a second.

“Um…I think it’s a…sort of…no. I don’t have a clue.” Boromir shrugged and went back to his normal silence. “Boromir, do you ever smile?” Boromir looked up. “I’ll take that as a no. but you know something, if you didn’t have a very sharp sword on you, I would be forced to force the corners of your mouth upwards.” She saw his face. “or not…” She slowed a bit so she could walk alongside the hobbits.

They were walking silently, their heads down. Sam was absently stroking Bill’s muzzle. “hey.” She said quietly. Frodo looked up. Natalie hadn’t talked to him much, but she felt sad for him. He shouldn’t have to do this. She chewed the inside of her cheek as she examined him as they walked along. His eyes were rimmed with purple, and his face was pale. She sniffed, feeling sorry for him. He smiled briefly, but then looked down at his feet again. “err…” Natalie rubbed her neck, unsure what to say. “Supercallafragalisticexpealadocious.” Frodo looked up again and raised an eyebrow.

“What does that mean?” He smiled again.

“Well, its what you say when you want to say something but you don’t know what to say.” She smiled. Frodo smiled back. “you remind me of my brother.” She told him. “when he was young. Sort of…” Natalie smiled at the memory. She felt the tingling in her nose and a stinging behind her eyes and blinked. She might never see her family again!

“I’ve just had a horrible thought.” She said aloud.


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