Culedhelwen-the tenth – chapter 4

by Jan 5, 2004Stories

The song ended, and Natalie blinked and joined in the applause. Then Legolas turned to her. “can you sing?”

“um…i suppose…” she noticed the twinkle in his eye too late. “i mean, no!” but he had called to Bilbo; “Lady Natalie would like to sing to us!” protesting, she was propelled to the front, and everyone looked at her expectantly. she cleared her throat, and sung the first thing that came into her mind;

“What good is sitting alone in your room?
come hear the music play,
Life is a caberet ol’ chum,
come to the caberet.

come taste the wine,
come hear the band,
come blow your horn start celebrating,
right this way your table’s waiting.

No use permitting,
some prophet of doom,
to wipe all the smiles away,
life is a caberet ol’ chum,
come to the caberet.

put down the knitting, the book and the broom,
time for a holiday,
life is a caberet ol’ chum,
come to the caberet.”

she finished singing, and made for the safety of her chair. She pointed a finger at Legolas. “I’ll get you for that.” he laughed at her.

“What is a…cabaret?” he asked.

“um…a place where you eat and get entertained.” she looked at her watch. it had stopped. “oh…digital watches can’t stop. Unless the battery runs out. but i sent it off last week for it to be changed!” she shook it. Legolas peered over her shoulder.
“what is that?”

“It tells you the time.” he took it from her hands.

“how does it work?” he turned it over.

“it…i don’t know. but it isn’t supposed to stop. It’s useless now.” she strapped back on her wrist, as there were no pockets in her dress. “so it isn’t 11 o’clock then.”

“No. It’s geting dark. You need to change into something more suitable if you are coming with us.” Natalie grinned.

“you’d better believe it.” She went upstairs to get changed.

Natalie was kitted out in a silk shirt, trousers of some sort, a jerkin, cloak and her hair was braided down her back. she was handed a sword, which she slipped into the scabbard on her belt. She hoped she would not have to use it that often.


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