Culedhelwen-The tenth – chapter 5

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I’ve figured out how to do bold writing now! Whoohoo!
Ahem. This is going to be little snippets of the journey from Rivendell to Hollin, because it took around….hmmm….a fortnight? Something like that. Oh yes. The stupid buttons wont work on this pc, so I can’t get any accents up. So the names are missing them. Sorry.


When the gate of Rivendell was almost out of sight, Natalie remembered, “I thought that there would be nine companions because their were nine Black riders?”

“well,” Sam said, as he looked at Rivendell twinkling below, “I figure we need a headstart.”

“good point.” they walked a bit faster to catch up with the others.

“If you were worried about that, why did you come?”

“well, I’m not worried, but I’m just curious.” She flipped a strand of hair from her eyes. “oh no.” she patted her clothes for a pocket. “I’ve forgotten my glasses!”


“Yes. I’m short-sighted.” but it didn’t seem to bad. She could see quite far. Much further than usual. “Funny…”


Natalie sat down. It was dawn, so they could stop walking and eat and sleep. “so….Souro-” Aragorn slapped a hand over her mouth.

“say not those names here where anything could be listening.” Natalie prised his hand away.

“ok. So sour-sorry-Blank of Blank wants the Blank so he can, I presume, rule the world? But Blank is actually a servant of Blank. What’s in it for Blank?”

“I don’t know.” Aragorn stood up.

“You understood that?”

“more or less, yes.”

“good, `cause I didn’t.”

“so….where are we going anyway?” Asked Natalie.

“You know where we are going” answered Gandalf.

“yes, but where are we heading. I mean are we taking shortcuts? Which way are we going?”

“we are going to go through the redhorn gate.”

“oh…That means nothing to me.” Natalie sighed.

“did you not look at the maps in the house of Elrond?”

“yes, but maps aren’t my strong point.” She heard a mutter from the front that sounded like `women’. “I heard that!” she walked faster to reach the front, and walked backwards so she could look into the eyes of each of them. “None of you would be here if it weren’t for us females!” she looked at Gandalf thoughtfully. “Well, except maybe you, but I could just as easily exclaim `men!'” she finished, and realising how rude she must have sounded, blushed and dropped to the back again.


“ok, I think I have it this time!” Natalie grinned and ticked off on her fingers. “blank makes three blanks for the elves, seven for the dwarves and nine for men.” She noticed Aragorn wince, but carried on. “but he made another that would like…um…control them, and he can see the bearers through the rings sort of thing…”she stopped, unsure, but carried on when Legolas nodded. “like a computer that’s the head of the network…I suppose…there was a war and the blank was taken by Isildur who was killed, then Deagol found it, and he was killed by Smeagol from whom Bilbo took it so it was given to frodo.” She took a breath. “am I right?”

Aragorn leaned forward, he had a strange look in his eye. “how do you know all this?”

“A little bird told me.” All eyes immeadiately swivelled to the sky. “It means I just do. Good morning.” And with that, she rolled over and went to sleep. She opened one eye. “wake me when its my turn on watch.”

They had been saying that she shouldn’t do it because she was a woman. Natalie took that as an insult. She went to sleep mumbling indignantly.


“we have done well. We have reached the borders of the land Men call Hollin.”

Natalie looked around herself. There were holly trees standing on a low ridge. Their ancient trunks were grey, but their leaves were dark and glossy, and the berries red. There was sun! The last two weeks had been so cold, and the wind bitter. She ran forward a few steps, and stood in the patch of sunlight. Her hair caught the light and shone brightly.

Natalie could be called fair, but it depended on your opinion of fair. Her cheeks were rosy, and her nose and cheeks spattered with freckles. Her hair was gold and long, reaching just below her shoulder blades, but it seemed to have a life of its own. It rippled as she twirled in the sunlight. Then, she walked back to the group. “I’m done now.”


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